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  1. that's neat idea. Replacing battery let's say, every other day or every week or so would make so much more sense.
  2. Not sure if it is only on that server or not, but it is impossible to fit this gun anywhere.
  3. Not the best example (as status bar is blocking it) but it is obviously pain in the ass to read player names even when they are standing still. The letters disappear very quickly if you move your mouse slightly and it is always at the lowest bottom, not center or top. Also blue colour doesn't make it easier either. Maybe some other shade, now it is just too transparent.
  4. How about nukes, destroying bases randomly every 7 days? Seriously, there should be more global events in Epoch. Earthquakes seem to be boring, since the loot they give are crap. But always catch me by surprise and I jump in seat :D I have more ideas, just today all are out of my head. Will edit post.
  5. But shoe boxes always were pain in the ass to loot. Do not know if it is because of their size or something else. Yes, you have to be on top of them to loot, but sometimes they are too close to a wall it is not possible to get on top. Or sometimes they are on a windowsill (one guard building in Tanoa), how are we supposed to get on top of that. And newbies have no idea about such trick either. The cabinet furniture is interesting case, I would also like to know what's the deal with it, since it is much bigger than shoebox yet looting sometimes impossible.
  6. Will be the best monster in Epoch. Hope devs did not decided not to include this in future versions of Epoch :D please please please!
  7. There is also similar situation with a shelf furniture in Kavala hospital in Altis too. Not possible to open/loot. Does not give that question mark I mean.
  8. As the title says, 9 times out of 10 you have to try every possible direction and leaning backards sideways roundways whatever ways to be able to loot them. And I am pretty sure many people have similar experience with them. Maybe there is some workaround not a programmer do not know, but I would not miss them if they were removed altogether.
  9. Rarely you can find a server where claiming the base is allowed these days... oh the good old days of true anarchy in Epoch. Now it is all bambi mode, indestructable bases, no vehicle attack, no nothing. I would like to know the glitched area, How can it destroy a jammer? I used to glitch jammer inside the rocks on Altis (only tiny bit visible so that I could maintain it), of course, that is not fair play, so I stopped doing it. But taking over bases is fun as long as everybody plays fair (aka no satchel duping which is very easy to do) and no glitching through gates (which even I can do).
  10. Yeah Edict mod :D wanna try it but downloading all the stupid mods so that I could play it would take me a WEEK literally. And Chernarus is boring. Actually I was considering Exile for a while but then remembered their idiotic UI and other stuff that annoyed me, decided not to. I guess my problem is what people hosting servers do: they change stuff too much from intentional (aka survivalist) game. For instance, one of the most noticeable features of Epoch to me always been sappers, yet I can hardly find any server with sappers in it. All disabled.
  11. find a heli, fly around - find the remaining vehicles. It's that simple! :D
  12. Agree 100 percent with OP. There are simply no vanilla servers left. Those that are are always empty, not even admins playing. Black market sucks, vehicle locks for longer than hour suck too (unless they are in base for example so the jammer can "protect" them longer). AI suck too, since it is worse than playing against cheaters and I always preffered real people instead of bots trying to kill me. Epoch is not PVE. And most servers have sappers and/or drones disabled... Oh and the rules...Take for example Todessestern Server rules, not gonna mention (all of it), but they have the most retarded rules I have ever seen on PVP server. Still played there for a while because it was the only populated server without BM bullshit traders and helpful admins who also did not interfere with other people playing. But rules made me rethink it and stop playing Epoch at all. And to be honest, there is nothing that can save this mod except people who could change their mentality from "easy game" into "survival". And that does not mean roaming AI or zombies, but actual scarcity of things, no safezones, no indestructable base parts, no 7 day vehicle locks etc. But that's not happening. While there is nothing wrong with developers, there are 99 problems with people creating shitty servers.
  13. " So with DayZ SA mods, getting closer and closer, " - not even an inch a year. That game is permanently stuck in alpha. :D In my opinion, while I have not played Arma 2 epoch, I think many people just feel nostalgia for it and my suggestion would be just to go and play that mod since it is still alive and kicking. Seriously, I see no reason to reinvent the wheel when the original is still there. The biggest factor is the map of Chernarus, people just love it, and so I think to most it is the hardest thing of migrating to A3Epoch is the map. But even that can be changed, however, then those people begin to see that Chernarus kinda aged a bit and not so fun anymore and they demand Chernarus+. I would love to see all the best features of A2Epoch eventually making their way to A3Epoch. But since I am not A2 player, I have very little understanding of what those features are. I know safe is for sure :D
  14. Less guns, the better :D soon Epoch will become a wasteland, Lynxes everywhere :D I still more of an opinion, that rifles with higher caliber than 6.5 should spawn only in military installations with a small random chance to spawn somewhere else. Cause now, I get dozens of lynxes in some civilian natives houses spawning like food.