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    Hooty reacted to juandayz in Capture Points   
    @Expherion  here you got one that i wrote with @iben  for my deathmatch mod.
    Thers no crate spawns at the end.. but you can add one very easy.  (Players wins money every 60 seconds for hold the position)
    mission.sqm  (use this file to set a pos and ratio where this area is located)
    heres another variant that i wrote for nuclear wars.. wheres the script spawns waves of 3 enemy ai.
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    Hooty reacted to salival in [Release] Virtual Garage [Updated for 1.0.7]   
    I'm not sure what's going on there, that error looks broken, can you send me your client RPT?
    Line 8 in player_storeVehicle.sqf is a findDisplay line.. that stuff is like down line 67
    What are you doing when you get that error?
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    Hooty reacted to salival in [Release] Virtual Garage [Updated for 1.0.7]   
    If I had to guess, the UID of that vehicle is broken, So what are you doing to get that error? Selecting a vehicle to store?
    What sort of vehicle?
    infistar spawned? trader spawned? Just that one vehicle? All vehicles? 
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    Hooty reacted to salival in [Release] Virtual Garage [Updated for 1.0.7]   
    Did you just copy it over the old files?
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    Hooty reacted to salival in [Release] Virtual Garage [Updated for 1.0.7]   
    Looking at it now, I'm guessing you copied the diff fix from github:
    @@ -68,6 +68,7 @@ _vehicleUID = _vehicle getVariable ["ObjectUID","0"]; _weaponsCount = ((getWeaponCargo _vehicle) select 1) call _gearCount; _magazineCount = ((getMagazineCargo _vehicle) select 1) call _gearCount; _backPackCount = ((getBackpackCargo _vehicle) select 1) call _gearCount; +_cargoAmount = (_weaponsCount + _magazineCount + _backPackCount); Instead of the actual file
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    Hooty reacted to jjsnacks77 in Dichina Compound   
    Heya! I was admin on a server recently and it got shut down. I liked the way that the Dichina compound looked so I decided to remake it. I searched for Dichina Compounds but could not find the one I was looking for.
    It's one of my first map edits I've made (except for 2 other compounds on my server). So if you like the look of it, feel free to use it. 
    I have already done the changes so all the loot will spawn (including in the crashed c130) and it has a fuel station that works! (if your server has a re-arm script)
    Compound has 9 barracks, 1 construction site, 1 shop, 1 fire station, 1 hospital, 2 tents (1 not shown), 1 c130 with loot and 4 castle towers.
    1. Make a new folder in your dayz_server.pbo and call it buildings. 
    2.Make a new file in buildings folder and call it dichina.sqf and copy this code into it (or download this file HERE)
    3.Navigate to dayz_server/init/server_functions.sqf and add this code at the bottom of your file.
    If you already have a custom buildings folder elsewhere, just change the directory to match yours.
    4.Repack your PBO and upload to your server.
    Optional Marker
    If you would like to add a map marker to your server follow below.
    1. Go to mpmissions and open up your mission.sqm 
    2.Find where it says class Markers and add another marker. I already have my marker in here.
    3.Edit the marker details to your preference. The text will be the one shown in game. You can find a list of markers here. For the colours, I could not find a post for it but you can use. Black, Green, Red, Blue, Orange, Pink... (you can use the coordinates that I have posted if you wish, they are centered on a helipad at this compound)
    4.Go to the top of class Markers and find where it says items=xx; You will need to add 1 number to this or else you will not load in.
    5.Upload mission.sqm to your server and give it a shot!
    I hope I didn't make any mistakes on this post as I haven't posted my own content on here.
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    Hooty reacted to Petite in NEW Roads/Towns/Villages North of Chernarus   
    My husband and I made new roads and towns/villages for Chernarus. After lots of request of my husband to share it, so other servers can use it I finally decided to do it.
    My husband built about 15 Km of new roads North of the map with little village. I built 2 big towns, one called Skalkatown and Pesha. 
    There is some pictures of it http://imgur.com/a/2ToKo
    Download the files here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fl7oqiz2aputyah/AACC1Ct3sKHOsEm15f5RwMI5a?dl=0
    1- Put the Map folder in your dayz_server
    2- Open your server_functions.sqf and add this to the bottom of the file;
    And you're good to go.
    I hope you will enjoy it. We spent hundreds hours on that project. Make it perfect and natural like if its part of the map was not an easy thing. 
    I have other creations that I will soon add.
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    Hooty reacted to Relentless in Capture Points   
    And next time, please ask here as these sections are made for releases and not for questions.
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    Hooty reacted to salival in [Release] Virtual Garage [Updated for 1.0.7]   
    Virtual Garage is part of Epoch now.
    Hi guys,
    Here's my version of Virtual Garage, it's not far off a full rewrite but includes some of the original code that the original author contributed.
    Fixes a lot of problems and adds a lot of newer features:
    Single UI for storing/retrieving vehicles Dynamic pricing based on vehicle type/classname Dynamic limits based on vehicle type/classname Adds support for removing a helipad nearby Able to see storage in stored vehicles RPT logging for storing/retrieving vehicles Fixes dupes for more than 2 people depositing the same vehicle Supports briefcases and coins Localization support (currently german and russian) Please see my github repo for install instructions:
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    Hooty got a reaction from iben in [RE-RELEASE, v1.5.1] Paint Vehicles script using single currency (updated to   
    Just installed working great for me.  After pulling vehicles out of garage it takes like 5 seconds for the paint to come back, no biggie. Great Work easy install instructions, thanks for showing all the paint code for easy merging.
