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Increase antagonists


Just returned to Epoch after running other mods for some time.

Server running nice and most settings has been set however I wish to increase the chance to encounter antagonists.

Currently after many hours the only thing I have come across is a helicopter  dropping a box, no more and no less. 

Which file and parameter increase the antagonists chance to spawn?

As a side note I don't wish to use zombies or demons on the server. Happy with the original Epoch antagonists.



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A follow-up question.

Is there a way to make the antagonist spawn further away compared to how it is currently?

As it is currently, you can have Epoch Guerrilla soldier spawn at some 30-50 meters distance only. In more open fields it gives you little chance to react, engage or take cover.

I rather see they spawn at a distance of minimum 200 meters and don't mind if they get triggered in a 500 meters radius from myself.

Also, in Exile I managed to have loot spawn much quicker and loot would be there upon entry to a village or city.

Epoch has a long delay and one has to hang around one area for minutes before items spawn. Any timer/trigger to adjust in the files if anybody knows?



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      G'day All,
      Would it be probable in future updates to have an option to set what type and quantity of Antagonists spawned via a drone when triggered by the player.
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      Hi, would anyone know how to add a check to this file to prevent sappers and UAV's being spawned in the safezones? The file below is EPOCH_server_triggerEvent.sqf which, I'm guessing is the best place to add a check for the player being in a safezone...
      params ["_target", "_type"]; if (!isNull _target) then { switch (_type) do { case "UAV": { "I_UAV_01_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; case "Cloak": { if (sunOrMoon < 1) then { "Epoch_Cloak_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; } else { "Epoch_Sapper_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; }; case "Sapper": { "Epoch_Sapper_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; case "GreatWhite": { "GreatWhite_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; case "SapperB": { "Epoch_SapperB_F" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; case "PHANTOM": { "PHANTOM" remoteExec ['EPOCH_unitSpawnIncrease',_target]; }; }; }; Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
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      I'm running a Panthera server and using custom AI, the balance between AI encounters would be perfect if I could just turn off drones. In the midst of a battle with AI having a drone turn up is just too much. The frequency of drones appearing even in vanilla is FAR TOO HIGH, please let us disable this feature.

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      The below code is my original post.

      Yes weather clear day as the example is screwed and will break the epoch stuff as mentioned.

      THE FIX is for you to make WIND



      Unfortunately we don't get to use Static Weather. This will break many of the important parts of Epoch, including but not limited to: Debug console not showing up on screen for client Epoch based loot not working Building system breaks in full, no building no upgrading. Other things found to break. Zupa HD SCRIPT not reporting values properly. Until a fix is prvoided, please turn your weather to default or your players will be up in arms To check your weather settings, open up your @epochhive folder. Open epochconfig.hpp with your favorite text editor and check your weather settings. they should be this: {}; Not this: {72,0,{1,0.1,2},0,{5,5}}; Good Luck!!!!!
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      Aggressive High Damage
      Bears - Self explanatory, bears are terrifying  The two kids from The Shining - They appear all creepy like, at night super close to you, make creepy sounds (kids crying, high pitch screams and wicked sketchy music), proximity to sounds causes player to start bleeding severely, screen turns red hue, overwhelm with creepy sounds/music, randomly inverts and reverts controls until the antagonist is destroyed. (cross between the witch from Left for Dead and, the little girls from The Shining) Hell Hound - dogs are already OP and one hit you. Once that is fixed, there could be a 2 headed black cugo-like hell hound that spawns in a blast of smoke and flames, wicked crazy snarling and barking, super high HP, one hits you and you're dead Leatherface - Hulking deformed antagonist in bloody butchers apron, and skin or hockey mask charges you with a chainsaw, Full sprint, SUPER high HP. Would be awesome if it played Slayer - Deadskin Mask in the background lol And what else... hmm.....Fuck it, Velociraptors - they wreck you, corpse is unlootable  
      Passive Low or No Damage
      Pickpocket Player - Action button on player "T" allows a pickpocket attempt with predetermined chance to succeed. Failure causes player to pass out Sepsis - Gunshot wounds left untreated lead to sepsis, raising blood pressure and increasing toxicity. Dysentery - untreated water has a chance to cause dysentery, raising blood pressure, soiled level, and draining hydration level rapidly. EMP Grenade - instantly disables ground vehicles (repairable), instantly drains player energy, GPS,NVGs, and Range Finders disappear from inventory knocks out all advanced optics (NVG Scope, ACOG, ARCO, RCO, etc...) Weapon Jams - item gun oil used to maintain weapons NPC
      Bandit Ambush - several unarmed bandits spawn and charge you at full sprint, within a certain proximity player becomes tied up and your crypto/primary/high value items/tools (random draw) is taken Gamble Traders - don't know how impossible it would be to develop a blackjack, roulette, or hold-em type trader. It would be pretty sick tho. Doctors - for relatively high crypto perform procedures to fix dysentery, sepsis, broken limbs, or other ailments  
      Turned out to be a bigger and most likely impossible list. But I was bored. There you go
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