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  1. Ah, had no idea, thanks!
  2. Yeah black market not shown on map would be one of the things that I would like other servers who have BM to implement. Otherwise it is just like playing in editor, choose whatever outfit and gun and go blasting non-stop at AI. Just boring.
  3. Ok, so I think Epoch suffers the most from lack of survivability aspect even though it claims in description about "harsh enviroment", base mod is as peaceful as Disney Movie. It was the same with DayZ SA but they made a little bit of progress in current builds. So while server admins will do what server admins do (disable everything and make it easy peasy KOTH EXILE style arena PVP. Why not just use Exile mod for that?), what could be done by developers to differentiate Epoch mod from other mods (and maybe make it more like Breaking Point slightly) is this: 1.) Food scarcity, by default (sure it can be edited, but I will only talk about base mod), animals spawn just fine. Kill them, get meat, make fire, cook. Cosy. 2.) Deadlier antagonists (sure some of it will come in far future updates) 3.) Diseases, radiation zones, some danger that can not be seen (we have radiation stats already, possibly will come in far future). 4.) Visual impairment due to the factors above (I loved blurry vision in early DayZ SA builds, it made it so much more realistic and fun trying to navigate when you don't see shit after losing blood) 5.) Removal of safezones. They are pointless and break immersion. Japanese server KongariBacon did it the best. Admin left only brown traders. Trading was dangerous. It should be. 6.) Scarcity of all weapons and ammo above 6.5mm, scarcity of ghillie and wet suits (since they are not craftable like in DayZ SA, it could only be done artificially by making them spawn less, same with armour vests, helmets). 7.) Making gas stations almost empty, and some completely empty at random. Mad Max style. 8.) Vehicle should cost not 1000-2750 crypto, but 10 times more. Same with guns. Just make everything 10 times more expensive. Viper's server, while having only stupid Black Market traders, on the other hand did it very well by making i.e. VTOL planes cost several hundreds of thousands of crypto as far as I remember. Maybe a bit too extreme, but he understood the idea at least. Other vehicles were expensive too. 9.) To be continued.
  4. Yes, in vanilla Arma 3, I have no argument here against. But this is Epoch and if Navids and even LRR can fit inside a backpack, smaller MXM should fit in too. Though I would also like if devs made all bigger sniper rifles not fit inside a backpack, for example, MXM, Cyrus, Mar10, Navid, SPMG, Lynx, LRR, what else, can't remember. Just a thought.
  5. Sappers are great, and cultists are amazing, especially when they spawn at night time (which is disabled on every server). They add a lot to the survival feeling. Unfortunately they are all disabled on most servers and we are left with KOTH style pvp only, where you do not have to worry about anything else, just other players. Saying "people do not like this and that" is not a good argument. I think it is the server owners who do not like Epoch antagonists are the real problem, not players.
  6. Fresh map and from what I have seen, very well done by amateur standards and even made me eager to play it with Epoch mod. Is someone hosting or planning to host Epoch with this map? It little bit reminds be Bornholm and that one didn't like my computer for some reason (low FPS while on Altis I get over 40).
  7. From what I have seen, they have very similar configs. Apart from Black Market traders plaguing most servers, the difference is almost non-existent. Only some servers get population, some just don't.
  8. Truth is there is no need for any new additional servers. All the players that still enjoy Epoch would easily fit in 3 servers right now and they wouldn't be even full.
  9. well of course that's Bugemia :) but as far as I know no rifle can fit in any backpack in vanilla Arma 3.. or at least, not most. Epoch always had different configs in this regard, you can fit Navid, Lynx, m107 or any other long gun, why would MXM be an exception?
  10. Like always, been only 2-3 servers that get populated and most of the others are empty or have 2-3 people playing at random times. Such is the demand, I suppose. Without quick updates and improvements, mods always gonna receive at least some decline in players playing it. There hasn't been essential update for a long time in Epoch, and I mean here snap building which was introduced in 1800s and new GUI. :D
  11. that's neat idea. Replacing battery let's say, every other day or every week or so would make so much more sense.
  12. Not sure if it is only on that server or not, but it is impossible to fit this gun anywhere.
  13. Not the best example (as status bar is blocking it) but it is obviously pain in the ass to read player names even when they are standing still. The letters disappear very quickly if you move your mouse slightly and it is always at the lowest bottom, not center or top. Also blue colour doesn't make it easier either. Maybe some other shade, now it is just too transparent.
  14. How about nukes, destroying bases randomly every 7 days? Seriously, there should be more global events in Epoch. Earthquakes seem to be boring, since the loot they give are crap. But always catch me by surprise and I jump in seat :D I have more ideas, just today all are out of my head. Will edit post.
  15. But shoe boxes always were pain in the ass to loot. Do not know if it is because of their size or something else. Yes, you have to be on top of them to loot, but sometimes they are too close to a wall it is not possible to get on top. Or sometimes they are on a windowsill (one guard building in Tanoa), how are we supposed to get on top of that. And newbies have no idea about such trick either. The cabinet furniture is interesting case, I would also like to know what's the deal with it, since it is much bigger than shoebox yet looting sometimes impossible.