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  1. some day... i hope... ElDubya will have a bit of spare time and wont have anything else to do so he will get this masterpiece updated to 1.0.6 for us ^^ dont hurry... take your time mate
  2. some players on our server have the problem they spawn in a black box when they use the air insertion (halo jump) on spawn instead of ground insertion... any idea how to fix this? this problem did not always exist... it appeared after a while and is still persistent now...
  3. has nothing to do with the startparameters i have this message on almost every server... and i have it on arma2 too... no real idea what it means... but its also not a real problem... server runs without any problems even with this message...
  4. out of the bad weather into the pouring rain? a better alternative would be extdb if i remember correctly maca has done something like that already on his github here we go check it out... https://github.com/maca134/a3-eposql
  5. ignore that line... i have that on my servers too... and be still works fine... regarding your kick message... check the publicvariable.log for more info... if you dont know what it means just post the lines here...
  6. there isnt much you can do with cba what you cant do without cba too... its just some piece of code who makes modmakers lazy... to implement the needed functions on their own... just my 2 cents... punish me for that if you feel better ^^
  7. yes you can... with some workarounds here and there... see the other threads with the new bugs on 1.8 ^^
  8. you can extract it on your own... the guys from a3wasteland have made a nice tool which works perfect http://forums.a3wasteland.com/index.php?topic=1832.msg11829#msg11829
  9. crouching Betty? ^^ *gg* *scnr*
  10. no need for re-signing the files... you can extract the bikey out of the signfiles... for every possible mod... i have done it by hand... but there is also some tool which does this... the guys on A3wasteland forums have posted it some time ago... http://forums.a3wasteland.com/index.php?topic=1832.msg11829#msg11829
  11. i have set it up for auto-click when the call of duty 4 servers are starting and the "hardware has changed - want to load default settings" message appears every time... it recognizes the window title and the text and then (i configured it to) clicks on ok should solve your problem easily too... you can first activate the logging... so it writes every windows it recognizes in a session into the logfile... where you can get the window title and stuff for your case to get it working...
  12. check out firedaemon... with this programm you can run every programm as a windows service... it also can handle auto-mouse-clicks on several messagewindows etc... (if you configure it to do so...)
  13. you know... if you get killed by something so stupid so many times... you lose interest some day... and yes... i havent played epoch for a few months now... because it doesnt give me anything anymore and no.. i havent quit after 1 hour playing... we tried to make this shit right for a long time... and always the same stuff...get killed by stupid things... have you ever been lifting off with a woodfloor about 120 meters up in the air? no? then you dont know what you are talking about^^
  14. and Epoch with its "its still alpha" politics will most likely never reach beta... after all this time... still alpha? what are you trying to make here? dayz reloaded? you have to admit you have bet on the wrong horse by choosing redis instead of extdb for mysql and such things... redis was shit... redis is shit... and i dont need to say what redis ever will be... also the building system which kills you so many fucking times... still alpha is no excuse...
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