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Found 9 results

  1. Hey. Update 1.0.6 is very low FPS. graphics settings do not help. FPS blocked about 15-25. + not included steam overlay windows 7 home base sp1 amd FX(tm)-8120 Eight-core processor 3.10 GHz (8cores) 8gb nvidia GTX 1050 palit old version 60+ fps (40+ city) plz, help!
  2. ZBot ( An experimental project. ) -> For any BattlEye rcon game supported! Current version: 1.0.1 A Discord bot that can roam your Discord server and function as an RCON client for your BattlEye game servers. Screenshots at the bottom. What can it do? Print all chats in different discord text channels in their respective colours ( Side, Vehicle, Global, ... ). (Tip: Print sidechat in a channel that everyone can read !) Execute RCON & Server commands to your arma server in the assigned Command channel. Protect these commands with an appropriate Discord Role. Reply to user commands when they type ingame. These replies can be printed ingame and in discord. ( eg: !admin -> Admins can be found on discord -> @Admin some asked for an admin ingame. ) Webpanel to configure your rcon-game servers. List players, admins & bans trough rcon commands. ( All BattleEye commands supported ). UPCOMING in next version: Schedule text commands for ingame/discord through the web panel. How to add it to my server? https://bot.devzupa.be/ Follow the flow of the site. It should be straightforward. Always remember to save a page if needed before navigating to another page! Add the bot before or after you filled in all the info. ( The button on top ). Always be sure the chosen roles and channel exist in your discord server! ( channel names are without the # ) Whenever you make changes in the config panel you need to reload the config of your server onto the bot. This can be easily done by just typing in a channel: !zbot reload This commands also refreshes your rcon instance if it would have stopped for some reason. All rcon commands can be viewed in the assigned 'command' discord channel. List these commands by typing !rcon All commands are prefixed with that aswell. 1 example for a global message by the bot: !rcon say all Welcome you our server! All rcon commands: # ZBot BattlEye RCON commands **All commands are prefixed with !rcon** ## Commands players List all players admins List all admins bans List all bans load scripts Reloads al BE scripts load events Reloads al BE events say all [text] Sends text to all users say [playerId] [text] Sends text to specific user id MaxPing [ping] Sets the maxping of the serve. kick [playerId] [reason] Kicks player (eg: kick 32 Language pls.) ban [playerId] [minutes] Bans online player (eg: ban 11 0 Duping) 0 = forever [reason] addBan [GUID|IP] Bans on/off player (eg: addBan 0 Duping) [minutes] [reason] removeBan [banId] Remove bans (eg: ban 11 ) version Display the BattlEye version update Check for a newer BattlEye version loadBans Reload Bans from bans.txt writeBans Rewrite Bans to bans.txt disconnect Disconnects the rcon exit Exits the whole rcon client ## Server Commands **All commands are prefixed with !rcon** #shutdown Shutdown the GAME server #lock Locks the GAME server #unlock Unlocks the GAME server #missions Stops current missions and goes to mission list #reassign Moves all players back into the lobby #userlist Displays the list of users on the server #kick [serverPlayerId] Kicks an online player #exec ban Bans an online player [serverPlayerId] Please provide as much feedback as possible ! 1 mistake by myself can crash the whole bot. So if there are still use cases where it fails we can finetune it! You can join our discord server to discuss or report bugs ( or the topics ). https://discord.gg/WYbeSKR Technical info about the bot. Hosted in france on a good server. Coded in NodeJS ( Ecmascript 6 ). Modular build The bot will be hosted by myself until we encounter any problems we can't solve that way. If i ever stop hosting the bot i will release the sourcecode. I might also release the sourcecode earlier. ( If i know you, you can ask me for access to the code). Credits - Testers MGT -> DB Edge of Sanity -> Tobias Solem Screenshots
  3. I installed a headless client on my server. Ai is spawning but lagging hard. It takes lots of minutes that the ai see any player... Some Server Infos: Processor: i7-3770 RAM: 16 GB Graphic-Card: None Sorry for my english but i hope that anyone could help me.
  4. hi guys i just got a weird problem everytime i connect a server i get a blank land and i cant quit the server, have to Alt+F4 to get out :/ and i get no error codes . any ideas ??
  5. I've downloaded the latest patch and when i click on install it starting cancelling torrent worker, but it never stops doing it and im not too sure what to do i've re-installed it multiple times. If anyone can help it owuld be great
  6. 1. EpochMod.com [|1.30] NRDE01 Nitrado.net 2. Arma 3 RC and Epoch 3. Playing on the server and it always spams my computed GUID in the chat. 4. I think it is repeatable, but I don't know.
  7. Hey guys, i installed this here: and now i get theese errors in my client rpt, "Error Nicht definierte Variable in Ausdruck = Error not defined variable in expression" } else { dayz_addsirens removeAction s_player_sir> Error position: <dayz_addsirens removeAction s_player_sir> Error Nicht definierte Variable in Ausdruck: dayz_addsirens File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Chernarus\custom\fn_selfActions.sqf, line 35 Error in expression <sirens,2,false,true,"",""]; }; } else { dayz_addsirens removeAction s_player_sir> Error position: <dayz_addsirens removeAction s_player_sir> Error Nicht definierte Variable in Ausdruck: dayz_addsirens File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Chernarus\custom\fn_selfActions.sqf, line 35 Error in expression <sirens,2,false,true,"",""]; }; here is my fn_selfaction.sqf -> http://pastebin.com/EiR2qcjs script start at line 35 and finished at 51 any help would be nice :)
  8. So when I join this particular DayZ Epoch Taviana server, my client joins the lobby and upon pressing OK, my client loads the white bar under DayZ Logo until it finally gives my a small error about a config file (which I think it would normally pass) and then crashes. After 2-3 seconds a message box pops up and says "Include file z\addons\dayz_code\system\REsec.sqf not found." This is an ArmA 2 OA window and that's about all I know. Most research led me to believe it may be server-side and on the client receiving a response from the server with the code. Also attached is a snip of the window that pops up. Also forgot to add that I'm using DayZ Epoch and server is running 1.0.4 as I couldn't manually download 1.0.4 without using DayZ Commander (which doesn't seem to want to download any mods for some reason). Any help is much appreciated, Bazerama
  9. Hi! I am new to DayZ Epoch, and when I try to run the game I get this error message: Addon 'ASC_EU_Lights' requires addon 'CAData' I'm launching with this parameter: [email protected];@DayZ_Epoch Thanks to everyone who is able to help me!
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