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  1. Axle

    Welcome Get Wrecked!

    OMG!!!! I love watching Dan play this! Welcome to the forums. I know it's a late reply but I don't get much PC time as of late.
  2. Axle

    RIP Junior

  3. Axle

    Pallets spawning on the roofs

    Great news. They are getting redone for the CUP project. Also, I put those on the roof. You can get to them if you drop out of a chopper that's hovering above. Mainly for those that want every last piece.
  4. Axle

    Epoch Esseker Not Running

    Format should look like this. Please replace the STEAM64IDHERE with your actual Steam 64 ID. adminMenu_Owner[] = {{"STEAM64IDHERE","AWOL"},{"STEAM64IDHERE","Axle"},{"STEAM64IDHERE","Melly"},{"STEAM64IDHERE","Warlock"},{"STEAM64IDHERE","Mike"},{"STEAM64IDHERE","Spoons"}}; Mells House runs it just fine, make sure you have added yourself to the admin menu properly. Should look like this.
  5. Axle

    Arma 2 OA update.

    Currently being used on my wifes server. No noticeable issues as of yet. If you have any please post on our github. https://github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/issues/new
  6. Axle

    Selling of big weapons / Backpacks

    We are also working on the guns in backpack issue.
  7. Axle

    New helicopter spawns

    Hey, I flew it in there and out twice before I set the location. If you find the one under the bridge I'll give free virtuallyfake cookies!
  8. Axle


    I noticed you popped into TS, I'm not afk if you need assistance.
  9. Axle


    Or you could use the default Epoch admin tool/antihack and not have any of those issues. But that's just me.
  10. Tested on Mells house, no issues there.
  11. Axle

    Space Bar

    When you see the icon for a door you can simply middle mouse button. When you scroll left mouse works too.
  12. Axle

    All uniforms in epoch?

    Females take up a whole side. I think in time we will go back over the uniforms. It's jut not top of the list right now.
  13. Axle

    A3 Dead Nation

  14. Axle

    A3 Dead Nation

    Ohh, what happened there?