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Found 16 results

  1. JudgementDayz/Lingor IP: https://discord.gg/zmNadvx Roaming AI WAI Missions DZMS Missions Custom AI Bases Customawn Points Hero, Survivor, & bandit LVL Build Anywhere Convoys Heli Patrols High Loot Repair & Refuel Take Cloth Banking System Some Military Events Active Admins and Moderators
  2. Hi all, Pretty big noob too Epoch. Ive done Lots of Arma and Exile but for something new and seeing some good development going on with Epoch, I thought we would give it a try. I want to use lingor, its working fine however i'm really not seeing any loot maybe 1 very sparingly so is their a trick to making this work? I do alot of my own research but being in totally foreign turf I thought Id ask some experts, Thax in Advance
  3. Hello Community Sorry for my bad English. I Search a lingor Script With 2 mods. (Plot4life and plotmanagement) .can you send me pls a Script for Lingor With the 2 or more scripts? Thank you very much guys. Cheers
  4. CLOSING DOWN: Due to GTXGaming staff being so incompetent, that on a bi weekly basis we're experiencing massive downtime and server issues, we're giving up. We were having server issues a few weeks ago, everyone who joined said they were having desync and poor ping , I was able to see from the panel that everyone was indeed getting exactly the same desync and ping issues , so the logical answer is that this issue is server side. GTX staff told me there were no issues and that is was probably my files, they then offered to transfer us to a new server which we declined. A week later they send out an annoucement to everyone on the server saying there was an issue they've tried to fix for a while but was proving impossible, so they're moving us all (Oh wait, what? I was right?).. THEN.. they said the move would take half an hour, which turned into 2 days for us. They didn't transfer the files over, so we had a broken install, database wasn't working , stuck on loading screen etc.. Karl then tried to blame me, saying that I'd probably changed something before the move, I lost it and left them to it. Later I got a message from him saying he'd fixed the issue. But my server was still broken, no files had been transfered as promised, and it took another 3 hours to rectify .. These are guys are incompetent , nice guys , but terribly incompetent. I've fixed more issues with their one click installs than I'd care to list, thousands of lines of code!!!!! .. A major issue not related to code was that the Epoch Origin map was not the correct version for the trader set up, the bandit trader was in the ocean and players would spawn in that area and die. Tech support rather trying to address and fix the issues, said "here's a tutorial on how to move traders" .. F.. that, I said.. So I told them which map to install on my server along with the correct version of Origins, once they finally did that, it worked.. Then another issues... Their database events are just cut n paste from epoch defaults, which don't take into account how origin buildings are configured in the database, so after a few days my player build origin houses were getting deleted because they had 0 in the owner field and no gear in them.. WTF???? I fixed that issue myself and gave the solution to GTX, but they promptly ignored me and that was that.. After they moved our server the other day, the same issue started but this time I can't edit or add events, so I'm stuck with it, unless I send them to Karl who will add them for me.. Which is bull****t! Now onto another issue I fixed for them after they claimed it couldn't be fixed. When players locked their origin houses, it would give them another option to lock again, which would then wipe their gear from the database. On the GTX forums people were complaining about this, but the GTX staff answer was this "It's a known bug, just don't double lock your houses" .. WTF? really, are these guys seriously not able to fix this and update their one click installs???? I was, in about 2 minutes. I posted the solution, but guess what.. It's not been added to the one click installs .... They're lazy, they blame you for everything before they've even looked into the issue and for someone who has worked in the network and IT support industry for over 2 decades I'm shocked they've survived this long, I'm fedup with being blamed for someone else incompetence , even when I give them a fix they throw it back in my face!!! We might move to another provider, but in all honesty. I think I'm done with companies like GTX... [server IP details deleted] A father son project. My son owns the server, I do the scripting and ranting at GTX when it breaks :pMy son designs the monthly loading screen and makes an appearance every now and then! This is a PVP PVE server. You choose how you want to play, but ultimately this is not an easy server. There are no safe zones and no rules other than "dont be a douche and don't hack/cheat".If you don't like old school DayZ, scavenging for limited supplies, getting knocked out by zeds orhaving a realtime 24hour day/night cycle, then this server isn't for you. The basic features: (we try to keep the scripts to a minimum, sorry!) - Map: Lingor Skarinator. The version without the buggy barrack doors that trap you and other stuff!