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Shelves cannot be moved

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Seeing as there are a lot of bugs going around right now, I thought it would help to update with some of the problems the crew and I have ran into. In this case, the particular bug is with shelves. As I believe most are aware, once you place a shelf, it cannot be moved. Needless to say, this is a huge pain in the ass and results in shelves in poor locations from new builders, as well as frustration from OCD builders who would like to later make adjustments. Cannot "grab" them to edit using free build or snap. Thanks!


- On CCG US Altis #1 (

- @Epoch0252 [email protected] [email protected]



Hope this helps!


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CCG is still on Epoch version In the newest release, Epoch, it is possible to repack shelves. You will just have to wait until the server updates. 

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