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  1. It runs fine, add it like you would to any other mission, use the #admin_logged as the check, and your done. The only problem I have is that Epoch (even with AH & BE switched off) deletes vehicles spawned by zeus.
  2. I'm running a Panthera server and using custom AI, the balance between AI encounters would be perfect if I could just turn off drones. In the midst of a battle with AI having a drone turn up is just too much. The frequency of drones appearing even in vanilla is FAR TOO HIGH, please let us disable this feature. Thanks
  3. Anyone have any idea how to turn off the antagonists? particularly the drones (darters) ?
  4. Ok so this script works perfectly for me, on respawn anyway, but approx 1 min after being tp'd by the sensor the players are returned to the sensor area, and can go back and forth like this until they re-log. Any ideas?
  5. I am joining the bandwagon, with the same post, I am blaming the @DayzepochPanthera map-mod.
  6. I am having the same problem since : Last line relative to missions in log is : 22:34:09 "DEBUG: Mission Code: Removing AI + Crates" Then nothing else till server restarts, any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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