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Found 9 results

  1. Hello The DayZ Epoch sky is very bland. Playing regular Arma 2, I noticed that the sky had a natural constellation which could be used for navigation. Is it possible to re-texture the sky so that we have the default Arma sky without using extensions? Thank you.
  2. Hey Guys, I'm running an Arma 2 Dayz Overwatch server with GTX, problem I'm having is that the server gets dark really quick. I'm wanting to have bright sunny days but it's always very overcast and within one hour of restarting it's already getting towards dusk. I have Infistar installed and I have checked my Hive.ext.ini and can't seem to locate why there would be a problem. My server restarts every 3 hours 3 6 9 12 etc. GMT/UTC. Can anyone be so kind as to tell me what I must do please? Thanks.
  3. i just started up a server for friends but the server seems to be locked on day and as much as i've looked i cant find the string that lets me enable day/night cycling. if anyone wouldn't mind sharing the location of this that would be awesome.
  4. Hello All somebody knows how i set night in arma 3 epoch?
  5. So I am wondering how I would set up a day/night cycle. Example: Most of the day irl (21hours) is day and (3 hours) is night. I believe I need to mess around with the hivext.ini and download and install BEC, but there is not clear guide or any confirmed method to make this work. Much thanks -Aurora Edit 1: I want it to be 11:30pm-2:30am (1/8 restarts) to be night time.
  6. I did a search and couldn't find any info on this topic. I play on BMRF, so I'm not sure how it works on other servers, but the Day/Night cycle seems to be on a 24-hour cycle and in the Eastern Time zone. I don't mind it too much, especially when I have NVG and energy, but by the time I get home from work each night the server is dark and is dark all night and I'm guessing it stays night until sunrise on the east coast. Is this how it is on other servers or do some have a shorter night cycle?
  7. For me DayZ is best played at night; that is within the game. Although I do too play at night, mostly. It is apparently preferable to play daytime hours, the reasons are obvious and many. But with fog, ambient lighting and storm lightening it just looks imposingly dark and desperate. With zombies silhouetted against the foreboding backdrop and rations running low I feel the most alive trying to keep me so. I guess for some of us it's just damned awkward to navigate the dark therefore there's much more opportunity during the daytime. But there is value in the dark; infiltrating Devils' Castle becomes much more interesting, darkness provides cover where the was none before. Observing tracers from the Huey captivates me every time. And causing explosions gratifies me with billowing glowing smoke. In bad weather there's so little light that it becomes hazardous to move at any meaningful velocity, hindering driving and confusing awareness. There's no better time, however than when the sun begins to rise, usually my cue to sleep; to head home and lock the doors. Yes, another night alive, and a little richer...
  8. Hello I wrote this little script for my server which has some colorcorrection effects which are nice during the day, but at night not so much. during the day it will look like this : during the night : how it should look at night : so I wrote this script : graphics.sqf // ventzer0 (c) 2013, leave the credit in! // _sunrise & _sunset determine start and end of the effect based on time private ["_sunrise", "_sunset","_loop"]; "filmGrain" ppEffectEnable true; _hndl = ppEffectCreate ["colorCorrections", 1501]; _hndl ppEffectEnable true; _daytime = daytime; //time at which nighttime effect should kick in _sunset = 18.5; //time at which daytime effect should kick in _sunrise = 7.0; _loop = 0; sleep 1; while { _loop != 6} do { //night while { ( _daytime > _sunset ) and ( _daytime > _sunrise ) } do { _hndl ppEffectAdjust[1,1,0,[0,0.04,0,-0.01],[0,0,0,1.58],[-0.11,-0.11,-0.11,0]]; _hndl ppEffectCommit 0; "filmGrain" ppEffectAdjust [0.01, 1, 1, 0.1, 1, true]; "filmGrain" ppEffectCommit 0; sleep 1200; //check all x seconds }; sleep 1; while { ( _daytime < _sunset ) and ( _daytime < _sunrise ) } do { _hndl ppEffectAdjust[1,1,0,[0,0.04,0,-0.01],[0,0,0,1.58],[-0.11,-0.11,-0.11,0]]; _hndl ppEffectCommit 0; "filmGrain" ppEffectAdjust [0.01, 1, 1, 0.1, 1, true]; "filmGrain" ppEffectCommit 0; sleep 1200; //check all x seconds }; sleep 1; // day while { ( _daytime > _sunrise ) and ( _daytime < _sunset ) } do { _hndl ppEffectAdjust[1,1,0,[0,-0.12,0.05,0.03],[0,0,0,1.23],[-0.11,-0.11,-0.11,0]]; _hndl ppEffectCommit 0; "filmGrain" ppEffectAdjust [0.0225, 1, 1, 0.1, 1, true]; "filmGrain" ppEffectCommit 0; sleep 1200; //check all x seconds }; sleep 1; _loop = _loop + 1; }; put this code in a file called graphics.sqf and place it somewhere into your missionfile to execute the script put this: execVM "pathto\graphics.sqf"; after the if (!isdedicated) {...}; part in your init.sqf something like this: if (!isDedicated) then { [... ect ... a lot of code which is not important for this] }; execVM "pathto\graphics.sqf"; // different colorcorrection for day and night [... etc ... left out the rest because not important] I hope someone finds this useful :)
  9. Hi guys i have a dayz server and im trying to setup day/night on it :) So lets say i want it to follow my IRL time so at 8:00 PM (at the afternoon ofc) it turns to night on the server and then 8:00 AM (At the morning ofc) It turns to day again how do i do this? Is it in the HiveExt.ini file or how does that work? P.s My server restarts every 6th hour (12 am 6 am 12 pm 6 pm) and so on Please help me :)
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