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    New Server

    If you manage to make a server without shitty black market traders, then count me in. Will be a regular player and will support it. I've been thinking of making a server myself since they are pretty cheap, just 20 euros a month for 30 slots.
  2. I am willing to pay for 30-40 slot server (anything more is obviously paying for empty slots that will never be filled, in fact, 20 slots is overkill already). Only intersested in this because all the rest of Epoch servers that has more than 1 player is flooded with BM traders and other bullshit. Never liked it, never will. As a purist, I think Survival Epoch isn't compatible with Black Market. There used to be a server few years ago, called "Pure Epoch" and I intend walking in their footsteps. Only necessary addons, like SEM missions and maybe vehicle AI. For now I consider two possibilities, one is Epoch with vanilla traders and safezones, another version - no safezone traders. There was a Japanese server KongariBacon that I loved so much too, they had no safe zones and it made a pure survival experience. So if anyone would be interested in being a regular player, hmu :D
  3. I have a radical idea - remove safezone traders. :D And make the rest brown traders dynamic (every restart) to avoid camping etc. But that's not gonna happen, unfortunately. I used to play on Japanese server which had no safezones and all traders were dynamic and it worked way better. No safezone camping, spawns were random (relatively) and well, much less drama over "oh he killed me as soon as I left the safezone!". Then a bit moderate idea. The way I see it right now is that it is too easy to accumulate crypto over short period of time (you find a safe - sell it and buy any gun you want basically), gun prices are too high for selling or too low for buying, depending how you look at it. Anything 7.62 caliber and above should cost more than it is right now. Lynx spawns too frequently. But that's server specific thing, I assume. I constantly find myself dropping them since they do not fit in backpack for selling later. An example pistols and light machine guns up to 5.56 could cost from 10 crypto to 800 or something (6.5mm mk2000 could be the top cheapest machinegun for 800 crypto). 7.62 machine gun (Zafir) could start from 1000 crypto at traders, then other assault, marksmen rifles and sniper rifles could go up to 5000 crypto, lynx and LRR being the top most expensive guns. It would force people loot more, trade between themselves. The reason is that getting money in game is easy. Especially if you collect only valuable stuff, like guns, safes, lockboxes, metal, cinder, mortar, gems etc.
  4. When you hover with a mouse on a player and its the name is barely visible if at all, since the colours change (fade) if a player is damaged. So the more player is damaged the harder it is to see his name when getting closer and hovered with a mouse. I think it should be addressed to Epoch developers though since this problem was since the beginning. I think the colour should stay fixed and as bright enough to be able to distinguish the player's name. The damage could be indicated by the circle surrounding player's name, there is no need to change the colours. Because in Arma 3 daylight it becomes invisible.
  5. Amazing! Can't thank you enough. I think the spacebar option will be used as last resort anyway and I hope players eventually will learn this. If someone in chat will ask why their base doors do not close, those who know about the issue, admins, or players like me, will inform them about the space bar and to use it if doors get bugged.
  6. What's better if it was possible to give access only to certain safes, vehicles. But I guess would be hard to implement.
  7. Thank you, as for backpacks, it happened to me me so far only two or three times, so it isn't that frequent, chose wrong words. I tried to reproduce it again today with no success. So could be just some random glitch.
  8. Didn't cross my mind :D ok, thank you very much!
  9. Opening/closing/locking/unlocking metal doors work only 50 percent of the time. Usually, well, for me almost always, when I want to lock a gate I need to press OPEN. Or if I want to unlock it I need to open a hatch or close it. I suspect it is server related but it seems fine, no lags elsewhere, so not sure. Same issue with gates too. Also noticed that putting a backpack into a backpack frequently deletes the additional added backpack when you right click on it to remove it from your backpack. It is just gone, does not appear on the ground. Either when I do it from a ground (find second backpack in loot, put it on my backpack, remove it.. it disappears) or when I do it with safe, if I want to equip a backpack (switch), one of them gets deleted.
  10. So I crafted a vertical bomb but no idea how to use it? Do they work at all? Playing on He-Man's server only, so not sure if it something server specific or not.
  11. Wonderful! Can't thank enough the the job you all did here, guys.
  12. With radiation effects, it would be nice if it caused more visual impairment when you are in the zone and reduce it to minimum or zero when you are out of effected zone. Sure, the initial radiation level stays for example, causing blood pressure slowly to rise etc. That way attempting entering such zone would give you death after, let's say 5-10 minutes. And leaving it immediately could heal over time or kill you much much slower. Just a thought.
  13. I like those affects. Though they are too harsh for low level radiation, in my opinion.
  14. Not only sweetcorn, also scam meat. And I think all foods gives radiation now, did not test it all, just scam and sweetcorn.
  15. Ah thanks never found those in loot so far. Do they spawn where food usually spawn or only medical buildings?
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