- First time you log in, you get a map and a bandage. Use the map to get orientated.------ After that, you'll spawn a new life with no gear. (biscuits not included!).- No crossair, veteran setting. I'm a badass at no scoping since playing on this server :p- AI Missions (combination of DZMS and my own custom scripts)- Roaming AI (WAI, ground vehicle spawns only. So you hear them coming!)- Factions (choose your faction and work towards Level 1 bandit / hero)----- Choose Bandit faction for example and Mission AI / Zed Kills give negative humanity. ----- Choosing a faction does not give you access to that factions Level 1 trader :p- 5 Hero/Bandit levels giving access to better traders and Origin houses/stronghold.- Custom scripted KeyCode system: Buy a vehicle, then put your key in a safe. ----- Only vehicle owners can lock/unlock their vehicle without a key and GPS locate their vehicles.- Plot Management that works like Plot4Life (when you add yourself to the friends list)----- Add friends to your plot pole and they can also access your origins house / garages .------- Police Stations and Boat Houses (the big brown house) within your plot range will let you open--------- and close their doors. Epoch broke the door opening , so I fixed it and made it a feature. - No self bloodbag (your blood regenerates over time). - No auto refuel (but each fuel station has a generator, so get out, turn it on and the fuel pump will work).- No auto repair. You have to fix stuff the old fashioned way, by finding parts and doing it manually.- All vehicle traders sell the same vehicles and all gun traders sell the same weapons (for simplicity).------ The only exception to this rule is Hero/Bandit traders and the Black market trader.- There are traders not marked on the map, some spawn randomly others are static. Discover!- Zombies will die with headshots, not so easy to kill them any other way. ------ This is a zombie apocalypse , my son wanted to make Zombies a real threat, so now they are.------ Tip: Shoot them in the legs to slow them down if you get overwhelmed. ------ Bonus humanity is awarded for killing Zeds over a certain distance.------ When you reach Level 5 Hero/Bandit, you no longer receive humanity for killing zeds.Upcoming feature(s):- Achievement system. Based on the original DayZ Mod , minus the silly achievements of course!- Humanity loss over time and for dying. Keeping your reputations should be an ongoing process!- Drug dealer and associated side missions.- More missions, achievement based missions with good rewards for your efforts :)I work most week days and don't get on until late evening. If you experience any issues, post here.Time for a cup of tea, catch you laters!
  5. DayZ Overpoch Lingor Chernarus.de Server #1 Hallo liebe Suchtlinge :) An dieser Stelle möchte ich euch unseren Overpoch Lingor Server vorstellen. Mit uns ist das Team von Chernarus.de (Panadur, Raubwurst, Balthorius, ShukaZ & ich) gemeint. Wir sind also auch eure Ansprechpartner für was auch immer gerade anliegt. So jetzt zum Server! Das Wichtigste vorweg, die IP: :) Die wichtigsten Servermerkmale könnt ihr in Kurzform unserem Ladebildschirm entnehmen. Eine genauere Auflistung unserer Features findet ihr hier: - Teamspeak Wir haben für den Server bzw. die Community einen Teamspeakserver bereit gestellt. IP: TS3.Chernarus.de:1337 Da sich durch die Umstellung auf Lingor wieder ein bisschen was verändert, das ihr auch bei euch anpassen müsst, gibt es dazu jetzt eine kurze Erklärung und auch Links um die benötigten Dateien zu laden. Neben dem was wir euch bieten gibt es natürlich auch etwas, das wir gern von euch hätten ;) nämlich die Einhaltung der Serverregeln. Wir sind bemüht allen ein angenehmes Zusammenspiel zu ermöglichen und haben unsere Regeln dementsprechend angepasst. Clans, Gruppen und Einzelspieler ihr seid alle willkommen! Ich hoffe ich konnte euch unseren Server schmackhaft machen! Das Team und auch die anderen Spieler würden sich freuen wen ihr mal bei uns vorbeischaut :) Für Rückfragen oder Probleme erreicht ihr uns direkt auf der Homepage www.chernarus.de oder im Teamspeak. Gerne beantworte ich auch hier eure PNs :) Solltet ihr euch im TS wohlfühlen und euch dauerhaft ansiedeln wollen schickt einfach eine PN an einen Admin, dann bekommt ihr euren eignen Kanal. Süße Grüße Lolly Dieser Text wurde vom chernarus.de-Team liebevoll erstellt und dient ausschließlich ihren Zwecken.Wir möchten nicht das der Text (egal wie viel davon) kopiert und für andere Zwecke missbraucht wird. Vielen Dank!
