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  1. kinda i can't find it so im just gonna ask... :) is there a way just to remove the build animation and just click and build ? And yes i have the 1 step build but even that takes for me to long.... (right click Build And deploy - <-- no animation)
  2. Example: vehsRemoveThermal = ["HMMWV_m998_crows_M2_DES_EP1"]; this part can this also be like vehsRemoveThermal = ["Land","Air"]; edit: Nvm it also work like this XD
  3. well as the titel kinda clear all say... and sorry if i post this in wrong section but i was wondering after now few years later.... I knew a server who had a super AI.... Yes a super AI this guy need at least 5 as50 bullets in the head if it's not even waaaaay more.... So i just started my own server to experiment with dayz epoch and see what i can make of it.... But now the problem is this is not a thing that everyone is talking about of i easy can find answerers about the awesome super AI So my BIG Question is..... so can i create a AI with these super powers.... Health (can handle at least 5 as50 bullets) Faster reacting time (meaning how fast he can scope u)
  4. so any update about our lovely dayz epoch on a linux based OS ??? Really its so shitty to be on windows...... Just hope there is a update or atleast a way to get the epoch current version on linux OS
  5. VERY VERY VERY thanks for for the base kit :).... We use your framework and i need to say nice with the scripting.... Still needed allot of work to optimize but after that well done ;)
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