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  1. @Mig Hey there, just wanted to give you some feedback about the update. It seems that there are a few issues with the new files. See below: 1. It seems that the event loads but then it never goes to the next level. It just seems to time out after a while. 2. Players who kill the fugitive and get close are kicked. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Hi Mig, Wondering if you have had the chance to update the script to allow players to take and sell the armored vehicle. I see the last commit on Github was Feb. 2019. It would be awesome if there could be a key to the vehicle on the fugitive. But if not, just letting them take it and claim or sell would be awesome. Also, not the biggest deal but sometimes the armored vehicle spawns hundreds of meters in the air. Don't know if that's something that's fixable or not. Thanks!
  3. Hey All, I'm having an issue where all of the vehicles in all of the player's Virtual Garages are disappearing at the same time. I don't think it has anything to do with the SQL Events (image attached) I have set up because it is not deleting them periodically based on time stamp. They were all just wiped out of the "Garage" database table all at once. No other table was affected. Anyway, my questions are whether anyone else has run into this issue and if anyone might know what the cause might be. I have some really expensive vehicles on my server and a couple of players are pretty irked by this issue. Thanks for your help! Vladick
  4. Nevermind, I figured out that I needed to add this to cfgServerTrader.sqf: #include "category\superhero\Ammunition.hpp" #include "category\superhero\MilitaryArmed.hpp" #include "category\superhero\Weapons.hpp" Thanks Anyway! Hi All, I'm trying to add a superhero trader to my server. I just want a guy to stand next to the hero trader and sell military vehicles, weapons and ammo. I got the guy to appear, I can access the menu and it shows the three categories I want, but there are no items listed in the categories for purchase. Here is what I've done... Added this to server_traders.sqf: // Super Hero Vendor menu_BAF_Soldier_SniperH_MTP = [ [["Ammunition",694],["Military Armed",695],["Weapons",696]], [], "superhero" ]; Added this to fn_selfActions.sqf: }; if ((_traderMenu select 2) == "superhero") then { _humanity_logic = (_humanity < 30000); Added this to chernarus11.sqf: ["BAF_Soldier_SniperH_MTP",[12943,12766.6,0.00161743],159.967] Edited this in Mission.sqm: class Item19 { position[]={12944,210,12766}; name="HeroTrader"; text="Hero and Super Hero Trader"; type="mil_dot"; colorName="ColorBlue"; }; Added the following to the database: In server_traders Classname = BAF_Soldier_SniperH_MTP, id = 177, instance = 11, status = superhero In trader_tids: id = 694, name = Ammunition, trader = 177 id = 695, name = Military Armed, trader = 177 id = 696, name = Weapons, trader =177 In traders_data: Added the items I want players to buy (for example), item = ["M113_UN_EP1",2], tid = 177, afile = trade_any_vehicle Created the following files (with edited info) and placed them in dayz_1.chernarus\dayz_code\configs\Category\superhero: militaryArmed.hpp (Category_695) weapons.hpp (Category_696) ammunition.hpp (Category_694) So, like I said, the guy appears and I can get the menu open but there are no items for purchase. There must be something that I am overlooking. It took quite a bit of trial and error to get where I am right now but sadly I am out of ideas. Any of you geniuses have any ideas? Thanks!
  5. Thank you Salival. I will try that when I get home from work tonight!
  6. Yep, that one is also already set to "false". Thanks for trying! Anyone else have any ideas? Thanks!
  7. Hmmm... I have already set that line to "false" and it didn't seem to affect the side chat Caps Lock punishment. Also, that setting says it freezes you for 3 seconds while the Caps Lock one says 5 seconds on the message. Any other ideas? Thanks for the reply!
  8. Hi there, This may not be the best place to post this but I am running this mod pack so I thought I would start here... Anyway, I'm wondering how to disable the 5 second freeze you get when you are in side chat and accidentally hit the Caps Lock key. Players have always hated this feature because if you hit Caps Lock while in side chat while flying you are dead and you just lost a heli. So, I looked around in the Antihack config, the BEC config, my custom compiles and the Mission init.sqf but was unable to find where to disable it. Thanks for your help!
  9. @Mig Hey there, this looks like a bit of fun. Can you clear up some details for me concerning the install instructions. I'm a bit confused... 1. Open your server.pbo and place the static folder inside of your WAI folder //This is to spawn the ai -- Easy Enough but wait, I already have a static folder inside my WAI folder that holds three files: init.sqf -- Do you want me to overwrite this file or merge it? default.sqf -- I am using this to spawn static AI and loot crates around the map. Will this interfere with your script or visa versa? Chernarus.sqf -- Don't know what this is for but it's in there. 2. Place the isis_takedown.sqf in your scripts folder. If you dont have one make one or you can change the path! -- I don't see a scripts folder in the server PBO. Is that where it belongs because I do have one in my mission PBO. Do I place the scripts folder in the root of the server PBO or place the isis_takedown.sqf in the existing folder in my mission PBO? 3. In your init.sqf file and at the very bottom add [] ExecVM "scripts\isis_takedown.sqf"; -- Is this the init.sqf in the WAI/static folder or are you calling from the init.sqf in the mission folder? I guess I am confused because there is not a scripts folder in the server PBO but there is one in the Mission PBO and I'm thinking you meant to say to place them in the mission folder. Confused? I am. Can you clear that up for me please? Thanks for your help?
  10. Hi Mig. Any updates on this yet? Thanks!
  11. Awesome! Let me know when you have made changes and I will help test it out on my server. Thanks!
  12. Hi there, I am using this script on my server and players are very interested in it. Here are a few observations that players have brought to my attention: 1. They hate that they can't take and sell the armored vehicle after they kill the gunner and the fugitive. Is this something that can be added? 2. The green dot in the middle of the mission makes it seem like that is the fugitive's location; but it's not. It's misleading because it moves with the mission circle. Can we put the dot in the middle and keep it there just so players know what it is? 3. After the fugitive gets his armored vehicle and recruits a gunner, they just sit in one place and hide and wait. Is it possible for them to be mobile within the circle? Overall, I think this is a good concept. With a little bit more work it could be great! BTW, I think you guys are geniuses for thinking this stuff up! Thanks!
  13. Thanks again for looking at it. I looked up the class names on the lists below and they look right to me. https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/tree/master/Documents/Epoch Classnames If I take out the primary weapon and ammo info then it works just fine. Have I put the class names in the wrong spots? Confused? I am.
  14. Thanks salival. I will take a look and compare.
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