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  1. ended up reinstalling the server, works now
  2. Hi theduke This did not rectify, infact, it gave me less self actions :( But thanks for the attempt.
  3. As a note, if I use the default fn_selfactions.sqf from the dayz_code.pbo - I can lock/unlock If I change the ownerID located here: // Allow Owner to lock && unlock vehicle if(_player_lockUnlock_crtl) then { if (s_player_lockUnlock_crtl < 0) then { _hasKey = _ownerID in _temp_keys; _oldOwner = (_ownerID == dayz_playerUID); to characterID, I am able to view the vehicle is locked and I am able to unlock, but its very flakey - so I think it might have something to do with the IDs
  4. Ok, it appears that I have already merged the fn_selfactions files previously. I have just double checked it all - the others were simply "prior" to merge. The above is the "in use" fn_selfactions - there are no errors in RPT files (both server and client side)
  5. I know there must be a curly brace somewhere that I am missing or a comma or something silly like that. Everything else on the server works GREAT! with the exception of lock and unlock vehicles. Hopefully fresh set of eyes can help me out. I really don't want to re-make the server :)
  6. Hi All, I (and my players) cannot lock and unlock vehicles. I am assuming there is something wrong with one of the fn_selfactions files. Please see the spoilers below: fn_selfactions #1 - came with Zupa Single Currency 3.0 fn_selfactions #2 - came with P4L fn_selfactions #3 - custom Thanks in advance!
  7. haha, this was posted long before you shared the addons :) GREAT work though :)
  8. Damn, but so many of them daily? Any way to track player info to inform them or inform them before hand?
  9. awesome!! thanks for this
  10. Hi, I have a weird problem (had on all my servers (inclusive of A3) where a user would connect and pretty much immediately disconnect (anywhere between 1-10 seconds). It happens to some, but not to others. All log files just say user xxx disconnected, no kicks or ban logs etc. Any ideas? or anyone else experiencing this? Cheers
  11. Hi, You would need to post your RPT or log files. This could be a script kick. What antihack are you using?
  12. I was just wondering, what are the chances of supporting a Chernarus+ map? more enter-able buildings etc
  13. frikken awesome!!!
  14. Hi @StokesGamingMC, I too have the same issue, I am not able to join the server or walk around.
  15. looking forward to it!!! cannot wait!