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    Can anyone help me to set server up with esseker 0.75? I cannot join to server geeting error with keys :(
  2. ok and that is it right? Gonna test it soon on my DED. server
  3. w I guess it is line 21 : 7 exec !="<execute expression=" !"RscDebugConsole_execute" !"execFSM" !"_executeStackedEventHandler" !"fn_execVM" !"fn_moduleExecute" !"fn_execRemote" !"fn_MPexec" !"bis_fnc_moduleExecute_activate" !"fn_tridentExecute" !"randomize_civ1" !"executed from" !"EPOCH_DebugGUI_exec" !"_handle = [_display] execVM _script;" !"execVM \"\A3\Structures_F\scripts" !="execVM \"\A3\Structures_F_EPC\Civ\PlayGround\scripts\Carousel_spin.sqf\"" but how to mod this line ??
  4. OK to make it clear : 1) Take you files from Github as it stands and import it to MP mission PBO file 2) edit BC file script.txt find line 20 and delete it (coz of bec) [my line 20 says this : 7 allowDamage !=player allowDamage true;vehicle player allowDamage true] 3) ?????
  5. hmm thank you i guess need a bit more explanation coz im pretty new to this. Specialy exact what files need to be edited and where exactly ....
  6. any chance to make install how to pls ?
  7. I have same issue there is no any item to select :(
  8. just delete publicvariable.txt and you are good to go :D
  9. Problem with vilayer is that WatchDog plugin is not in default installation of Epoch Addon. Even if you add it it wont work, if you overwrite pubvar.txt it is workaround and also security risk.
  10. I guess not clear enough if every 2 person got same issue..
  11. No problem it seems that lot of ppl having same problem, It would be great to convince devs to clarify this in config file...
  12. ok i got it... this is a huge problem and it should be clearly state in config file!! This variable adminMenu_Owner[] = {{"ID","name"}}; need to has double brackets!!!!
  13. Hi all, I installed and configured A3 epoch server recently. It was quite easy, but now i cannot make it work with BEC and admin menu, actually i can see that bec is running ok and it gets connected to Rcon but still im getting Restriction #0 error during the waiting to connect screen... please help ?? Bec, Arma OA/3 Server Tool V.1.604 Copyright (C) by Stian Mikalsen Email : [email protected]<script type="text/javascript"> /* */ </script> Web : http://www.ibattle.org Remember to donate for more great updates! --------------------------------------------- 22:04:46 : Starting plugin : WatchDog V.0.16 22:04:46 : Checking for new Bec version... 22:04:46 : Creating watchdog for admin file... 22:04:46 : Creating watchdog for command file... 22:04:46 : Creating watchdog for BE filter files... 22:04:50 : Bec is running latest version! : 1.604 22:04:50 : Connecting to Battleye server xxxxxx:2302 22:04:50 : RCon admin #1 (xxxxxx:56272) logged in 22:05:00 : Player #0 michalss (xxxxxx:2304) connected 22:05:02 : Player #0 michalss - GUID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (unverified) 22:05:02 : RCon admin #1: (Global) BEC : Super Admin michalss Connected 22:05:02 : Verified GUID (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) of player #0 michalss 22:09:21 : Player #0 michalss (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) has been kicked by BattlEye: PublicVariable R estriction #0 All looks perfect and working but getting kicked...
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