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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I recorded an encounter with a strange being that is changing the survival of the world of Arma 3 Epoch. The video is not very action packed, but through out the video I toy with the mechanics of this strange creature. (See the video description for quick look at mechanics of the hooded man). Let me know what you have found as far as creatures or npcs and what you have found out about them!
  2. ORIGINAL POST BELOW Hi guys, I have some addAction items working on a container object - I want to remove the container and add an NPC in its place (keeping the same addAction items). I tried to re-use the code I had for A2 OA but it didn't work NPC did not appear in 3D game world. Here is a guide I found here which has the same code I use: If you have working NPCs for Arma3 Epoch, please can you share? Thanks!
  3. Hey guys! The question is simple and already included in the title. Can I somehow make the WAI AIs attack armoured vehicles like the BTR-90? Also, how does that rocket launcher stuff work? I enabled the rocket launchers for the missions in the config but there are no NPCs with AT launchers and if I manually add NPCs to spawn with AT launchers for each mission, the launchers don't disappear at death even though I enabled that option in the config, too.
  4. Juicy

    Can't trade

    I've recently been playing some arma 3 epoch and i wanted to sell some stuff at the trader. so i double clicked the stuff i wanted to sell and i pressed trade and... nothing happened i spammed it and tried everything but it seems that i am not able to trade. Does anyone has this bug too? and if so can you fix it? Kind regards - Juicy
  5. Just tossing these out there... Build Items Home Brew Station - collect stuff to make brews with better stamina trade-off with lower hydration, some high stamina low hydration beer causes a stuper effect (hazy vision, swaying aiming, disables chat/von lol) for a few mins or the duration of the stamina boost. Well - different items used together to craft a derrick and drill, certain chances to break drill needing to craft another. After a long timer (and use of player energy to operate) and a lot of noise drawing attention to you, you can then use more material to craft a well, hand crank 1st stage, motorized 2nd (uses player energy to operate) Shower - Emergency pull type, used to clear all soiled level, drops player temp, adds a significant wet level. Needs a stage 2 well within frequency jammer. Fireplace - add materials to existing firepit to create fireplace, near instant prefect player temp, requires constant feed of wood logs every 2min or quicker. Incentive to upgrade is that firepits would cause significant soil level Electric fence - requires energy/lots and lots of material per section, destroyable only by explosives or vehicle impact (rendering vehicle inoperable, emp style, unfixable) , kills players on contact. Aggressive High Damage Bears - Self explanatory, bears are terrifying The two kids from The Shining - They appear all creepy like, at night super close to you, make creepy sounds (kids crying, high pitch screams and wicked sketchy music), proximity to sounds causes player to start bleeding severely, screen turns red hue, overwhelm with creepy sounds/music, randomly inverts and reverts controls until the antagonist is destroyed. (cross between the witch from Left for Dead and, the little girls from The Shining) Hell Hound - dogs are already OP and one hit you. Once that is fixed, there could be a 2 headed black cugo-like hell hound that spawns in a blast of smoke and flames, wicked crazy snarling and barking, super high HP, one hits you and you're dead Leatherface - Hulking deformed antagonist in bloody butchers apron, and skin or hockey mask charges you with a chainsaw, Full sprint, SUPER high HP. Would be awesome if it played Slayer - Deadskin Mask in the background lol And what else... hmm.....Fuck it, Velociraptors - they wreck you, corpse is unlootable Passive Low or No Damage Pickpocket Player - Action button on player "T" allows a pickpocket attempt with predetermined chance to succeed. Failure causes player to pass out Sepsis - Gunshot wounds left untreated lead to sepsis, raising blood pressure and increasing toxicity. Dysentery - untreated water has a chance to cause dysentery, raising blood pressure, soiled level, and draining hydration level rapidly. EMP Grenade - instantly disables ground vehicles (repairable), instantly drains player energy, GPS,NVGs, and Range Finders disappear from inventory knocks out all advanced optics (NVG Scope, ACOG, ARCO, RCO, etc...) Weapon Jams - item gun oil used to maintain weapons NPC Bandit Ambush - several unarmed bandits spawn and charge you at full sprint, within a certain proximity player becomes tied up and your crypto/primary/high value items/tools (random draw) is taken Gamble Traders - don't know how impossible it would be to develop a blackjack, roulette, or hold-em type trader. It would be pretty sick tho. Doctors - for relatively high crypto perform procedures to fix dysentery, sepsis, broken limbs, or other ailments Turned out to be a bigger and most likely impossible list. But I was bored. There you go
  6. Hi Guys, Seem to be having a weird one at the moment. We are running DZAI and EMS for NPC's and everything is working just fine however one of my player base told me today that if they drive up to missions in the gaz_vodnik_dze they can just sit next to it in the gun seat just single shot killing the AI and they don't fire back.. I asked/watch the player to find some roaming AI (DZAI) and try the same. the AI just its there doing nothing like they detect it but just cant be arsed to fire.. If i try with any of the Humve M2 or the Armored SUV they get peppered with bullets.. anyone have an ideas ? I plan to try the other variants like the gaz_vodnik_dz and the medical one to see if the same is true.
  7. Have issue that fully repaired vehicles blow up when tapping gates or metal signs. Also when you use M16, M17 110 tws type weapons and shoot sarge ai npc bandit, military or civilian you instantly die. If you use lower weapons like dmr, 550z, Aim14 stuff like that no problem when shooting them. Think these might be related to some filter? High end weapons added to original standard epoch weapons in game maybe something was left out? thanks in advance Gramps :P
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