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Players are reporting that Drones are being spawned despite the AntagonistSpawnIndex for them being set to 0. I am not sure whether they are triggered by gun fire or looting. Is it possible that the new Nuisance parameter overrides the setting in the configs ?


    antagonistSpawnIndex[] = {
        {"Epoch_Cloak_F", 1}, // {"type", limit}
        {"GreatWhite_F", 2},


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I am not sure how one disables the morph upon respawn. I probably missed something, but I did a search with winGrep and the only instances of a definition of a variable related to 'morph' I found were on line 35 of CfgEpochClient.hpp:

    deathMorphClass[] = {"Epoch_Sapper_F","Epoch_SapperB_F","I_UAV_01_F","Epoch_Cloak_F"};

playerDisableRevenge was set to 0. I will try disabling that.

Thanks for your help.


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    • By DirtySanchez
      Now use the Epoch Config to setup a perfect nighttime
      Use this:
      niteLight[] = {1,666,10000};
      The 666 is a very nice and bright night
      420 is moderate nights and should be the goto brightness here
      300 is dark enough to call hardcore but still playable af

      Old Info using color corrections:

      Yes guys this is not too hard to accomplish
      1. Find your moonlit night and time for server start
      2. Play around with some corrections
      3. start your server
      Answers ye all seek:
      1. In your epochconfig.hpp change this line
      StaticDateTime[] = {2035,6,10,21,30}; 2. call this corrections.sqf from your init.sqf
      []execVM "corrections.sqf"; Save this code as corrections.sqf and put it in your mission folder.
      "ColorCorrections" ppEffectEnable true;"ColorCorrections" ppEffectAdjust [0.88, 0.88, 0.04, [0.2, 0.29, 0.4, -0.22], [1, 1, 1, 1.3], [0.15, 0.09, 0.09, 0.0]];"ColorCorrections" ppEffectCommit 0; 3. FUCKING ENJOY!
      Update: play around with the 0.04 setting for gamma changes. 0.06 is perfect for an all night server. 0.04 was tested on day and night and was not too washed out during the daytime.
    • By natoed
      G'day All,
      Would it be probable in future updates to have an option to set what type and quantity of Antagonists spawned via a drone when triggered by the player.
    • By Ghostrider-GRG
      One of the comments regarding the AI spawned with drones has been that their difficulty is quite high. In looking through the code today it appears that all skill settings are set to 0.6. In my experience this creates AI that rarely miss. While the drones add an element of surprise and excitement, I think their appeal would be greater if they were less deadly, or were spawned with a range of difficulties. Suggestions include reducing aiming skill to 0.1-0.2, which seems to work well in several AI addons, and to have a user-configurable skill tree for these AI. Keep up the good work,
    • By DeathTech
      1. My own private server with no modifications
      2. -
      3. When I noticed a drone above me I ran back to the trader spawn safe-zone. I hid for nearly an hour, it did not leave nor seem to ever run out of fuel. So I decided to take pot shots at it. After expending 1 clip I stopped and just kept hovering there. It did not majorly react to me firing at it or moving into sight for small ammounts of time.
      So I took a steady aim and another two clips. Doing every possibly thing I could to hit it. Then I realised I must have hit it but its just not dieing.
      Therefore as an admin I took it upon myself to spawn another 6 clips and keep shooting. It did not die, a little while later another drone showed up. Same results with that one.
      After a while I decided to see if they were actualy still functional... I stood in plain view, they spawned two squads. I decided to log off then and come here to report this bug because an invincible drone spawning and bunch of soldiers is byond acceptable.
      4. Drone keeps respawning, I have carried this out a good 10 times now shooting from the spawn. I'm certain that it is 100% repeatable on my default unmoddified server. To be certain before I post this I will see if I can spawn a target lock rpg and try to blow it up. If it survives that, I think its self-explainatory.
      I am assuming the "spawn trader city areas" "east" "west" and "central" are in some way "protected" towards PK and vehicular damage or somehow by default prevent players shots from actualy doing damage. Or something along those lines. But I am certain the "safety" is not supposed to make the antagonists "AI drones" "AI bandits" invincible aswell. Something must be done to eighter effectively prevent antagonists from entering safe locations or some sort of exeption must be made to allow their demise to occur.
      I would at current not go as far to call those area's "safe" zones because I have been forced onto the pier in cental by a sapper entering the camp before. And now invincible AI drones that for all I know continualy keep spawning new bandits.
      PS. Just relogged, drove to the nearest city with my motorbike and waited for the drone to spawn and apear again fired one shot with the same rifle. Succesfully destroyed the drone. I am positive it was immune to my gunfire above the tradercity.
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