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Epoch Server Build 9 Changelog


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Native Linux Support

Thanks to a once over by devd our backend codebase now compiles natively on Windows or Linux. We will now officially support both Linux and Windows Epoch servers. Also included is a modified for Epoch linux start script by BIstudio, and Nasdero.
Disabled CRC check
With this check disabled it is no longer absolutely required to update the backend dll with each server build. Updates will still be required from time to time as version checks will still ensure the proper version for compatibility.
Battleye Integration
Direct integration with Battleye means we now have the following features server side: Requires (IP,Port,password) to be specified via the epochserver.ini. Some features are for future EAH updates and documentation will be provided for use server side by modders.

  • shutdown - shuts down the server with the #shutdown command.
  • lock/unlock - lock and unlock the server.
  • message - Broadcast a message to everyone from BE say command.
  • kick - Kick user with message.
  • ban. - Ban user with message and duration.

Scripted Server Restarts
When enabled this feature will broadcast a message 5 minutes before restart and lock the server. Then message every 1 minute, till it kicks everyone from the server with the message "Server Restarting" before forcing a restart. This will ensure everyone saves before the server shuts down. Default state of this feature is disabled, when enabled the server will restart every 4 hours (14400 seconds). This can be changed via the epochconfig.hpp.
Optimization and Data Reliability
Optimized writing/reading more than 8K chars to database and fixed an Issue with potential data corruption issue when saving data.
NPC Traders Roaming
By default traders and their markers should now move with as they move from work to home. Server side trader FSM updated to fix direction issues.
General Fixes
Removed "srifle_DMR_03_spotter_F" from loots.h as it is missing textures.
If a player logs out in a vehicle they will be moved to the nearest static trader city.

EAH 2.0
More Config Driven.
Most all security checks can now be enabled/disabled and/or configured via security_checks.h inside epoch_server_settings.pbo.
Whitelist Variable Scanner with Learning Mode.
This scanner has the ability to ban any user that has a global variable set that is not explicitly allowed via whitelist. This check is disabled by default as it requires some setup to prevent false positives. Before enabling the variable scanner you need to profile your server so the server knows what variables to trust. Learning mode should only be used with a trusted group of players then disabled after profiling is complete.
Battleye integration
With the integration of loadbans and loadevents, (BEC + watchdog) should no longer be required to use EAH.


Forced Quality and Viewdistance
This feature forces all players to have the same viewDistance and terrain detail. Changes can be made in server settings pbo.



-- Build 20 Notes

[Fixed] Linux start script path was incorrect.

[Fixed] Typo in EAH that caused issues with Autoban #R2 
[info] Recompiled epochserver.so on Debian 7.8 to increase Linux compatibility. 
[Fixed] Windows EOL on epoch_linux_startscript.sh

[Changed] Updated BE filters to resolve reported kicks since 1.44 was released.  (setvariableval.txt and publicvariable.txt)

[Changed] Bump requiredBuild to 130654 in config.cfg

[Changed] Updated Loots.h:

  • to spawn 150Rnd_762x54_Box for Zafir instead of 150Rnd_762x51_Box
  • added 130Rnd_338_Mag to MachinegunAmmo class (cfgPricing was updated with client build
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Rolling Server Changelogs Build 2 

[Fixed] Scripted server restart was unable to restart if it could not kick all players. It will now perform a mass kick wait 20 seconds and then force restart. Build 3

[Fixed] Repack a3_epoch_server.pbo with previous changes. Build 4

[Fixed] BE kick publicVariable #0 (publicVariable.txt updated) Build 6

[Fixed] Force save of building to fix issue with data expiring while in play. Build 7

[Added] Use starter items array if existing trader loads without any items.

[Added] Example of extended BE settings, will need tweaked if used.

[Added] propsPos config can now take an array with {vectorDir,vectorUp} instead of azimuth to get precise positioning.

[Added] Passing a 4th param in propsPos (true) will disable simulation (should be used on objects without doors or other animations)

[Added] Latest version of redis-server.exe for Windows v2.8.19.1 from https://github.com/MSOpenTech/redis

[Fixed] Fix possible crash while using Battleye integration under high load (epochserver.dll and epochserver.so updates)

[Changed] setvariableval.txt updated to filter player object names and changed logging back to kick.

[Changed] Forced disable simulation of most props in altis.h. Build 8

[Fixed] forced quality settings too high causing poor performance for non admins.

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