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  1. If you're still needing help with your server just HMU!
  2. Just simplifying what you said mate ;)
  3. This script was intended to do two things: 1. Either run once (Whenever you Execute it, Like in a certain function) 2. or When something happens on the server Exec this script. You could do a loop but for example if you had it Hint to all players you would be spammed with the message every time the script loops. (Unless you add a bool)
  4. I'm sure this will be useful to some people. The script will execute any code or file you want it to when a certain amount of players online have been reached. Install Instructions: Server Install: (Not Tested) Clientside Install: (Recommended) Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?3l0my14qtk1e9ye By Default this script will not do anything. Go into FuelLF folder and units.sqf There are further instructions inside the file.
  5. Oh alright i see. So the if conditions for donators/admins overwrite the default loadouts. I thought that you'd have to define the default loadout after calling the custom ones. This makes more sense now.
  6. That's what i've been confused about. Do you know what the name for the "menu" is that i should whitelist in my ahcfg?
  7. What about players who's UID's aren't defined in an Array, Would i make another if statement like (this isn't right syntax i know but just for ease ) if ((!getPlayerUID player) in array1 && array2) then { }; ?
  8. Alright man can i put this code in the OP?, I'll add your name ect.
  9. Also if you look here in the logs: 6:36:04 "["PVAHR_0_p1q576m2J6P8C2Q743W",["David Curtis","76561198167423553","BAN",[65,99,116,105,118,101,32,77,101,110,117,32,67,84,82,76,52]]]" 6:36:04 "infiSTAR.de Log: David Curtis (76561198167423553) | Active Menu CTRL4" This is definetely an infistar error and not anything to do with my init.sqf ect
  10. I have already disabled the Antihack and Rsec in init.sqf.
  11. This is a basic script so please don't judge :) Add this to your init.sqf Where default loadout would usually be, Or create a new sqf file in mission instance directory and call via init.sqf using execVM. I don't know if "else if" is the correct syntax but i'm sure you guys can figure it out if i'm wrong. NEW: OLD:
  12. My server is running epoch & Overwatch 0.25, I have the following mods installed/enabled: Snap And Vector Building (Believe this is included in epoch Custom Overwatch & Epoch Loot Tables Custom Overwatch & Epoch Traders DZMS Missions System Deploy Bike From ToolBox Spawn Selection Local Server Messages Custom Regular & Donator Loadouts Infistar Antihack Group Management Enabled (<-- This is what i'm having issues with) When i or other players press f5, The menu for group management comes up with all the stuff like invite ect. I get entries in the hackerlog for "Active Menu CTRL4" then the player is banned moments later, NOTE: This is happening for SuperAdmins aswell. I have tried disabled Checking CMDmenus ect but this error still occurs? arma2oaserver.rpt: (Didn't include all 10kish lines as i thought that might annoy some players)
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