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  1. Monk

    Test Post

    If you insist Here's a couple...
  2. This! 90 hours so far... I think I may have a problem...
  3. Monk

    New horizons

    Just spotted this and thought it was worth sharing; BBC - Thousands of Nasa Apollo mission photos uploaded online Gallery - https://www.flickr.com/photos/projectapolloarchive/page1
  4. I'm aware this is a very bad idea and should have better worded that part of my reply. Could you elaborate/provide links for alternate ways to achieve this? (mainly to better educate myself)
  5. Here's mine, ignore the terrible quality as I only have an iPhone 3Gs to take photos with.
  6. Use ASDG Joint Rails. It will still work just fine with the latest build of CUP_Weapons. (Just tested myself in the editor) As for allowing players to join without the particular mods installed, The easiest way to achieve this would be "verifySignatures = 0;" in config.cfg however this is a big security no no.
  7. The current version of ASDG should still work with CUP_Weapons. The reasoning for moving to CBA as a dependency is because ASDG along with it's functionality is a part of CBA now and that will be receiving updates. See here.
  8. Monk

    Ping Problems

    Looking through the log you provided any kick that has the following reported NetServer::SendMsg: cannot find channel xxxxxxxxxxx NetServer: users.get failed when sending to xxxxxxxxx Message not sent - error 0, message ID = ffffffff, to xxxxxxx Seems to have your serverFPS as being <4 when recording the kick instead of the >20 that is being recorded when I assume the server is behaving. So something is bogging the server down. Check scripts etc and double/triple/quadruple check everything tinboye has said in the second post.
  9. First, here's a quick google translate of the none English language post "What a fucking goner became epoch and its creators. The pussy you with your mod. Eksel much better and above you at times." - How charming. Now to address the OP., are you using an alternate anti hack? A quick glance at the server files says that the default anti hack will limit View Distance to 2500 and Object Distance to 2000.
  10. Monk

    New horizons

    I could get behind this. Also if you're looking for some high resolution space pictures look no further than; http://hubblesource.stsci.edu/sources/illustrations/
  11. Monk

    Server Hangs

    Your database is running right? Also any reason for "-ip=" in your start paramaters? Finally change "[email protected];@EpochHive;" to "[email protected]; [email protected];" as shown in the "start-A3-cmd-line-example.txt" file.
  12. I thought I'd share a mish mash of some of the ideas of features and items I have had that I think would be worthwhile additions to Epoch. Environmental Dangers: Inspired by the much loved anomalies from S.T.A.L.K.E.R Environmental dangers (radiation being an easy example) that can be found throughout the map these could be static or ideally move around the map like a miasma over a long period of time. Assuming the miasma was 300m x 300m it might only move 80m over a restart but taken over the lifetime of a server could end up causing a player exodus from a particular part of the map as it becomes unsafe. The static environmental hazards could even generate special loot and depending on how long it has been left undisturbed could pay a better reward giving players a decision to protect a spot to have better loot, or decide to loot early if the situation dictates. Other "Key" Items: Imagine the player has to pick between their beloved GPS or a Geiger counter? There would need to be some kind of sensor the player can carry that can detect the direction and strength of the environmental dangers and importantly using the same slots as other key items will hopefully force players to think a bit more about their loadout. Protected Oxygen Supply: A couple of hours, maybe. We'll start to feel it, and then we won't feel nothing at all. Using the rebreather as a base to then craft a makeshift respiration system allowing players to enter the danger zones at the cost of energy to keep the rebreather working, The rebreather provides the players oxygen supply, so running out of power won't be pleasant. The player would still gain toxicity as they are not wearing protective clothing sacrificing the vest storage + armour from the slot. A Drone of my Own: But you'll be in control of Skynet, right? Player controlled UGV, Player crafted and unarmed. Used to recover "special loot" from very dangerous areas, too dangerous even for makeshift rebreather. Player controller UAV, Allow the player to craft a Darter drone. Great for reconnaissance, and rigging it to be able to drop a couple of grenades could prove interesting. Ground Storage: Booby-trapped. Touch those tanks and boom! Allow the player to bury a small cache of supplies, the storage will be crafted (some metal + some metal + keypad + electronic components) and can be booby-trapped (grenade) will explode if wrong code entered. Requires shovel or similar to bury can be buried by hand at the cost of some HP/Stamina/other. Limit of 1-2 caches per player ID. covers the niche that tents covered in DayZ. Lets the player feel like they own something without the efforts of owning a base Knapsack: Want to own something more than some junk in a hole in the ground? Then upgrade to knapsack today! This craftable object/kit holds specific packable items to make a basic camp. Teepee/Tent - Fire starting kit (this could have limited charges) - First Aid/Food/Drink. I would see this as being an item taking up the launcher slot on the inventory and would certainly be visible on the player. This has many applications outside of being a players portable home (think setting up ambushes). This would provide a basic structure the player could own and could be secured with a combination lock, much like the ground stash. It will also bring about a lower tier of base ownership, and work well alongside my next suggestion as well as allowing conventional base building to viewed as a progression. And most importantly, it will facilitate (to some degree) keeping players poor but not destitute. Wide Radius Jammer: This jammer would be used for laying claim to an area of land, however there would be limited item types can be built on the jammer. I imagine these building objects would be close to the HESCO barriers and other fortification materials and by design would be largely recoverable. This would hopefully foster the idea of player villages with small bases/buildings (using the regular jammer and a small radius) safely inside the HESCO-esque walls. Expansion on current features: More things and information (even if it's just our own scribbles on the map) to sync to [tinfoil hat] wherever it really is that all these clones seem to be transferring this supposed currency "Krypto", which I might add is only used by these supposed "traders" [/tinfoil hat] Disclaimer - I have no real idea as to the viability of my suggestions, perhaps they're relatively simple or I could be asking the devs to move the heaven and earth. Either way, any and all feedback is appreciated. Oh! and suggestions for a better thread title, this one seems a bit meh.
  13. Just a heads up, we shouldn't be using -skipintro when playing Epoch
  14. Monk

    New horizons

    Yep, I can't wait to take a look at those images :D And for those of you not familiar with Pluto, here is a diagram showing just how far away it is and how long it has taken the "New Horizons" craft/probe to reach Pluto. To give the 9 years it has taken to reach Pluto a bit of context, here is a few things that happened in the first half of 2006 Jan 2006 - New Horizons launches. Mar 2006 - The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion launches Jul 2006 - Twitter launches to the public
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