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    Hooty reacted to salival in Virtual garage stop OP vehicles + Limit amount of vehicles   
    Battlefield 4
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    Hooty reacted to S4M in Dayz Epoch Stary sobor Custom trader   
    @JakeQue Follow the same steps...
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    Hooty reacted to salival in IMPORTANT: Players invisible and no gear   
    And still no one has mentioned their server fps or provided rpts.
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    Hooty reacted to juandayz in Damage Map addons.   
    Small script for damage default cities.
    Do not use largest values on ratio... may causes lows fps.
    and at bottom of init add:
    execVM "scripts\damage_cities.sqf"; Done!
    You also can add other things to damage.. for example
    _target = [4185.0303,4157.5503,0]; _damage_ratio=150; _server_x= _target nearObjects [["vehicles","Man"], _damage_ratio]; {_x setdammage 1} forEach _server_x; i dont know was usefull for me to simulate a nuclear dessease
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    Hooty reacted to BigEgg in Execute Code When X Players Are Online   
    I would recommend using this method, but also making sure to add a uiSleep, as a continuous loop will cause some lag. You also cannot define the count of playable units before the waitUntil, as it sets the variable to a number, therefore the value will never be true as the amount will always show as the number of players that were on when the variable was set.
    The correct way would be:
    private "_neededAmount"; _neededAmount = 10; waitUntil {uiSleep 5; count playableUnits > _neededAmount};  
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    Hooty reacted to juandayz in Execute Code When X Players Are Online   
    very nice! mate! 
    you can reduce all this line with this: (do not take it as a correction, just another way to do it )
    _player_amount = count playableunits; _amount_value = 10;//player amount waitUntil{_player_amount >=_amount_value}; //execute the code  
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    Hooty reacted to FuelLF in Execute Code When X Players Are Online   
    I'm sure this will be useful to some people. The script will execute any code or file you want it to when a certain amount of players online have been reached.
    Install Instructions:
    Server Install: (Not Tested)
    Clientside Install: (Recommended)
    Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?3l0my14qtk1e9ye
    By Default this script will not do anything.
    Go into FuelLF folder and units.sqf
    There are further instructions inside the file.
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    Hooty got a reaction from JakeQue in WAI custom mission UI notification   
    I had forgotten about those as well. Gonna see if they will work for my arena, people will notice them for sure.
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    Hooty got a reaction from DieTanx in communal Bans.txt   
    Everyone should look into battle metrics.com its alot better than dart or epm rcon tool.
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    Hooty reacted to juandayz in admin building tool!!!!   
    i wrote it to let players build houses..but a quick change to do that you want:
    you need a custom keyboard.sqf  and you need put a key to call the sqf from below. ( assume you know how to do it)
    example with "9" key.
    if (_dikCode == 0x0A) then {[]execVM "yourpath\admbuildmenu.sqf";}; //#9 key admbuildmenu.sqf  (you can add more buildables if u want)
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    Hooty got a reaction from juandayz in admin building tool!!!!   
    Infistar users need to add 
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    Hooty reacted to syco in SERVER HACKED PLEASE HELP   
    Shawn why are you here? You are one of the people hacking these servers when you tried to take all of "FEAR GAMING SERVERS PAYPAL MONEY" about 1 week ago. Go ahead and act like you are not part of it. Was that $100 worth it shawn?
    The best part is back last year when your server "RED Overpoch" was getting smashed in you come to me for help. I provided info on how to stop it and you was too dumb to even apply the filter with a tutorial on how to do it. Yet i'm the one who can't stop shit? Yes, Dami has showed me a lot. Many ways to stop hackers. You have to get help from someone that know what they are doing. After awhile you learn how to do it yourself.
    I might spend 2 minutes making this post then off to hang out with friends and do real stuff. I don't have time to spend on this game anymore. Sorry to those that need help with this kind of stuff.
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    Hooty reacted to Wicked in SERVER HACKED PLEASE HELP   
    You get BattlEye to fix it. You can do nothing about it no matter what you.
    "There's nothing you can do about it, the only thing you can do to stop them s**tting on your server is to shut the f**king thing off." - TallahassZ
    After all, BattlEye is the Anti-Cheat Gold Standard.
    I'm serious by the way, you literally can't do anything but be on the ball to manually stop it.
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    Hooty reacted to theduke in Just putting this here   
    hooty cant see his post for some reason must of gotten deleted... but people like that need to fall off the face of the earth.. If the game is shit, why TF do you even bother wasting your time, to waste others time. You're nothing but a bully, who shoulda ran down your moms legs, or even better yet, you belong in her a**hole. Fkin pathetic excuse for a human being... go jump off a bridge or something and save us the oxygen for people with morals. You're right, i dont have the knowledge to fully protect myself from kids (yes, i know its probably adults in age, but definately children maturity with that mindset)  I sure hope none of these hackers, including you syco have reproduced... I sure hope you know what condoms are because we dont need more assholes like you and them in the world.  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have some of these behind the screen mama crying bullies to pull off something like this in my face... Id hit you so damn hard your head would go back in time to find that condom your dad refused to use! so in the meantime... im going to get ready for one hell of a shit show. Hacking servers is childish... lets see what we can really hack into ;)
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    Hooty reacted to juandayz in Just putting this here   
    a lot of guys from here are being haked...
    The worst thing is that they do not have the mind to write a hack, they are only paying to hake a game of 8 years old.
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