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We don't need no stinking JSRS!

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As much fun as JSRS is to use, I found this caught my attention more;



Yeah Megasound has his head screwed on, as do Laxemann & JSRS, unfortunately BI do not when it comes to sound fidelity.


Personally I'm awaiting Megasound to finalise his default soundpack replacement a little more,. maybe one day all the sound mod guys will bring thier skills together and make a mega-pack for Arma3 incorporating all the best bits from each mod - who knows - seems to be a lot of community collaboration efforts coming out now that MANW is done with...


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The weapon sounds in Arma 3 are so boring its sometimes painful to use them.

JSRS doesn't bring any realism(as he stated himself) to it, just immersion as far as I can tell.

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Wat? You don't have to buy the DLC to get the sound improvements. :P


they should do this, if you want to use marksman weapons ingame and you can, but you won't be hearing any sound at all while firing. That will make people buy this amazing DLC!

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