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  1. thank you so much for your efforts !!!! We look forward to the results!
  2. guys tell me how to change the color of the marker on a mission map?! ??! and display of the start of the mission at the bottom of the screen? thanks in advance for your help!
  3. And you can attach it to the vehicle with the player, and instead track insert a link to the internet radio? ))))
  4. epoch mod - this in the first place - a simulator of survival, and it is not necessary so to facilitate the process of the game player. For example on my server I set a more realistic management system helicopter .. but the script does not facilitate the life of the player on the server and offloads FPS ...
  5. To my great regret I have too little experience in scripting, for that would do it myself. (((
  6. А кто нибудь рассматривал возможность привязки данного скрипта непосредственно к джаммеру (территории базы), либо к объектам типа гараж....?? He stopped completely engaged arma scripting? or a garage is no longer relevant
  7. where the link?where the link?where the link?where the link?
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