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  1. Herrow all. Imitation is one thing, outright stealing another. :S
  2. There are basically two types of servers, virtual and dedicated. The ARMA-binaries don't play very well with virtual machines, ARMA-servers want access to the full hardware or it will be limited, not just processing power-wise, but BECAUSE of the software limiting the hardware access. If you are serious about hosting an ARMA-based server, I strongly recommend that you move to a dedicated machine. And if you're in Europe, there's essentially only one that's worth the effort, and that's OVH and its subsidiaries.
  3. Interesting, so in a quote where I was addressing jaspoe, you were thinking that my reply was to you, because... ?
  4. Are you actually *trying* to continue making an ass out of yourself? First of all, I'm not "raking" over you, I'm confronting you and others like you, because what you do is drive people like Face away. I've confronted other people as well who were bitching at Face, someone who, clearly deserves NO SHIT WHATSOEVER. This isn't singling you out, as I wrote "You and others like you". But you make the assumption that I don't know Face's position, I do know, because he told me. And yes I'm blaming you and others who behaved like you did, yours and others contributed to Face's leaving. But even furthermore I'm blaming the attitude you and others like you have. Apologizing is great, owning your mistake is even better.
  5. That is odd, if it had been deleted in the database it shouldn't be lost until after the next restart. So it has to be done either by the antihack or by the mod itself somehow. My speculation is that it is related to the physics simulation somehow.
  6. Dude, the damage you and others like you did is already done. This temper tantrum alone is telling enough. You came off as an entitled asshole and Face reacted. Anything you do after that in terms of damage control is all to try and save face. And Face already discontinued his community support indefinitely. Here's the thing though, the guy barely had much time to spare on this project to begin with. Giving mod support was actually something he did in spite of feeling that his instructions in the OP should be enough. He's wasted a lot of time and energy that he really does not have to spare needlessly, and to what end? People who are negative, for whatever reason always make a bigger impact than those who are positive. Probably it is because it is so unfathomable that you can get ANY criticism at all when you give away something for free.
  7. I've been involved with running a small ARMA-based community since the launch of Epoch for ARMA3 and we have gone from having two full servers all the time (in our first few weeks) to having one full server for a few months, and then a half server for the better part of half a year, and then having to try running different servers (ARK, Rust, etc.) to have any activity at all. Running a community is a lot of work, it requires you to not only both keep one or several servers up to date, but also invest a lot of time to keep the community website active AND interacting with the players. Now, we set out to be pretty small, our intent was to have maybe one populated server, but with the popularity of the mod, supply overcame demand times a thousand... AND on top of that we (I) made a couple of mistakes that pissed off a part of our player base. I know there are others like us out there, so what I would want is to try and have a discussion about how you/we can rebuild, because we are an essential part of a mod like Epoch, our hard work not only gets attention for our respective communities, it also helps create exposure for the mod, which brings attention from more script writers and so on and so on. So what I'm trying to do with this post is to seek advice from other server-hosts, players, community members, modders, etc. asking for contributions and ideas on how we can get the communities alive again. Thank you for your time.
  8. Do you want as many people as possible? Make it as easy as possible. Give them starting gear and money and everything. Hell offer them prizes and make a website that puts up really cool stats of the players, and they will flock to you. Make your website green or red, and definitely make a money shop. Give yourself an acronym like OBD or FYI, etc. -
  9. What about reading about the development in the "Announcement"-part of the forum?
  10. Armor levels are being reduced back to standard ARMA-levels in
  11. This maybe out of the box thinking, but why not read page one of the thread you're posting in?
  12. Coulda/woulda/shoulda...
  13. 0.72 stil crashes, fyi.
  14. What is your IGN: Tobias Solem How experienced are you with scripting: Very, but I'm still terrible at it. What is the secret word in the text: I'm afraid you do not have clearance to know that. How often are you on ArmA 2 OA: As often as I am on PacMan or Tetris, which is; a lot, if we were living in the past. Do you like helping others: I like helping others help themselves. Do you mind helping out with other things if I ask: Yes. Payment in advance though, €60/hr Will you take full responsibility for any possibly bad actions you make on the server: Good/Bad is subjective. None of my actions will be bad by my definitions. Hence, no. Are you a capable person wiling to take this seriously: Capable, yes. Taking you seriously? Not really. This whole application process has to be a joke. Somewhat serious answer: This is a cop out, you're asking for someone to do all the REAL work FOR you, for free. Having some admin account on some random server is less of a privilege than you believe.
  15. People complain about carebear-servers, and I agree. The thing is, two years ago I was pretty dogmatic at running first-person, hardcore loot tables, no help for those who got their codes hacked/replaced, grindy, leathal settings, few vehicles only on our A2E-epoch server, and while we managed for some time to keep a population of 25-30 players, everyone was complaining to the point where they simply left to other servers. We had requests for self-bloodbags, more sniper rifles, easier ways to find cinder/mortar, more vehicles, because that's what the players wanted. So I struggled for a long time with trying to tweak everything, even made a system that punished late-night lockpicking and all that jazz, but with the progressive changes toward making things easier, players left anyhow, now because the settings were changing too often. Bottom line though, the servers that are populated do what the majority of players want: ie. lots of ways to find guns, indestructible bases, craftable vehicles, etc. etc. - I see some random people insist on "hardcore servers being needed" but these guys make more noise than action.
  16. Skimming through it, it seems to delete the objects that crash the client if/when a player is near. Someone said this client-crash is for Linux-servers only?
  17. All I know is that AWOL has some "massive changes" coming up. I get the impression that it is going to take some time too, so I'm playing new RUST and The Witcher 3 lately. :)
  18. I put on static fog gloom and doom, and people bitched Seems like the majority wants sunny, blue skies, and no wind.
  19. Early adopters always get the glitches. This is why there's no official support for Epoch yet. Once the map has reached a state in development where it functions adequately (ie doesn't crash), support will be in by default.
  20. Yeah, Linux server performance seems not to have been tested proper for there to be any conclusions to be drawn yet.
  21. Probably because modeling for ARMA is a PITA.
  22. There are lots of issues with this map... Such as midi-references in the project/map 14:38:31 LODShape::Preload: shape 'midi\objets\bobine2.p3d' not found 14:38:31 Warning Message: Cannot open object midi\objets\bobine2.p3d and 18:29:53 Conflicting addon CABuildings in 'midi\', previous definition in 'ca\buildings_c\' These and other things make for longer loading times, and crashes server-side. "Behind the scenes" there are a lot of structural issues with Esseker that will end up causing problems for both players and hosts alike. According to Uro1 and Andy there are several issues with the fundamentals that, without fixing makes Esseker unsuitable for hosting. Feedback has been sent to RonHill by richie and others, hopefully he takes this into heart and releases a version that addresses these problems. Until such a time, the public release/support for Epoch will be held off.
  23. It works, but the Standalone map is unfinished and there are a lot of bugs with putting it in ARMA3 (doors not opening, arma 3 character models being larger than in arma2/toh etc.).
  24. I died to this green flatulence from the exploding zombie, this is a simulator, you can't die from undead farts!
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