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  1. NomadSG

    Increase antagonists

    Hello, A follow-up question. Is there a way to make the antagonist spawn further away compared to how it is currently? As it is currently, you can have Epoch Guerrilla soldier spawn at some 30-50 meters distance only. In more open fields it gives you little chance to react, engage or take cover. I rather see they spawn at a distance of minimum 200 meters and don't mind if they get triggered in a 500 meters radius from myself. Also, in Exile I managed to have loot spawn much quicker and loot would be there upon entry to a village or city. Epoch has a long delay and one has to hang around one area for minutes before items spawn. Any timer/trigger to adjust in the files if anybody knows? Thanks.
  2. NomadSG

    Increase antagonists

    Hi Kenobi, Thanks for the quick reply and I will have a look at .hpp file. Appreciate your help.
  3. NomadSG

    Increase antagonists

    Just returned to Epoch after running other mods for some time. Server running nice and most settings has been set however I wish to increase the chance to encounter antagonists. Currently after many hours the only thing I have come across is a helicopter dropping a box, no more and no less. Which file and parameter increase the antagonists chance to spawn? As a side note I don't wish to use zombies or demons on the server. Happy with the original Epoch antagonists. Thanks.