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    • By NomadSG
      Just returned to Epoch after running other mods for some time.
      Server running nice and most settings has been set however I wish to increase the chance to encounter antagonists.
      Currently after many hours the only thing I have come across is a helicopter  dropping a box, no more and no less. 
      Which file and parameter increase the antagonists chance to spawn?
      As a side note I don't wish to use zombies or demons on the server. Happy with the original Epoch antagonists.
    • By Ghostrider-GRG
      Players are reporting that Drones are being spawned despite the AntagonistSpawnIndex for them being set to 0. I am not sure whether they are triggered by gun fire or looting. Is it possible that the new Nuisance parameter overrides the setting in the configs ?
    • By ReDBaroN
      Hi, would anyone know how to add a check to this file to prevent sappers and UAV's being spawned in the safezones? The file below is EPOCH_server_triggerEvent.sqf which, I'm guessing is the best place to add a check for the player being in a safezone...
      params ["_target", "_type"]; if (!isNull _target) then { switch (_type) do { case "UAV": { "I_UAV_01_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; case "Cloak": { if (sunOrMoon < 1) then { "Epoch_Cloak_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; } else { "Epoch_Sapper_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; }; case "Sapper": { "Epoch_Sapper_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; case "GreatWhite": { "GreatWhite_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; case "SapperB": { "Epoch_SapperB_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; case "PHANTOM": { "PHANTOM" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; }; }; Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
    • By Ghostrider-GRG
      One of the comments regarding the AI spawned with drones has been that their difficulty is quite high. In looking through the code today it appears that all skill settings are set to 0.6. In my experience this creates AI that rarely miss. While the drones add an element of surprise and excitement, I think their appeal would be greater if they were less deadly, or were spawned with a range of difficulties. Suggestions include reducing aiming skill to 0.1-0.2, which seems to work well in several AI addons, and to have a user-configurable skill tree for these AI. Keep up the good work,
    • By Badgerator
      I'm running a Panthera server and using custom AI, the balance between AI encounters would be perfect if I could just turn off drones. In the midst of a battle with AI having a drone turn up is just too much. The frequency of drones appearing even in vanilla is FAR TOO HIGH, please let us disable this feature.

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