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Found 12 results

  1. So.. after my many posts only full of questions i want also contribute on something useful for you all (if you like it ofcourse). The hero trader hill seemed somehow inadequate and barren. I therefore decided to adapt it. On the hill I built a tiny military base in the ruins of a small settlement. I added, among others, well, a burning barrel and the fuel tank. I hope you will like it. Some Screenshots can you find here. Thanks @Poncho for INSTRUCTIONS: Download herotrader.sqf and put it to your custom_maps folder to dayz_server. Then add the following line to your server_functions.sqf. call compile preProcessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\custom_maps\herotrader.sqf"; PS: Sorry for my bad english, i hope you understood everything.. PPS: I will be very glad for any feedback, how do you like it and would you like some more additions?
  2. Hey Epoch-Users, I want to move one of my existing traders and its vehicle spawnpoint, beucase some helis will be destroyed beucause they are too close to another building. So is there any possibility to import the exisiting map with all the traders etc and move them around with the arma edior ? I normaly edit my map by using the M3Editor but i dont know how to import the trader confugration. Or is there another way to move a trader ? Thanks for helping me out. sincerely mumys
  3. Heya, Seeing as there are a lot of bugs going around right now, I thought it would help to update with some of the problems the crew and I have ran into. In this case, the particular bug is with shelves. As I believe most are aware, once you place a shelf, it cannot be moved. Needless to say, this is a huge pain in the ass and results in shelves in poor locations from new builders, as well as frustration from OCD builders who would like to later make adjustments. Cannot "grab" them to edit using free build or snap. Thanks! - On CCG US Altis #1 ( - @Epoch0252 [email protected] [email protected] Hope this helps! da1geek
  4. Hey! This is just a little edit I did on Markk311's WAI Script, I made it a little more suited to use with Overpoch, I.E Added Vehicles and Weapons to the spawn. I have permission to distribute this out, installation is exactly the same. This is my FIRST ever upload/code edit that I've released for others to use so please go easy on me :3 If you find a bug please tell me <3 ~Silver/Ecco DROPBOX - https://www.dropbox.com/s/04esox0i93lh7x3/WAI.rar (Sorry about the Title :/ If someone could tell me how to fix it, that'd be great)
  5. I need help, i am setting up a dayz.st server. As of now im using the default settings on the server which usually boots. Recently i have been experiencing problems with a big error that pops up and says something like "Cannot play/edit mission...". i tried re-installing arma 2, arma 2 OA and the beta. Have the latest updates too. i have tried restarting my pc and server multiple times. Help thanks.
  6. alright so i haven't been map editing for a while, and when looking through some files i found my old cherno map edit for the old server, since the server isn't running anymore i shall share out this old map edit for those who want something new for cherno. Features Forest / rocks to the north west, north and east. extra fire station and a bunch of other such buildings (cant remember half of what i put there in truth) heres a few pictues http://imgur.com/a/ZXkxW drop box file for sqf download. - https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ycswipux7e2p4r/cherno.sqf p.s. i wont be re editing any time soon and havnt been playing with server files for a while.
  7. This is basically an airfield up north, decided to fill in a gap up there. I may well post a few updates to this edit when i come round too it a couple buildings are a little wonky but it wont do any harm. Features Barracks Industrial buildings Supermarket Fire station Random ship wreck Added Rocks and Trees Wrecked buildings for scenery Air strip (flat ish..) Here's the download for the sqf add that to your maps folder or wherever you decide to put your edits https://www.dropbox.com/s/1zfvwo6rseh1doc/Anglorum.sqf Images in the link below http://imgur.com/a/QyEmg#2 Have fun guys and enjoy
  8. Hi, I want to edit my @Dayz_Epoch/Addons/dayz_code.pbo but when I edit, it lose the digital signature. Can I create a new digital signature this file, for my server? I dont want to create a lot exception in my MPMission/Mymap/init.SQF file. Sorry, my English is bad...
  9. ok so i started work on a custom airfield it isn't complete yet, now basically i tried uploading it to my server as i would normally with every other map edit for a test, yet this one doesn't work, nothing appears as soon as i can get a fix for this problem i will be able to continue and finish it and have a new upload to share for you guys. the download contains the sqf https://www.dropbox.com/s/1zfvwo6rseh1doc/Anglorum.sqf this one is the origional sqf https://www.dropbox.com/s/9eadku64vyvdshh/mission.sqf here's a link so some pictures, keep in mind this is all unfinished and i still need a fix for why its not loading up on my server and when i do have a fix will be able to make a finished map edit for you all http://imgur.com/a/mctl2#0
  10. Yo guys, after making a NWAF map edit i thought north east needed some attention, this was a little difficult because of its placement on the map. Taking in factors such as berazino spawns been fairly close i couldn't add tons of glorious looting spots otherwise it would throw the loot balance out the window. To be fair this isn't as good as the NWAF map edit i have done but my server needed something there and i thought id share these. I ended up making 2 versions of this, one kind of standard, adding a few tents and buildings, nothing fancy at all since there is a trader right next to it and many servers add a safe zone to it. The second map edit is the same but with added barracks for all those loot whores out there :D P.S. i hate putting down roads, that run way was a bitch Features - Small industrial - Small sandbag camp (east side) - Small military base (west of hangers) - Survivor outpost/base (north west side) - Fire station (safety purposes) - Added barracks to Military base (military version) Pictures http://imgur.com/a/M9aTf#0 Downloads .sqf https://www.dropbox.com/s/ie6ffhs9jzegoj3/NEAF.sqf (Standard map edit) https://www.dropbox.com/s/zez8npyrv39ttw7/NEAF_military.sqf (added military content)
  11. MJsoldier

    Vehicle keys

    Hello. I'm wondering if it's possible to assign a key to a vehicle you like just spawned in. It would be something great if it worked like editing the database or something :) if so, please tell me :D all help is appreciated!
  12. Hey there, I was wondering how to add things to my traders i do have acess to the database but haven't found a solid tutorial on it, was searching the forums same result nothing. Can anyone explain or link something that will teach me thanks. -DarkWolf
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