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DayZ Epoch Server error: Player without identity Help Session Lost


I have installed and "setup" a DayZ Epoch server to where i can start it up all vine but when i try to join it dose the following 


22:43:30 Server error: Player without identity Reble (id 194758338)

22:45:50 Server error: Player without identity Reble (id 335152453)
22:48:27 Server error: Player without identity Reble (id 491988896)
22:54:46 Server error: Player without identity Reble (id 870844510)


I have looked and tried things with no avail, there is no data in the player sql stuff to format/wipe, i have 2300, 2301, and 2303 ports open/forwarded, it shows in the arma MP browser but i simply can not join. I often see people getting asked for certain .RPT files so i have included them along with my hive and cfg. Also in the server_log it often shows "Mission DayZ Epoch Chernarus read from directory." is this a problem?


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