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  1. Your modem/router is using broken NAT. You won't be able to work around this without buying a new modem.
  2. You could do a _this enableSimulation false if the vehicle is locked. You could also delete vehicles that enter the safe zone without a driver to stop people jumping out of aircraft into safe zone to blow shit up. There's a few options.
  3. # Min length, kicks players who has to short name. #MinPlayerNameLength = 3 # Max length, kicks players who has to long name. #MaxPlayerNameLength = 16 You have hashes before everything in that file, meaning they aren't set (they are commented out). Remove the hashes.
  4. The "DB" save interval is defined in the REDIS Server configuration file. We're finding on our server that even with forcing REDIS to flush to disk every 10 seconds, we're still getting rollbacks (and in some cases, full rollbacks). Skaronator will need to check his REDIS configuration. Server owners really should of had the choice to use MySQL...
  5. Reduce your allocation size in your redis.conf. It won't start if you specify an allocation size larger than the available ram on your system (which is stupid, because an Epoch server will never generate that much SQL traffic...) 512MB/1024MB is more than enough.
  6. Can't help you. Many antihacks including infiSTAR mess with the default files. It would be impossible to try and figure out what it's interfering with.
  7. 8:23:26 Error in expression <r_Sniper_DZ"]; crate_items_president crate_backpacks_all = ["DZ_Patrol_Pack> 8:23:26 Error position: <crate_backpacks_all = ["DZ_Patrol_Pack> 8:23:26 Error Missing ; 8:23:26 File z\addons\dayz_server\WAI\config.sqf, line 176 There's you're problem :) Check your script and make sure you haven't missed any "]" or ";" entries.
  8. The "database" is in two locations; Memory Disk Epoch interacts with REDIS in memory. REDIS then flushes it's changes from memory to the disk. This file is the "rdb" file in your REDIS directory. You need to save all information in memory to disk. If you don't do this, you will lose recent data redis-cli.exe -h <hostname> -p <port> -a <password> -n <database#> SAVE If you use SAVE while the database is still being written to, you will block any other writes. You should kill the server beforehand, or use BGSAVE and wait for an OK state Restoring is as simple as moving the RDB back into the directory and starting REDIS normally.
  9. What do your WAI DEBUG lines show in the RPT log?
  10. That's a start, but doesn't include server files ;) I'd also like to not have to use torrents to download the files as well (I see there are HTTP mirrors available).
  11. For the record, it seems we can set a parameter in order to make REDIS remove data from the memory table once limits are being reached. maxmemory-policy allkeys-lru This should probably be in the default server configuration... I'm going to give this a trial run now. Cross fingers this makes it a bit more stable...
  12. After running the mod for a week now I have noticed that the redis server process is prone to crashing when reaching memory constraints. This is an issue on servers which do not have a high amount of memory available to be dedicated to the redis database file. We run multiple servers, however our game servers are NOT configured to be dedicating over 1GB of memory to a flat-file database system. I would prefer to not have to host the DB via an external DB host... Why was REDIS (a bleeding-edge experimental DMBS) chosen over the proven reliability and performance of MySQL? Is it possible to move back to MySQL (or provide an alternative Hive DLL) to utilise our existing DB infrastructure? Is there a way for server administrators to configure REDIS not to crash and stop accepting connections, or to automatically restart the redis server when a failed fork is detected? There seem to be many design decisions made with this mod that haven't taken into account the requirements for server owners. I can't stress enough that I think REDIS is a very poor choice for game servers...
  13. What Smokey is getting at is that it seems like a very poor decision to include content in the FREE mod, that requires you to PURCHASE ARMA 3 DLC. And I agree. It's unfair to those without the financial means who might want to fly the aircraft in the mod. I understand that there are non-DLC helicopters, but because we can't modify the mission file, we can't remove the non-DLC, which results in a shock for some when they come across an unusable vehicle. In any case, all I really want is a warning somewhere that advises players that they will require to purchase DLC in order to use all content in the mod. As Smokey said, we spend hundreds of dollars a year running a server for the community for FREE, and it's a kick in the teeth for server hosters to find out that their players need to pay to play with what we believed was a free to play mod...
  14. Missions can be added without modifying Epoch code. You may need to update/modify your BE filters if you do this however, and you won't be able to use the built-in antihack.
  15. In your BEC config section (or wherever you like). You need to make sure your BEC config.cfg is pointing to the right location.
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