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Found 12 results

  1. Since 1.68 my game crashes on attempting to upgrade a cinder block wall to a full wall, or a full wall to a garage door. I get a crash to desktop. I can remove items such as walls without any problem. Can anyone else verify that these work? Arma 3 reports: Arma3: Arma3_x64.exe - Application Error The exception Integer division by zero. (0x0000094) occurred in the application at location 0x01c2c05c Click on OK to terminate the program
  2. Hi Can anyone advise on the issue disappearing walls on my base's? It's not very big base and a panal disappearing every few day(s) is a big stock loss and daily Repair/scavanged to me and my Partner............ :angry: There is no anammation as if they colaapeddes or blowup by player, they DDDDEEEErreeezzzz,?????? than its a data losss issue??????....., I play a rule that it's obveeeusss it a Glitch and Leave alone.... But That's our current server rule. Q is the issue going to address'd in the next update? or..... CAN u compansant with material/scavanged ways? I would bring in more 'IN' game sercruit....But I love a DataBase.. :lol: Click949
  3. I was on an Overpoch mod server for quite some time and noticed a strange happening. When I started building a tower I noticed that when I went up one floor, the snapping of floors to the next level would only autosnap to the wall below, even though there was a floor to snap too. To rectify this issue I had to allow the ghost wall to finish building then move it and resnap it to the floor, or build the walls somewhere else then move them into place after. It isnt a big issue, but thought someone may be interested. I also noticed that when a wall or a building as such has its walls upgraded to seal them, when you place a floor above it, the floor sinks down into the wall a little thus being uneven. So if you upgrade one wall and on the opposite side you do not, then you place the floor above. It will place and the floor will move down slightly on the side with the upgraded wall which would then give you a tilted floor. This can also be solved by NOT upgrading any walls until you have ur ceiling / floors in place first, or the opposite would be to upgrade all the walls before you place the floor to make sure it sinks everywhere evenly. The Server is using Epoch and is a Chenarus Map. I have not noticed this on full Epoch servers but will look into it and report back. Zeus
  4. Is there any way to perform full backup of the database file copying? My server is Vilayer Host, and want to make a local backup because I'm having trouble on the host. Downloading the file '' dump.rdb '' could only recover player character. Unable to recover buildings on the map. How to back up the constructions on the map?
  5. Now I don't like the idea of indestructible bases before we start :) but this building system means any holes in your base are going to be a nightmare to patch up sometimes impossible as I found out by being forced to remove a full 50ft stretch of wall with doors and floor panels to do it. With explosives being so cheap and the addition soon of vehicles with guns its going to be very easy to spoil hundreds of hours of work.... How about this... We are in the future, the Cultists are robots (reprogrammed) with special powers, we have working heli's, electronic door locks etc so its not out the question that the frequency jammer (FJ) could have additional features with appropriate upgrades. 1) When a player is offline his base will re-spawn any destroyed components (its a mugs game doing it when they are offline and unable to defend themselves) i) This will still allow the base raid but the player will only suffer a loss of stuff not nailed down or in lock box's 2) This will start from the next server restart (so if you log out to try and exploit this during an ongoing base attack it wont work) 3) If you are online and your FJ has been upgraded (with say the head/components off a dead cultist robot) you get a warning (after 2 minutes) to say you have a player in proximity of your base, but only if they have shot at or damaged your base in any way 4) Any players camping you or just trying doors will not get flagged 5) Players can further upgrade their walls/doors to be "hardened" with scrap or something appropriate (but make it expensive or time consuming to do so) 6) It should cost a lot to break into a base, either i) Vehicle ammo (when if/it comes in ) is priced expensively so its an incentive for players to sell it rather than use it ii) The price of explosives are vastly increased with the spawn chance reduced (I took a wall down with a single satchel charge that cost me about £3 at a trader lol) 7) If we are upgrading the FJ with the components off a dead cultist robots and using it as an amplifier how about letting the player remotely set off the same damage attack a cultist uses at the expense of the FJ getting downgraded (the proximity sensor element needing an upgrade with another dead cultist). i) This will also damage the player if they are in their own base This way is more fitting with the game and does not punish those who are unable to defend themselves Thought?
  6. My base building was destroyed today, I mean 2 walls disappear... I had 5 cars inside my base and a lot of items (loot)... Frequency Jammer was maintained so this is not the problem.. I´ve lost everything and don´t know how.... No Server Restart problem neither, because we made this abse 4 days ago... PLZ HELP! Tell me what happened plz! Thanks...
  7. OK so i just got the server a few days ago and have managed to get plenty of things working correctly on it so far but in doing so i have managed to break something when it comes to base building. when a player builds some walls or whatever they want it all seems to rotate to the same exact angle on server restart. all the pieces are still in the correct positions they are simply all rotated from whatever angles they were all at originally to the same angle so that everything is parallel to each other... i know you cant simply tell me what i did (atleast i dont think you can since i have so much crap added) BUT i was hoping someone would have an idea of what i should be looking for. possibly a variable name or something that has to do with player built structures where the rotation is possibly being overwritten or atleast tell me how the walls position is formatted in the code. i should also mention that when i check out the individual pieces of walls in the database they all seem to still have the correct values for each so i am assuming this is just some line of code somewhere forcefully changing their rotation on server restart. so any help with what file i should be looking in or what sorts of things i should be looking for would be great, thanks!
  8. Hello all!, I seem to be having troubles on my server with zombies not giving a F about user placed objects. Running, running a few mods, self bloodbag, indestructible base building(assuming this is the culprit), DZAI, WAI,and a little loadout script. Is anyone know of some known bugs? Help! Thanks -dexter
  9. A couple of very useful additions to Epoch, I submit, would be hatches (doors in floors) and doors with no top frames (barn doors) so vehicles like MTVRs can fit through. Hatches could be in 3 general sizes; 1/4 floor, 1/2 floor, and whole floor. Barn doors would basically be split, side opening garage doors in a large wall with no top frame so the space above could be left open or another door stacked on top to make a very tall door, or even a regular garage door above the barn doors. The doors could swing out, hinged at the sides, or slide to either side like a true barn door. All of this being lockable as per the current door selection. Stair railings would be a very handy addition, possible replacing supports? Why are there stair supports anyway except for aesthetic purposes?
  10. CrixzGamez

    Maintain Time

    Is there any ways to change the period of *maintaining* walls? :) Id like to set it up to a month or so...
  11. A couple of friends and I have made a small base but the server we play on is heavily populated with NPC's wandering the map. (Both friendly and bandits.) Several times we've had NPC's wander into our base and it's caused a bit of hassle. Honestly, the friendly NPC's are worse than bandits because they get in our vehicles. We've had to start removing wheels to stop them driving off with our trucks/cars. (Then they just sit there in the vehicle and wait out a pre-set timer until it's time for them to wander off again.) But anyway, we were wondering... if we built a load of Large Walls and put a perimater of them around our base (with a gate, of course) would this stop NPC's wandering in or would they simply clip straight through the models the same way zombies do with some walls and doors? Does the 30 Meter Plot Pole also stop NPC's and their wandering ways? Or is that simply there to stop other players building near-by? Any tips/advice is greatly welcomed, we're all pretty new to Epoch but we're loving it. Thank you.
  12. hey man i thought about something how about adding the an2 civil instead of the an2 military type i love ur new building system(1.0.3) but i think u should add some kind of wall & some kind of house/tent/barracks. maybe one of these(i know there a some better civil options than these) the last one here ^ should be interable for a wall it could be pretty much anything for an example h-barrier or concrete wall Cheers!
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