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  1. Few bugs, not worth separate threads.

    Amazing! Can't thank you enough. I think the spacebar option will be used as last resort anyway and I hope players eventually will learn this. If someone in chat will ask why their base doors do not close, those who know about the issue, admins, or players like me, will inform them about the space bar and to use it if doors get bugged.
  2. What's better if it was possible to give access only to certain safes, vehicles. But I guess would be hard to implement.
  3. Few bugs, not worth separate threads.

    Thank you, as for backpacks, it happened to me me so far only two or three times, so it isn't that frequent, chose wrong words. I tried to reproduce it again today with no success. So could be just some random glitch.
  4. Epoch crafted bombs

    Didn't cross my mind :D ok, thank you very much!
  5. Opening/closing/locking/unlocking metal doors work only 50 percent of the time. Usually, well, for me almost always, when I want to lock a gate I need to press OPEN. Or if I want to unlock it I need to open a hatch or close it. I suspect it is server related but it seems fine, no lags elsewhere, so not sure. Same issue with gates too. Also noticed that putting a backpack into a backpack frequently deletes the additional added backpack when you right click on it to remove it from your backpack. It is just gone, does not appear on the ground. Either when I do it from a ground (find second backpack in loot, put it on my backpack, remove it.. it disappears) or when I do it with safe, if I want to equip a backpack (switch), one of them gets deleted.
  6. Epoch crafted bombs

    So I crafted a vertical bomb but no idea how to use it? Do they work at all? Playing on He-Man's server only, so not sure if it something server specific or not.
  7. How radioactivity works now in 1.0.0?

    Wonderful! Can't thank enough the the job you all did here, guys.
  8. How radioactivity works now in 1.0.0?

    With radiation effects, it would be nice if it caused more visual impairment when you are in the zone and reduce it to minimum or zero when you are out of effected zone. Sure, the initial radiation level stays for example, causing blood pressure slowly to rise etc. That way attempting entering such zone would give you death after, let's say 5-10 minutes. And leaving it immediately could heal over time or kill you much much slower. Just a thought.
  9. How radioactivity works now in 1.0.0?

    I like those affects. Though they are too harsh for low level radiation, in my opinion.
  10. How radioactivity works now in 1.0.0?

    Not only sweetcorn, also scam meat. And I think all foods gives radiation now, did not test it all, just scam and sweetcorn.
  11. How radioactivity works now in 1.0.0?

    Ah thanks never found those in loot so far. Do they spawn where food usually spawn or only medical buildings?
  12. I noticed that you instantly get this grainy screen when you are close to radioactive town. But also when approaching satellite crash and eating sardines gives you not only toxicity but radioactivity too. Is there some kind of a way to remove it or respawning is only choice? Eating plants that are marked on the map does not help.
  13. SHHH Don't tell AWOL its a Spoiler!

  14. new villian?

    Ah didn't know about full moon. I thought even this feature were disabled by Bugemia after their update on lightning FX. Yes, that artificial ambient light is just terrible, like a lantern always following you above your head. Unrealistic to say the least.
  15. new villian?

    I think one of the biggest issues with Night Time in Arma 3 is that on some servers (or maybe most) due to colour correction and other nonsense it becomes everything pitch black so you can not even see 1 meter in front of you. Arma 3 had pretty night times before some 1.6x or whatever update that changed everything. I guess Epoch was at at a time or something. No true night is pitch black and should never be in Arma 3 (epoch) but even Bugemia made it worse. Previously night time enabled you to see shadowy figures even at 1 km away just that it was hard to use LR scopes. Current nights (haven't played for a while) are just usually too dark so maybe that's why players hate it. There can be a middle ground to satisfy people who hate nights and people who want nights. Just make nights less dark without necessity to use NVG all the time.