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log in time out


hey guys anyone having issues when the server gets over 40 people other people cant log in they just sit at the count and after 100 seconds it kicks them back to lobby,if you do manage to get in and you die you will not get back in till the following restart.

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    • By Kovicson
      Hi guys!
      So today I have noticed the server running at little weird and slow, wondering if someones had this before
      When a player dies, and respawns its all good, When they pick a gender the screen after that to pick custom gear takes around 15-20 seconds to load. Haven't had this before hand only started recently. I did add some Variables to the init.sqf but surely that wont slow it down.. will it?
      Picture below to show...
      After dying.. Picking Gender...

      Waiting to load for around 15-20 Seconds

      Finally loaded...

      Any ideas??
    • By Birgitte
      Is there a script to slow the zombies for like the setting in 1.0.6?
    • By i3lackoutHD
      I installed a headless client on my server. Ai is spawning but lagging hard.
      It takes lots of minutes that the ai see any player...
      Some Server Infos:
         Processor: i7-3770
         RAM: 16 GB
         Graphic-Card: None
      Sorry for my english but i hope that anyone could help me.
    • By lwbuk
      Ill be as brief as possible. I took out a 30 slot epoch server with a host in December and its grown pretty quick.
      It got to a point where the server was getting full every night with more people trying to join, so I raised the slot limit through the host to 40, and thats where it all started going wrong.
      Lags, random crashes, several times during each restart, data not saving, things spawning where they were days before etc. Most of all though, the server fps is horrific.  Earlier after a restart with just me online, it was 15fps. With 10 people it dropped to 10fps, with 30, 5 fps, above that it hits 2fps sometimes.
      The database has about 5k objects, Ive got WAI and DZMS, plus DZGM, adnavced trading, coins, self blood, logistics, build bike and a few others. Restarts are every 2 hrs. Also have infistar.
      Before the upgrade to 40 slots, I had very few issues, now its bad.
      My last restart, about 25 people joined straight in and server fps hit 4 straight away.
      My host blames me entirely and refuses to accept thier may be a problem elsewhere, although they did admit they have another high pop server on my box. They told me to remove all scripts and try running it, but most of the scripts they provide anyway, so they shouldnt be selling a server that cant run them. At one point they said my ISP was to blame. They think Im a fool, as Im pretty ceertain my isp doesnt run thier servers!
      I put the exact same files and database on my test server with a different host and with just me online server fps was 45 straight off and stayed above 30 for a good while.
      Im looking at getting a dedi box, but in the meantime, apart from removing every single script that makes the game fun, is there anything I can do to help raise it a bit.  Ive lowered the ai, lowered the zombies, remove the crash spawn events, deleted a load of the database, played with the basic.cfg. Im at a loss really. When it hits 5fps, WAI stops spawning and players moan there are no missions.
      Im almost certain the host has oversubcribed the box, but I cant really proove it and they wont ever admit it, the did offer to move me to a new ip on a different box though.
      Any help wuld be most appreciated! If you want any files like rpt or whatever, then let me know, although I turned logs off at the request of the host to try again some more fps,so it doesnt record much, just inifistar stuff mainly.
    • By Joshyy
      The trading times for my server when it has around 40-60 people online after about 30 mins into a restart becomes very slow.
      It takes around 5 minutes just to purchase a vehicle and unlock it.
      Anyone know a solution to fixing this?
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