  6. Hello gamers! My name is Naughty, and I am here to tell you about the =BnR= server and what it has to offer you! If you are looking for survival from not only zombies but tough A.I. then this is the server for you! We have two very active owners of the server, who will help when needed. We are very excited for you to come and check out the server. Come see if you can survive ;) I look forward to playing with each and every one of you. Here is a list below of things our server offers along with our website. http://bnrgaming.clanwebsite.com/222425/topic/server-so-far-95r Right click deployables... try and find them all take clothes with multiple choice after you click wear. Claim Vehicles and master key. Advanced Trading. Coins with banking Service Points. Blood Regen. Zombie Protection in plot pole radius. Self Blood bag. Tow and lift. Choose your own view distance with Binoculars. Custom Ai missions and Roaming patrols in towns. Walking Dead Zeds. Wear Zombie Guts to hide. Snap Build. Choose your own class and spawn. Trader Safe zones. Added Many new items to traders such as tanks and jets. New Hero Trader city Added Pracs pack with separate trader with vehicles. Thanks, Naughty <3
  7. Hi guys! Does anyone have a decent lingor bandit trader they would like to share? Ive lost the files for mine so i currently dont have any good locations for it. Would be awesome if anyone would share! Kimz!
  8. Hi there! I am setting up just an Epoch Lingor Island server. Its for classic Epoch play not Overpoch. I have the server ready and operating but I would like to migrate over to single currency coin. Has anyone had any experience converting a server and traders over to single currency? Would they be able to help? I would prefer if the single currency modification saved data in the hive in tables or columns for coins as opposed to items in gear, but I'm not opposed to a better solution. Thank you for your time!!! Cheesekun Note: Torrent for Lingor v1.5 https://mega.co.nz/#!H1JSmKLA!u2jXmv-pNNMeIlJrJr83vPx3gQQ5UZhunDqicUlvfWw
  9. Hello. I've got a problem with the latest (2.1.3) DZAI after adding Lingor map running Dayz Epoch My server runs both vehicle and heli AI. The problem is: vehicle AIs sometimes get stuck on the road, sometimes are blocked near houses and fences which are located near roads they should be moving by. Sometimes they stop on a deadlocks of the roads and stand there forever. As for helis - they do not have obstacles in the air, so they work fine. Mostly these vehicles are just standing still and waiting for something forever. At Chernarus everything was ok. *One more thing - when vehicle AIs are standing still, it's not always because of obstacles. Mostly it is an empty road wothout anything to stop them. ?!??
  10. Hi, Recently I created a Lingor 1.5 overpoch server And the first thing I noticed was that I really hated the layout of having the traders scattered around the place. An individual trader here, another one over there. A vehicle trader taking over the race track. So I created a trader city, and my clanmate Smooose created a seperate trader city these both use many of the existing traders, plus I have an additional overwatch weapons trader which has been added in. I will include a few files which will need to be placed in your server pbo here are some screenshots in the spoiler tag http://pastebin.com/gHXCa9wn < -- calamarTrader.sqf http://pastebin.com/cABgLcX2 <-- corazonTrader.sqf to install these, add a folder called map to your server.pbo add the following to the bottom of your server_functions.sqf (located in the init folder of your server.pbo) call compile preProcessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\map\calamarTrader.sqf"; // calamar trader city call compile preProcessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\map\corazonTrader.sqf"; // corazon trader city http://pastebin.com/tLbVS3Le <-- edited mission.sqf if you want to remove many of the existing traders from lingor and replace them with our trader cities, copy the above mission.sqf and overwrite your existing mission.sqf (located in the server.pbo in the \missions\DayZ_Epoch_7.Lingor\ folder) /* EDIT http://pastebin.com/V7s1sxU8 <-- edited mission.sqm (from mission.pbo) *edit - original file contained a marker for an unreleased overwatch trader - use this updated version instead* */ the above file will update the map markers for the trader cities and adds sensors to say "you are now entering trader city corazon" etc this uses canbuild, so it will work with AGN safezones. *note my airfields are not protected by safezones* also note, as my server is running overpoch. the addons section is full of overwatch parts. extras if you want to use my