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  1. Yeah, OP with a couple tweaks.
  2. Uhg, didn't see the updated version, trying now. ***All seems to be working now, we gots lootz!
  3. Ha, Sawboss....brings back mad memories. Wrecks seem to be spawning fine on Cherno for me, however loot does not. I'm pretty sure loot quit spawning after the 1.48 update, not from the latest Epoch release. Either way, still a lovely script :)
  4. Take your time, no rush....and as always, thank you :)
  5. Face, Wonderful port and thank you for the updates. *bows After installing the latest build, this error showed up in my report log, thought it might interest you. Something to disregard? Error in expression <roup); deleteWaypoint [_unitGroup,all]; _unitGroup setCombatMode "YELLOW"> Error position: <all]; _unitGroup setCombatMode "YELLOW"> Error Undefined variable in expression: all File a3eai\compile\A3EAI_utilities\A3EAI_addVehicleGroup.sqf, line 24 Thanks again, peace.
  6. I commented out ChangeWeather, all good, no rain in the last two restarts. Still using WeatherStaticForecast[] = {75.5,0,{0,0,0},0,{1,1}};
  7. I'll give that a try Kronky, thanks again.
  8. Yesh! Have you seen my buddy? The Nightrider?
  9. Agree... Halv, I added a sleep before the switch and it works flawlessly. Called it from the (hasInterface) like you mentioned. Respawn into the clone chamber, there's about a second delay, then you go 3rd person. When you load into game not as a respawn, you are in first person for roughly a second, then blam, you go 3rd person. I'll tinker with the sleep and see what I come up. Thank you for the help and many thanks to Kronky for post.
  10. Which file contains the settings for mission sounds? Thank you.
  11. That sux. Yeah, let me know how things work. Seems to be working for other players...
  12. Seems to be working. Added..... waitUntil {!isNuLL(uiNameSpace getVariable ["EPOCH_loadingScreen",displayNull])}; waitUntil {isNuLL(uiNameSpace getVariable ["EPOCH_loadingScreen",displayNull])}; ..at the top. Not sure if its needed but script is working. Relogged, checked map functions/menus and clicks in all channels, seems normal. Cool lil script, many thanks Gr8!
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