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  1. Your exception added to line 21 of the scripts.txt is incorrect. I am currently trying to fix it. 29.12.2014 03:25:25: MadHatter (IP.HERE) GUIDHERE- #20 "(_this select 0) execVM "\A3\Structures_F\Wrecks\Scripts\Wreck_Heli_Attack_01.sqf"" someone blew up a chopper and it caused the server to go into a skynet script #20 kick spree
  2. How do you remove the AT AI in v0.3a or is there a way to make it so players can't pick up the RPGs. I was able to just now after killing all the AI and running up to the mission
  3. Would you kindly provide what you have changed within the addweaponcargo.txt file. I keep getting quite a few kicks on my server for players who pick up the weapons with scopes and such that drop at the missions.
  4. Lock per KiloSwiss request. The below link is now the follow thread.
  5. Your updated link was wrong. I fixed it for you. it was pointing to http:/uncher.com/2014/12/24/launcher-release-1-0-0-4-change-log/ :P
  6. closed. please post to the right area listed above.
  7. Make sure you have your firewall UPD ports for your server open. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Dedicated_Server#Port_Forwarding
  8. We no longer offer donation perks (since it is against arma's tos). Our $50 donator loadout was back when we hosted wasteland a year and a half ago... We shut down our wasteland server around the time arma 3 came out due to extremely low population and server issues caused by a wasteland developer we hired to help us. We did offer very limited donation loadouts with Epoch but have since stopped offering them after BMRF took a 6 month break from hosting servers and came back to host Overpoch / DayZero and Arma 3 Epoch. We will NEVER have donation style loadouts or items on our servers again since they indeed break the Arma ToS and we would like to maintain a happy and heathly relationship with the Epoch Devs as well as the Arma Devs. Reading through this thread ive noticed some outrageous accusations that do not contain all the facts and are simply assumptions about the BMRF community (specifically by someone who doesnt even know how to spell our community name......) If you have any issues, questions or comments, please feel free to PM me here or on the BMRF forums. The only reason I found this thread is because I did a total forum search for any new threads that mention BMRF in it.
  9. I'm also adjusting the time speed from 6x to 4x (one admin likes the 2/2 day night but I feel that causes unneeded strain on client side pcs)
  10. I see what the issue is with the rubberbanding. I am running a restart on the server right now to fix it. We were testing a new memory allocator and it seems it did not work. I was unaware of the rubberbanding until I read this thread.
  11. BMRF has been fixed. We hotfixed the issue with the latest patch that was causing the server to crash.
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