overwatch trader you will need to make a few edits the following edits go into server_traders.sqf in your mission.pbo copy this section of code, and overwrite your existing section serverTraders = ["RU_Worker1","Dr_Annie_Baker_EP1","CIV_EuroWoman01_EP1","Citizen2_EP1","ibr_lingorman2s","Worker2","TK_CIV_Woman03_EP1","ibr_lingorman3s","ibr_lingorman5s","ibr_lingorman4","ibr_lingorman2","Worker1","RU_Madam3","Pilot","CIV_EuroMan02_EP1","CIV_EuroMan01_EP1","ibr_lingorman7s","Damsel3","Rocker4","Worker4","ibr_lingorman7","ibr_lingorman5","Citizen3_EP1","ibr_lingorman6","ibr_lingorman6s","TK_CIV_Woman02_EP1","Pilot_EP1","TK_CIV_Worker01_EP1","RU_Doctor","Functionary1","TK_CIV_Takistani04_EP1","UN_CDF_Soldier_Guard_EP1"]; next, add this to the bottom of your file // overwatch trader menu_UN_CDF_Soldier_Guard_EP1 = [ [["Pistols",1000],["ACRs",1100],["H&K Assault Rifles", 1101],["Magpul ACRs",1102],["Tarvors",1103],["Opfor Assault Rifles",1104],["Marksman Rifles",1002],["SMGs",1003],["Heavy Machine Guns",1004],["Assorted Ammunition",1005]], [], "neutral" ]; finally, if you need some SQL inserts so you can use my trader tid's, http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=Cbb6yHAN copy and paste that, and run that sql insert. of course, please back up your database before running this, because if anything goes wrong, I wont take responsibility for any damage that can occur to your hive. enjoy :)
  11. Hello all, we have purchased a Vilayer managed server and installed Epoch on Lingor 1.5, but the traders are not in trader citys and are instead spread out all over the map, and lets be honest here, they just dont work like that, also there is no black market trader and trader items are also in major need of editing. I have been into the map editor but found the traders are scripted in via the mission.sqf, and rather than going through each item and NPC and changing the co-ordinates I was wondering if there is another quicker way of rolling the traders back to the traditional trader city set-up or if someone with that sort of set-up would be willing to share the trader section of their mission.sqf with me. thanx in advance.
  12. I installed this AI mission and i cant seem to get it working for lingor, but i believe i did everything it told me too. I can get into the server with no errors but i waited an hour and not a single mission came up. Any help would be appreciated! The AI missions I heard that works on lingor but its not working: http://opendayz.net/threads/release-dayzchernarus-mission-system.12169/
  13. gng45mil

    Auto Refuel Help!

    I have looked everywhere for a auto refuel that works on epoch lingor but i can only find ones for cchernarus only. Does anyone know how to edit these to make it work on lingor/know a auto refuel for lingor? Any help is appreciated.
  14. Hey guys, I've been setting up a Lingor Island Epoch server which I would like to say for a start is amazing! The map is perfect for Epoch with all the villas etc! Anyway, I have vehicles spawning in the ocean currently and after some Googling I have no idea what the problem is! It's like they are using a different spawn map to the Lingor Map. Anyone had this issue? Cheers Goat
  15. First post on here, even though I've been playing on a few PVE Epoch servers since around release! On to the questions, considering the safe is so expensive (unless you play more than 6 hours a day)... Wouldn't you prefer the lockbox, especially since the spawn frequency has been increased on the business suit zombies... Another thing I'm considering before buying/looting is which will be better for Lingor, even though it doesn't matter as much. Anyone have any ideas on the vodnik vs armored suv decision, or has anyone played on Lingor with them? I have enough for both, but, considering Lingor is tropical will many lakes and rivers to cross, the slow, but nevertheless, watertight vodnik will cross these rivers with ease. Armoured SUV however won't, right? But it is, I think, a little more armored and clearly has the better gun (M134 Minigun) which can mow down AI... Looking forward to your thoughts :P Thanks in advance, Seb ^_^
  16. Hi all, looking for some help here. I've setup an epoch Chernarus server and have been playing on that for a few weeks now without issue. The guys want to switch to Lingor but I'm having issues getting that to run. Can launch the server but it hangs on "wait for host". What specific steps do I need to take to switch from Chernarus to Lingor using the same db? Any and all help is welcome and appreciated. Thanks, Chisel **********EDIT*********** Got it working it was my server launch parameters that were incorrect.
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