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[Release] Salivals Mod Pack [Updated for 1.0.7]

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Nevermind. Got it to work. Thanks!

Hi All,

Okay, so this might seem very similar to a previous post of mine for but I'm trying to add a superhero trader to my server and it seems the 1.0.7 folder structure and code is very different. I just want a guy to stand next to the hero trader and sell military vehicles, weapons and ammo. I got the guy to appear, but I can't get the menu to appear. 


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On 1/7/2018 at 12:46 PM, lwbuk said:

Having a nightmare with this. The problem Im sure lies with the fact Im trying to add it to a GTX hosted server for someone Im helping out, and Im sure GTX screw the file system up so nothing works properly.

I started with a completly fresh install of 1062 through thier CP (probably where the issue starts  going on my past experience).

I deleted thier dayz_server.pbo and thier mission folder and replaced both with yours.

I added the EXTDB folder and ameded the database details. (I cant upload the.dll file yet as they dont allow it,you have to email it to them to upload but Im sure this wouldnt cause these issues, as Ive had that problem before and all that happened is VG wouldnt work).

I added the VG table to the database.

I changed nothing else.

Server wont work and getting a butt ton of rpt errors regarding zsc, server monitor, server_spawnCarePackages.sqf


Pulling my hair out, as this shouldnt be hard. I dont know why hosts make life so bloody difficult.

submit them a ticket and ask for DLL access and then upload via the control panel, i use GTX aswell and yes it's shite i agree. noticed you have said you need 1.0.7... 

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when i installed DZMS im getting this and cant figure out why....... 

10:57:06 Error in expression <0) exitWith {
_isOk = false;
} count DZE_SafeZonePosArray;
_playerNear =>
10:57:06   Error position: 
_playerNear =>
10:57:06   Error Undefined variable in expression: dze_safezoneposarray
10:57:06 File z\addons\dayz_server\DZMS\Scripts\DZMSFindPos.sqf, line 42
10:57:06 Error in expression <}) exitWith {
_isOk = false;
} count DZE_MissionPositions;
if (DZMSEpoch) t>
10:57:06   Error position: 
if (DZMSEpoch) t>
10:57:06   Error Undefined variable in expression: dze_missionpositions
10:57:06 File z\addons\dayz_server\DZMS\Scripts\DZMSFindPos.sqf, line 34
10:57:06 "[DZMS]: Bandit Armed Vehicles starting at [3760.53,10392.1,0]."
10:57:06 Error in expression 
DZE_ServerMarkerArray set [count DZE_Ser>
10:57:06   Error position: 
10:57:06   Error Undefined variable in expression: dze_servermarkerarray
10:57:06 File z\addons\dayz_server\DZMS\Missions\Armed_Vehicles.sqf, line 25

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hi i was hopping for some help i have got my server going verry well 

but for some reason the vehicle key changer stopped working i have tryed to reinstalling it 

but no luck any help with this would be appreciated 

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