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Daylight Becomes Night Too Fast!

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Hey Guys, 

I'm running an Arma 2 Dayz Overwatch server with GTX, problem I'm having is that the server gets dark really quick. I'm wanting to have bright sunny days but it's always very overcast and within one hour of restarting it's already getting towards dusk. 

I have Infistar installed and I have checked my Hive.ext.ini and can't seem to locate why there would be a problem. My server restarts every 3 hours 3 6 9 12 etc. GMT/UTC. 

Can anyone be so kind as to tell me what I must do please?





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since u didnt exaclty say what your settings in hiveext.ini are, check

;Possible values: Local, Custom, Static
;You cannot use Static on OFFICIAL Hive, it will just revert to Local
Type = Static
;If using Custom type, offset from UTC in hours (can be negative as well)
;Offset = -8
;If using Static type (Hour value always the same on every server start), the value (0-24) to set the Hour to
Hour = 13


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