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  1. I have installed this on a Epoch server and have applied the changes above but am still getting an error: ErrorMessage: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.chernarus\scripts\tmenu\dialog.hpp, line 114: '/tmenu/Controls/TMButton2.': '"' encountered instead of '=' The referenced line is in bold below: class TMButton2: RscButton { idc = 1601; text = "Color Change"; x = 0.6575 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.332 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.13125 * safezoneW; h = 0.042 * safezoneH; colorText[] = {1,1,1,1}; colorBackground[] = {0,0,0,0.7}; colorActive[] = {0,0,0,0.7}; onButtonClick = 'scripts\tmenu\scripts\color.sqf';"; }; I'm not seeing the problem. Anyone? Also related question: Does this even work with Can anyone recommend another script that I could use to change view distance and display rules? Thanks for any help!
  2. I am having this same issue with a newly created Epoch server: The trader takes the coins, the red arrow appears but no vehicle spawns. It happens with some vehicles but not with others. How exactly do I employ this DB fix? Do I just run the following procedure in the database once to fix it? And would changing the distance for the vehicle spawn help? Thanks for any help!
  3. @oldmatechoc I was hoping to reinstall this also for but the link to github is dead. I have the old version from my previous install on 1.0.7 but I'm not sure I installed it correctly. Do I just move the Recipes and Catalogue folders over and then add the three lines to the description.ext? Is that all there is to it? Also, which key do you use to open the display? LOL, it's been a while! Thanks!
  4. Hi there, Just wanted to report some weirdness happening with the vote day/night function in this mod. It seems that after a vote for day or night, when a player gets killed or disconnects when they relog it's different from what it was before but just for that player. So it's night for some players and day for others. I have confirmed this by using two accounts on two different PCs at one time. While it's day on one account, it's night on the other. BTW, I have my server set to -11 GMT if that makes any difference. I used to just have it set to 24/7 day but some players are wanting some nigh time play so I changed it. Any idea what the problem could be here or Is there some other config I need to change to make this work as expected? Thanks for your help! Vlad
  5. Hey All, I'm getting multiple WAI errors in my RPT on startup from the dynamic_crate.sqf. Anyone know how I can fix these? RPT Errors: dynamic_crate.sqf: Thanks for any help you can give! Vlad
  6. @oldmatechocThis is awesome work btw! Saves me answering soooooooo many questions! Thanks!
  7. Hey there, I'm trying to get a PVP Zone set up on my Epoch 1.0.7 server and have tried to make it happen using the configs recommended in this message string. So far here's what I've done: 1. In mission.sqm added this zone: 2. Also in mission.sqm added this map marker: 3. Pulled the fn_damageHandler.sqf out of the dayz_code pbo and placed it into the mission dayz_code\compile folder. 4. Added this line in my compiles.sqf to call the fn_damageHandler.sqf: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "dayz_code\compile\fn_damageHandler.sqf"; 5. In fn_damageHandler.sqf changed this: if (DZE_PVE_Mode && {_isPlayer} && {!_falling})) exitWith {}; To this: if (DZE_PVE_Mode && {_isPlayer} && {!_falling} && {!inPVPZone})) exitWith {}; That's it. That's all I could gather to do from the message string above. A couple of things: 1. When joining, I get a "cannot load mission" error but after clicking ok it goes away and let's me in. 2. Nothing happens when I enter the PVP zone, which is in the middle of Cherno. The Anti PVE is still on and you cannot damage a player. 3. The map icon shows up fine but I would like to know if there is a way to make the map icon circle as large as the PVP zone itself so that it shows the borders of the zone. Anyway, if anyone has some time to point me in the right direction on this I would very much appreciate it. Thanks! Vlad
  8. @oldmatechocThat did it! Thanks so much for your help!
  9. @oldmatechocI thought so. Thanks for confirming. I've done something wrong in the install then and I can't figure out what it is. Can you see anything wrong with my config (below)? 1. First, I put the catalogue folder folder in the mission scripts folder. 2, I extracted the keyboard.sqf file from the dayz_code pbo into the dayz_code\compile folder and added the following at the very bottom just above _handled : 3. In init.sqf I called the keyboard.sqf this way: 4. In compiles.sqf I added the following at the very end: 5. In variables.sqf I added this: 6. Since I don't have a server_traders.sqf I defined the trader array in chernarus11.sqf which is being called from the init.sqf just as keyboard.sqf is. I added this to chernarus11.sqf: 6. And this at the bottom of chernarus11.sqf: 7. Finally, in description.ext I added this at the very bottom: Do you see anything wrong with this config? I assume it's probably broken because I'm using chernarus11.sqf instead of server_traders.sqf but I don't have a server_traders.sqf and did not find one in any of my folders. Any ideas how I can make this work? Thanks for your help!
  10. Thanks for this! I installed it but I'm not sure it's working. What key do I press to make the catalogue appear or under what circumstances does it appear? Thanks!
