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  1. Finuix, How do I add these? I am getting lost....I havent added the scripts. Not really sure what to add exactly. epochconfig.hpp im assuming?
  2. Thank You! Gonna try this out now. Much appreciated Uro! :) So I seem to have gotten it working. I read your BEC instructions but, simply put, I am dumb when it comes to scripting in this sense. Does FireDaemon have an XML for BEC? Sorry, true noob. Thanks for the info. 3rd Edit: Nvm, Im an idiot. :P
  3. Mill4590, I have been trying to find this info for a while scanning the net and have not found a thing. It is looking more and more like Arma 3 Epoch/Overpoch cannot be run on Linux. Arma 3 server itself can but, havent found anything for Epoch. I am no pro with Linux but, can make my way around.
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