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  1. kinda i can't find it so im just gonna ask... :) is there a way just to remove the build animation and just click and build ? And yes i have the 1 step build but even that takes for me to long.... (right click Build And deploy - <-- no animation)
  2. Example: vehsRemoveThermal = ["HMMWV_m998_crows_M2_DES_EP1"]; this part can this also be like vehsRemoveThermal = ["Land","Air"]; edit: Nvm it also work like this XD
  3. well as the titel kinda clear all say... and sorry if i post this in wrong section but i was wondering after now few years later.... I knew a server who had a super AI.... Yes a super AI this guy need at least 5 as50 bullets in the head if it's not even waaaaay more.... So i just started my own server to experiment with dayz epoch and see what i can make of it.... But now the problem is this is not a thing that everyone is talking about of i easy can find answerers about the awesome super AI So my BIG Question is..... so can i create a AI with these super powers.... Health (can handle at least 5 as50 bullets) Faster reacting time (meaning how fast he can scope u)
  4. so any update about our lovely dayz epoch on a linux based OS ??? Really its so shitty to be on windows...... Just hope there is a update or atleast a way to get the epoch current version on linux OS
  5. VERY VERY VERY thanks for for the base kit :).... We use your framework and i need to say nice with the scripting.... Still needed allot of work to optimize but after that well done ;)
  6. Welcome to Arma II DayZ Stratego ============================================================================ Website: https://game.fail Teamspeak: ts.game.fail Discord: Connect. Facebook: Game.Fail Name: [NEW]ARMA II DAYZ STRATEGO OVERPOCH CHERNARUS Game: Arma 2 IP: a2.game.fail Port: 2202 Player Limit: 100 Restart Time: Every 3 Hours Map: Chernarus Mods: Epoch, Overwatch Extra: Server is Semi militarized Rocket Launchers in trader Heavy ground and air vehicles Scripts ============================================================================ safeZoneRelocate Stormz Craft menu AntiDupe Tow/and Lift Plot management (maintain) 10 days New Effect map right click remove grass, map right click Custom trader Added trader (Gem and sniper trader) Custom loot Remove zombies plot pole and trader zone Tab menu script Stary parking custom build script Hard loot Hotwire door and vehicles Modules ============================================================================ Abandoned Vault Death Corpse Drug Bust Gems Weed
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