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  1. Cannot lock / unlock vehicles

    ended up reinstalling the server, works now
  2. Cannot lock / unlock vehicles

    Hi theduke This did not rectify, infact, it gave me less self actions :( But thanks for the attempt.
  3. Cannot lock / unlock vehicles

    As a note, if I use the default fn_selfactions.sqf from the dayz_code.pbo - I can lock/unlock If I change the ownerID located here: // Allow Owner to lock && unlock vehicle if(_player_lockUnlock_crtl) then { if (s_player_lockUnlock_crtl < 0) then { _hasKey = _ownerID in _temp_keys; _oldOwner = (_ownerID == dayz_playerUID); to characterID, I am able to view the vehicle is locked and I am able to unlock, but its very flakey - so I think it might have something to do with the IDs
  4. Cannot lock / unlock vehicles

    Ok, it appears that I have already merged the fn_selfactions files previously. I have just double checked it all - the others were simply "prior" to merge. The above is the "in use" fn_selfactions - there are no errors in RPT files (both server and client side)
  5. Cannot lock / unlock vehicles

    I know there must be a curly brace somewhere that I am missing or a comma or something silly like that. Everything else on the server works GREAT! with the exception of lock and unlock vehicles. Hopefully fresh set of eyes can help me out. I really don't want to re-make the server :)
  6. Cannot lock / unlock vehicles

    Hi All, I (and my players) cannot lock and unlock vehicles. I am assuming there is something wrong with one of the fn_selfactions files. Please see the spoilers below: fn_selfactions #1 - came with Zupa Single Currency 3.0 fn_selfactions #2 - came with P4L fn_selfactions #3 - custom Thanks in advance!
  7. [WIP] Building custom bases

    haha, this was posted long before you shared the addons :) GREAT work though :)
  8. Immediate Disconnect of players

    Damn, but so many of them daily? Any way to track player info to inform them or inform them before hand?
  9. SQL - Clean Old Bases

    awesome!! thanks for this
  10. Immediate Disconnect of players

    Hi, I have a weird problem (had on all my servers (inclusive of A3) where a user would connect and pretty much immediately disconnect (anywhere between 1-10 seconds). It happens to some, but not to others. All log files just say user xxx disconnected, no kicks or ban logs etc. Any ideas? or anyone else experiencing this? Cheers
  11. -9 stamina

    Hi, You would need to post your RPT or log files. This could be a script kick. What antihack are you using?
  12. What map would you like supported officially ?

    I was just wondering, what are the chances of supporting a Chernarus+ map? more enter-able buildings etc

    frikken awesome!!!
  14. No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds.sahrani'.

    Hi @StokesGamingMC, I too have the same issue, I am not able to join the server or walk around.
  15. blckeagls' Real Zombies v0.0.5

    looking forward to it!!! cannot wait!