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  1. Well, crap. Came here to reload A3EAI and it seems to have been pulled from the GitHub. Really enjoyed the configurability when I used the earlier versions. Thanks for the time, work and consideration you put into the mod and community, Face. We'll miss your expertise. Floyd
  2. Ah. Thanks for the insight. We'll give that a shot. (Normally, I'm more abreast of the current issues, but this bitch called work has been on my case.... :angry: ) .
  3. Yes, the weather was changed in the epochconfig.hpp. I thought that bug had been fixed....hmmm. We're running the stock AH. Along those lines, the only reason WeatherStaticForecast[] was changed was to remove the wind because the wind seems to have gotten out of control since the last update. Helicopters were blown around, and any parachuting all too often resulted in being drug along the ground to one's death. Anyone experiencing that? Or it there another way to change the weather/wind?
  4. I can address a couple of your questions. I, too, run a dedicated VPS from NFOservers and have had up to two HC's connected to two different servers (one running Cherno and one running Altis). 1) You do NOT need steam running on the server. Use Steamcmd.exe (https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD) to download the server files. You will have to have a steam account to use for the login. Some people make a new account for just their servers, most just use their current steam account. Your name and password are all that's needed to login to download the files. It does not interfere with your Steam account and you can be on Steam on another machine and still use Steamcmd. I run a batch file to download/update the server files. An example follows (and can be found everywhere): Are you using TADST to start either your server or your HC? If so, that is likely where the problem lies. There is a work around. For now, I'll assume you don't. Make sure you copy arma3server.exe and rename the copy. You'll use this copy to start your HC. Make a new subdirectory in the directory where arma3server.exe is for the HC profile. In that subdirectory, create a file called config.cfg. In config.cfg add the following line: battleyeLicense =1; Start up your gameserver. Once its running, try starting up your HC. In the batch file that starts my HC, my command line for the HC looks something like this: start altis_HCserver.exe -client -connect= -port2302 -mod="@Epoch;@A3EAI" -nosound -name=HC_Altis "-profiles=F:\Server\arma3server\a3master\HC" If you're interested, here is the batch file I have BEC call to restart the server and the HC, rotate logs, back the db up, etc. Also, make sure that in the main server's config.cfg you have the following (usually located near the top): //Headless client settingsheadlessClients[]={}; localClient[]={}; battleyeLicense=1; Having said all that, at one point I could not get past the same point you were. I'm not a big believer in deleting and reinstalling just because something doesn't work, but in the end, that's what I had to do. (It was a much earlier build, though.) You've tried that, so I'd say do that as a last resort. Good luck!
  5. If you are restarting them at the same time, try restarting one an hour later than the other. I run a Chernarus and Altis server on the same box and don't have any problems running them. If problems still persist, double check the schedule.xml of the altis server and make 100% certain there is not a typo or a bad command somewhere.
  6. If I recall correctly, running A3EAI and FUMs on the same HC could cause trouble. And/or there may even be an order in which they need to be started to run better. Don't take my word for it, check the threads of both. The issue could have been resolved. I've not kept up.
  7. Yeah, I mis-spoke. I meant the AiA Terrain Pack. What people download from the A3 Launcher and what people download from here and the BIS/Armaholic Forums are different. (or at least they used to be). The A3 Launcher included two files not included in the 'official' (for lack of a better word)files. Instant kick and instant "WTF?" from player trying to join. And having the A3 Launcher tell you your files are corrupt and then adding those files fucks over those servers using the AiA TP downloaded from here and/or BIS/Armaholic.
  8. Unless of course the A3 Launcher uses different files than your server. Chernarus is a case in point...Still don't have any answer for that.
  9. You can still use TADST, you just have to check the "Launch as is" box. TADST overwrites the config and does not correctly add a few lines concerning the HC. I thought that was covered elsewhere in this post. Perhaps its in another one. Thus my always asking if someone is using TADST. Its written about often in the BIS forums. For the ease of switching and starting up Chernarus and Altis servers during testing, I still use TADST for my home Dev servers. But I just don't see using it on a dedicated server. Too many other options available. And iirc, its not recommended to run FUMS and A3EAI on the same HC. Also, iirc, one should be started before the other. (Though, I could be way off base on both comments, as I've not kept up with the latest developments on either of items.)
  10. I have to concur. For example, the A3Launcher's AiATP does not work for many. Seems some servers running the version found on armaholic/BIS don't have two files found in the A3Launcher's version and players get kicked. Its confusing and frustrating for those players (and server owners who have to add those files in order for person's using that particular launcher can join their servers). Perhaps this is the case with that mod as well. Perhaps you should ask over at CCG or through the A3Launcher help page. While I appreciate (even though I don't use one other than the default launcher) what the various launcher's try to do (ie make things easy for the less pc game inclined), I wish there was a way to come up with at standard repository that all pulled from (players and servers). The way Steam's Workshop is set up, I don't see that as the venue either.
  11. For clarification, when you say "Arma 3 Launcher" are you referring to the stock launcher that comes with Arma III ? or are you referring to the A3Launcher by Maca? The reason I ask is that I was not aware that one could download mods from the stock launcher. (That doesn't mean it can't be done, it just means I'm a little slow :wacko: )
  12. I've said this before, but I think part of the problem today is the server admin. Too many give second chances or slaps on the wrist (24 hour bans, etc.) Ban them and be done with them. Permanently. Ask yourself, is this someone you want to be playing with or associated with? Do you want your server known as one that has admins you can walk all over?
  13. Floyd

    time change

    One thing that comes into play is the time of year. I wanted a few minutes of pre-dawn, a full day, and about one-half hour of sunset. I also didn't want a ridiculous time multiplier. This is with a 4 hour restart. I came up with the following that gives a few minutes of pre-dawn, the often beautiful sunrise, a full day, the sunset, and a few minutes of darkness (moon and rain can/will affect whether or not its total or partial darkness). // Time based StaticDateTime[] = {2035,12,24,6,0}; // {0,0,0,8,0} would forces the server to start at 8am each time it is started while allowing the year, month and day to stay real time. Any values left at 0 will result in no change. timeDifference = 0; // Server uses real time this will allow you to offset just the hour. timeMultiplier = 2.7; // Sets a time multiplier for in-game time. The command range is now capped at 0.1 - 120 to avoid performance problems.
  14. In my defense, you said: No where do you say you put it in the @epochhive/addons folder.... Step one in troubleshooting any issue is to start at step one and make sure everyone is on the same page.
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