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Disable Thermal vision


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8 hours ago, lwbuk said:

Isn't that only for server spawned vehicles though? Won't bought vehicles need server_publishvehcile  fiddled with? 

The instructions included modifying server_publishVehicle2.sqf :)

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    • By Corpulio_Hun
      hi all,
      Someone have a script to disable thermal vision in vehicles?Epoch
    • By arc7r7
      I run a PVE server and have been looking into to ways to enable thermal optics on vehicles and the nightstalker. I would like to enable thermals on vanilla and RHS vehicles that support them on my server.
      I've seen this in the a3_epoch_server/compile/epoch_vehicle/EPOCH_spawn_vehicle.sqf
          // Disable Thermal Equipment
          _vehObj disableTIEquipment true;
      I've set this to false with no result. Does "_vehObj" encompass all vehicles or does this need to be changed to something else? or is there another way of doing this?
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      Was wondering how to go about adding thermal to NVG's, or making them Thermal only.. doesnt matter... what files handle the NVG, Thermal, and Nightvision?
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