  11. Hi @LadyVal, did you ever get this to work on your server? I'm wondering if it would work in 1.0.7. If you did get it to work, can you share the steps needed to get it working? Thanks! Vladick
  12. @JasonTM Hey Jason. After using this on my sever for the past couple of weeks I have some feedback from a couple of players who have noticed that a couple of the new missions fail to complete, including the Bandit MV-22 Air Drop and the C-130 Air Drop. I have confirmed that even when the counter says all the AI are dead the mission fails to complete. The mission map icon remains, the mines remain and the crate does not populate. This is a problem on these missions since you need the key from the crate to unlock the vehicles. Anyway, just passing along some feedback. Thanks for all of your hard work on this! Vladick
  13. Nevermind. Got it to work. Thanks! Hi All, Okay, so this might seem very similar to a previous post of mine for but I'm trying to add a superhero trader to my server and it seems the 1.0.7 folder structure and code is very different. I just want a guy to stand next to the hero trader and sell military vehicles, weapons and ammo. I got the guy to appear, but I can't get the menu to appear. Vladick
  14. Thanks for this. Although, this looks like it spawns one crate randomly between a choice of positions. I want to spawn 6 crates every restart in the same positions. Would I still use this? If so, what would that look like? Sorry, I'm not a coder. Thanks!
  15. Welp, it looks like that fixed the wai_crate_setup error but I am still getting a bunch of WAI crate errors. Any idea about the ones in the spoiler below? Should I be using this to spawn crates? [[ [_loot,"USVehicleBox",[0,0]], // [loot variable, crate classname, 2d offsets] [[0,0,[3,crate_items_crop_raider],0,0],crates_large,[0,0,0]], // [loot variable, crate array, 3d offsets] [[0,0,0,0,0],crates_large,[0,0],60] // [loot array, crate array, 2d offsets, optional direction] ],_position] call wai_spawnCrate; Rather than this? _crate = createVehicle ["USVehicleBox",[13697.3,2937.91,0.001],[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; _crate1 = createVehicle ["USVehicleBox",[13711.3,2943.25,0.001],[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; //Dichina _crate2 = createVehicle ["USVehicleBox",[3891.1,7888.03,0.00140381],[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; _crate3 = createVehicle ["USVehicleBox",[3907.08,7886.69,0.00140381],[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; //Devils Castle _crate4 = createVehicle ["USVehicleBox",[6881.97,11463.4,0.00149536],[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; //Zub Bandit Crate //_crate5 = createVehicle //["USVehicleBox",[6546.79,5609.04,0.0015564],[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; //Rog Bandit Crate (Bandit Hideout) //_crate6 = createVehicle //["USVehicleBox",[11249.2,4282.31,0.00170898],[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; //Bandit Camp Crate //_crate7 = createVehicle //["USVehicleBox",[1633.03,4322.43,0.00134277],[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; //Bandit Hilltop _crate8 = createVehicle ["USVehicleBox",[10044.3,13380,0.00178528],[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; //Bandit Oil Dump _crate9 = createVehicle ["USVehicleBox",[2816.38,12063.6,0.00137329],[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; _crate10 = createVehicle ["USVehicleBox",[2809.15,12056.1,0.00135803],[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; _crate call wai_crate_setup; _crate1 call wai_crate_setup; _crate2 call wai_crate_setup; _crate3 call wai_crate_setup; _crate4 call wai_crate_setup; //_crate5 call wai_crate_setup; //_crate6 call wai_crate_setup; //_crate7 call wai_crate_setup; _crate8 call wai_crate_setup; _crate9 call wai_crate_setup; _crate10 call wai_crate_setup; [_crate,[[2,crate_weapons_buildables],[4,crate_tools_buildable],[30,crate_items_buildables],4]] call dynamic_crate; [_crate1,[[16,ai_wep_sniper],[8,crate_tools_sniper],[4,crate_items_high_value],[]]] call dynamic_crate; [_crate2,[[2,crate_weapons_buildables],[4,crate_tools_buildable],[30,crate_items_buildables],4]] call dynamic_crate; [_crate3,[[16,ai_wep_sniper],[8,crate_tools_sniper],[4,crate_items_high_value],[]]] call dynamic_crate; [_crate4,[[16,ai_wep_sniper],[8,crate_tools_sniper],[4,crate_items_high_value],[]]] call dynamic_crate; //[_crate5,[[16,ai_wep_sniper],[8,crate_tools_sniper],[4,crate_items_high_value],[]]] call dynamic_crate; //[_crate6,[[16,ai_wep_sniper],[8,crate_tools_sniper],[4,crate_items_high_value],[]]] call dynamic_crate; //[_crate7,[[16,ai_wep_sniper],[8,crate_tools_sniper],[4,crate_items_high_value],[]]] call dynamic_crate; [_crate8,[[16,ai_wep_sniper],[8,crate_tools_sniper],[4,crate_items_high_value],[]]] call dynamic_crate; [_crate9,[[2,crate_weapons_buildables],[4,crate_tools_buildable],[30,crate_items_buildables],4]] call dynamic_crate; [_crate10,[[16,ai_wep_sniper],[8,crate_tools_sniper],[4,crate_items_high_value],[]]] call dynamic_crate; If so, what would that look like? Thanks again for your help. Vladick
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