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GUIDE: FireDaemon XML for Arma 3 Epoch



There seems to be some people struggling with the concept of setting up Arma 3 within FireDaemon.


This XML is for people who install thier servers in a SANE location - I wont offer any assitance to anyone who insists on installing thier server in a "program files" location. :P

This also is for people who use the default file structure that comes with the Epoch Server files.



I will make things easy for you by giving you a copy of a working Arma3.xml for FD.


Things you will have to do in FireDeamon after importing it:

  1. PROGRAM TAB - Change Working Directory to the location of your Arma3 Server's folder.
  2. PROGRAM TAB - Executable - check it exists at that location. Use [...] to point it to the executable (Arma3Server.exe) if it differs from default.
  3. PROGRAM TAB - Modify the Parameters specific to your server -  IP / PORT
  4. PRE / POST SERVICE TAB -  Modify the location of the Working Directory for the included Tools\log-rotator.cmd.

This along with the imported XML should get you up and running.

NB - All the timings set in this XML work for me, you may need to tweak them a little depending on your Server's setup.


Arma3.xml for FireDaemon (copy/paste into Arma3.xml)




Recommended(slightly more advanced):


Epoch requires BEC running, so this is worth a read!


  1. Set up BEC via FireDaemon.
  2. Set up a dependency in the BEC Service requiring the A3 Epoch Server Service is running prior to starting.
  3. If you shutdown / restart your server BEC will go down/up with it.
  4. Recommend setting a delay to ensure the server is UP before the BEC Service starts.


  1. Create a batch file to execute BEC, set this up in the POST SERVICE tab within the Arma 3 Epoch Service
  2. This will initialise BEC after the server has started
  3. I recommend setting a delay on this to ensure the Arma 3 Server is UP before BEC starts.


NBB -  DO NOT do both of these methods or you may have multiple BEC's running and/or looping on a restart.



There are a bunch more options in FD of which there are guides on their website.


Also ProTip, FireDaemon have pre-made XML's for common applications on thier website :P

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Nice job posting your xml here bro, will make lives easier for some people :).

FYI - There are plenty of batch scripts on here now that do this for free :).

I have an extensive one which has many features(settings/restart/manual restart/log rotation/db backup etc and a nice console window display. Check it out:

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Do you have any hints for getting the programs to interact with the desktop with a WinServer 2012 R2  OS?

I've tried (to the best of my limited knowledge and abilities) doing what the Firedaemon website suggests. 

They run as a service but the onlyway I can tell that they are running is by the Firedaemon console itself, or through Task Manager.


Not a big deal, except when I'm debugging something, then I have to just turn the Firedaemon sections off and start them up through a .bat file.



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Have those items checked.


I edited that in the registry per Firedaemon's website. (Or so I thought. I'll recheck.)

When I tried the switch session button, I do remember a message box stating 'The Interactive Services Detection Service is not running. The service needs to be running to allow you to switch to the session0 desktop. Do you want to start the service." So I might not have saved the edit. When I can, I'll check into it further.


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Thank You! Gonna try this out now. Much appreciated Uro!  :)



So I seem to have gotten it working. I read your BEC instructions but, simply put, I am dumb when it comes to scripting in this sense. Does FireDaemon have an XML for BEC? Sorry, true noob. Thanks for the info.


3rd Edit: Nvm, Im an idiot.  :P

Edited by Muffins
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Minor note: if you change the parameter line from blahblah -mod=@Epoch;@Epochhive;@ASM blahblah to blahblah -mod=@Epoch; -servermod=@Epochhive;@ASM blahblah your server side mods won't show up on the server browser list and confuse players.

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