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  1. I can't find this in epochconfig.hpp. Is this feature enabled?
  2. I don't have igiload script installed.
  3. Igiload? Only oficial epoch, A3EAI, SEM missions and status bar.
  4. In my server all vehicles repaired after server restart and I don't know why.
  5. Sorry if it's a repeated topic, but I have looked for it but without a successful result. I'm the admin of dayzsurvivors.es server, only with oficial arma 3 epoch, A3EAI, SEM missions and status bar script. All vehicles are repaired after each server restart, but I don't know why And we need to solve this issue. Thanks for all of you, for this awesome work.
  6. Yes, in owr server vehicles had exploded on ground.
  7. In my case, I delete old database. All boats spawn in the same location.
  8. Eooo. Nobody say nothing? I cant go inside my server, hehe
  9. 1. Epochmod.com dayzsurvivors.es, our community server, without modifications. 2. [DzS] Antonio (admin) 3. Reconnecting after some changes in my server.
  10. It could be functionaly, wrapping with admins tools protection, but I don't know if it's possible.
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