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  1. Annnnnnnnnd JSRS shits all over this...
  2. TayTayTheKiller


    What a load of ass... P2W (No sorry pay for some other person to win) and pay a multimillion $$ company to test there game for them...Not for me... Paying money for a airdrop... oh no sorry a server event is a joke... I could script a event like that in arma in about 20 mins.. Talk about getting raped by the developers.
  3. Some people get capped on torrents direct downloads can be good for some.
  4. I think Panthera for A3 managed water inland.
  5. Will Namalsk get any love from the devs as it isn't included in the AiA pack? I know its as easy as running @Namalsk_lite alongside AiA I just hope it gets supported. And yes I know there is other topics about people going on about namalsk (MGT saying he's working on it etc) Just would like to know if it will get official love. Cheers.
  6. Point is the state of the mod as it is now is boring after a few hours without other players around. PVE sucks antagonists are 0 threat. World is empty. Dayz epoch was great even soloing, even after playing for years zombies still got right in ya face and fucked you up from time to time.
  7. K so can knock up a jammer with ease but not a wooden create or something lol
  8. lol on ya server and ccg's.. The rest are admins sat in there own servers by them self and maybe 1-5 friends lol.
  9. the auto rotatelogs .bat backs up the database I just copied it all into my start up bat so it gets saved every restart.
  10. Ye and custom launch parameters as well for use of adding JSRS etc and stuff like -nologs -world=empty etc etc.
  11. Nice launcher! Can we have a favourites tab please. Very nice looking launcher. Great dayzcommander replacement and a huge bonus of arma 3 being supported.
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