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  1. found out when it happens to me. just relog. helps for me atleast
  2. 5 min install. works like a charm. towing. lifting. works side by side with sling.
  3. okei. awesome. i hope the basestuff works. would be cool to mix epoch base stuff with these. im going to try it. will give feedback later ! the installation looks pretty straight forward. :)
  4. Hei. is it possible to use this script for epoch ? someone tried it ? it looks pretty awesome. just turn off lifting and use everything else. and if it works. can we use the logistic box they use to build that base with in the youtube vid in the link bellow ? link : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26159
  5. Yep. i also used maca134 M3Editor. download it with a3laucnher. works like a charm. just mess around with it and you learn it pretty fast :) to use it: launch arma 3 with m3editor in parameters (and aia pack. and other mods if you are going to use it on feks Chernarus.) then go into the built in arma 3 editor. choose map. spawn a soldier. click prewiev. then scroll mouse and open the M3editor. there is different ways to implement the stuff you make to server. i think the best way is to do it into a custom.pbo and call it server side. since then its easy to re add if epoch updates. if you need help just ask or check forum here for info
  6. since i failed on the aia part i will make a new and better one for altis. will put it out here with ai script soon
  7. you forgot this ? put this in init.sqf if (isServer) then { fn_getBuildingstospawnLoot = compile preProcessFileLineNumbers "fn_LSgetBuildingstospawnLoot.sqf"; LSdeleter = compile preProcessFileLineNumbers "LSdeleter.sqf"; execVM "Lootspawner.sqf"; };
  8. i tried alot of weird stuff ^^ but got it working with this : !"\"Logic\" createVehicleLocal"
  9. Hei. i have made my server into a warzone. i get kicked from using gorgon. 23.04.2015 18:51:23: Capt MJ ( a00dbcb4ed18564f86eee7ade4116b41 - #36 "agnitudeSqr == 0) exitWith {false}; _logic = "Logic" createVehicleLocal [0,0,0]; _logic attachTo [_vehicle,_localPosition]; _g" tend to fix be filters myself. but this was a weird one
  10. Finuix


    i saw the airplane on Taviana map. so you guys are probably right.
  11. i guess we all need better computers so we can run maps like that on ultra ^^
  12. the error is more deep than you think. When it occured the Epoch Stuff just worked half. Drinking/Eating/Stamina was disabled, you couldnt do anything with buildables exept for building them once and then they were stuck in the preview and many other bugs. So maybe my WeatherStaticForecast is wrong, but if not it should get fixed use this ! WeatherStaticForecast[] = {75.5,0,{0,0,0},0,{1,1}}; It's working for me. everything is looking good. loot. buildning etc works
  13. Finuix


    hmm. think its weird. since i have not downloaded it client side and i could see him fly it.
  14. i got a problem. it only spawns in 2 missions at each restart. since i have 2 missions in the config playing at the same time. but when i complete the 2 missions it wont spawn in more missions. Someone know about a fix for this ? This is my rpt file.
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