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Found 5 results

  1. I installed a headless client on my server. Ai is spawning but lagging hard. It takes lots of minutes that the ai see any player... Some Server Infos: Processor: i7-3770 RAM: 16 GB Graphic-Card: None Sorry for my english but i hope that anyone could help me.
  2. Hi! Since the last Arma3 Update to 1.52 we've got massive lags on our server. These seems to be no normal lags which are displaying a yellow or red chain. It feels like the server freezes (sometimes up to 15 minutes) and than its running normal again without a restart. In that time players can still play but they are in a frozen world. When the freeze is over all things that the player where doing happen on the server imidietly. We have BE deactivadet so no player is getting a kick. We first thought the reason is one of the AI scripts whe have running but we disabled them and these lags still happen. Server CPU use is up to 30% and memory up to 5%. Server FPS are around 40-50 and yet we have these lags. We have already received even another server from our provider at another location, but the problem appears repeatedly. Apart from the AI scripts we have only running the Earplug script, igiload, a "welcome" and a Briefing script. I can not imagine that the problem lies in these scripts, because we have this running for some time and never had problems with them. Can anyone help us with this problem?
  3. Hey guys we have lags/desync on us Server . The rpt says the error is on ! Right now are 6 Players on it and the Server have 10 fps We have no dedicated Server ! The database have 9700 objects here is the Basic cfg and the rpt log http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/60602901/file.html MinBandwidth=81920000; MaxBandwidth=163840000; MaxMsgSend=92; MaxSizeGuaranteed=128; MaxSizeNonguaranteed=64; MinErrorToSendNear=0.05; MinErrorToSend=0.004; MaxCustomFileSize=0; Windowed=0; adapter=-1; 3D_Performance=1; Resolution_W=800; Resolution_H=600; Resolution_Bpp=32;
  4. Joint

    JSRS 1.5 lags

    Hi, i installed the JSRS on my server it works fine but... if i join with the launch parameter "[email protected]_CO;@JSRS;" then i have lags... if i drink a coke it happens 1 min later... I started without CBA and there is no lags but i can only hear sounds that are near is there a way to fix this??
  5. Need any information about raising FPS server, and the reasons why the FPS can drop. The majority of players on my server FPS jumps from 15 to 60. The forum can not be searched by keyword "FPS" to collect this information here. Thanks!
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