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Fully Integrated Vector Building System

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Apologies for the delay in posting this as its been ready for quite some time now.
This system adds the vector building system directly to epoch code and the custom keys feature on the escape menu.

Download and instructions for install are located here:

To contribute to this system, you are free to fork and do a pull merge request.

For support request questions / comments or suggestions please visit here for faster service: https://discord.me/eXpoch


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Hey @ReDBaroN

Thank you very much for the kind comments.
If you would like to take a looksie under the hood and see what I left out or missed you are more than welcome.
As mentioned, forks for testing and then merge requests are welcome ;)


EDIT: by any chance did you do a merge or the step by step install? just curious


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After less than a day or so of back and forths with @He-Man

Credit now also goes to He-Man for his time, energy and knowledge he has given to this script. Thank bud!

[Fixed] eXpoch Object Snapping code was not finished. Fixed and in testing
[Added] Checks for Object Snapping to prevent conflicts between both Snapping Systems
[Cleaned] Removed DPBEA compatibility files and some code
[Updated] Install instructions in readme
[Added] Badges in readme for version this has been tested on

These updates and more have been pushed to Git.


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Its been a long week of work and the holiday is right around the corner here in the U.S.
However @He-Man has done some more tweaks to the system to remove a few pesky issues.

Not sure of exact date but more changes are coming to the github soon.

Thanks for the thanks guys!

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Guys this maybe a silly question but is Vectors not already built into standard epoch  ? 

I was going through the motion of installing this but i see some of it already in the files eg:

## 2. Add to "missionFile >> epoch_code >> compile >> setup >> EPOCH_clientKeyMap.sqf"

#### Line 49
#### ["Build: Rotate RIGHT", "EPOCH_keysBuildRotR", 0x10], <---(This is on line 49 - Add the Comma!)
#### ["Build: Vector LEFT", "eXpoch_keysVectorTiltL", 0xCB],
#### ["Build: Vector RIGHT", "eXpoch_keysVectorTiltR", 0xCD],
#### ["Build: Vector AWAY", "eXpoch_keysVectorTiltAwy", 0xC8],
#### ["Build: Vector TOWARD", "eXpoch_keysVectorTiltTwd", 0xD0],
#### ["Build: Reset Object", "eXpoch_keysVectorResetObject", 0x4C]

is already in the EPOCH_clientKeyMap

so my question is it in or do we need to add -- if its in how do i access vectors in game 



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