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  1. I am having the exact same issue. Anyone managed to fix it? edit: It was something in AH.sqf I can't recall which section it was I removed. but I went looking for idc's and lbclear, and deleted a few []spawn threads. Seems good for me now. Zupa, Love your work!
  2. I was having an issue with players dropping to 5 fps for approx 10-20 seconds, Using chernarus, epoch 0304 and arma 1.48 build 131645 the frame dips and shit performance were happening to players in regular intervals of every 2-3 minutes. We timed it. This told me it was a loop with approximately 180s sleep. So I went looking for while loops with long sleep conditions. First loop I changed was the community mod, which allows you to make certaijn base parts indestructible. That file has a 120s sleep in it, which removes damage handler off all base items... So I removed the loop from that, and now it only exec's once, on server restart. That fixed some of the lag, The next thing I did was go poking through infistar a3ah because after that change It wasnt happening to me on my admin account anymore, but it happened when i logged in as a regular player. so I next disabled Badvar2 check, because it's pretty performance intensive. then changed this line in a3ah.sqf from if('infiSTAR' != ('i' +'n' +'f' +'i' +'S' +'T' +'A' +'R'))then{[] spawn {uiSleep (random 500);{_x setDamage 1;}forEach vehicles;uiSleep 10;{_x setDamage 1;}forEach allUnits;};}; to if('infiSTAR' != ('i' +'n' +'f' +'i' +'S' +'T' +'A' +'R'))then{}; Since I made those changes, The problems have gone. whether it was just badvar2 check, or if it was just that line. or if it was both. I can't say for sure. But it's all good on mine for now. This may or may not help in your case. Worth a shot at least.
  3. makes me think someone has used the image that includes namalsk and tavi http://kodabar-dayz-daizy-single-player-forum.1084782.n5.nabble.com/file/n11403/Napf%2BNamalsk%2BTaviana.jpg
  4. Shared ban lists really have the potential to be abused. DaRT community bans list for arma 2 had ways around that where you could pick from different lists, ie. Only bans by dwarden, only bans by high ranked communities and such. or all bans... I used dwarden's list only, was the only one I trusted. As for rule breaking, rules are subjective, and often left up to interpretation. What I see as glitching, or combat logging may be something entirely different to what you believe it is. So if I was to ban someone on 21DMD for base glitching, and then the player heads off and goes to a server like Zenith or ZR or something, and we were sharing a bans list... then they'd be banned there too. now what if Stench or Fubar or whoever has a different view of what constitutes glitching into a base? Better idea would be a good 'report a cheater' function, that would refer the offending players account to battleye, and potentially global ban anyone found to be guilty of hacking. (at least until the next steam sale when the piece of shit buys a new key for next to nothing... but it's something at least)
  5. js2k6

    Exile or Epoch

    There's a place for both. Mods can contain similar features, yet be so different from one another and draw in entirely different kinds of players Compare Vanilla DayZ mod to DayZ Epoch for instance. They both have Z's.... one's even based upon the other, yet they are completely different. I'd even say that they're played by different kinds of people I'm not trying both to compare stability. I'm trying both because I see a potential demand for both, As said above, exile seems to have a more of a 'wasteland' type feel to it, and having been an avid A2 wasteland player, sinking in countless hours on au steak n beer server, that appeals to me. I also seen from experimenting with arma 2, that a lot of players enjoy antagonists. i removed the zombies from one of my servers, people wanted them back. i was shocked. i just felt they were a nuisance. each mod will appeal in ways to some people that the other does not. On the topic of performance, I think though, comparing 1.44 to 1.46 in terms of server side FPS, we have more to worry about from BIS and their future updates. than either mod. massive serverside fps boost with this latest update, almost as much performance gained back, as what i lost since 1.40
  6. And look at your picture, it's not an x. it's a meme with some guy in an office with a disapproving look on his face. I've got daniel radcliffe looking cracked out trying to sell illicit spells and incantations from the back of a muggle vehicle. El dub's got his roid abusing dog questioning my ability to hoist things. We're not banned either, but go through the thread, look for the X pictures, and look at the words beneath them... they all say banned. Now, I'm the not the world's greatest mathematician, but I can perform simple addition. And this only appears to add up to one thing.
  7. Did you notice that everyone with the Exile X picture is banned, maybe it's not that they've done something bad... But perhaps someone is salty/upset with the promotion of a different mod on these forums
  8. Before I closed it down, My old bornholm epoch server would do the same thing, except it'd spawn giant clusters of vehicles at oestemarie (sp?) airfield and roenne airfield. I'd teleport over there to go and redistribute them around the map, and this would cause most of them to spontaneously explode.
  9. this just makes everything more quiet at a key press. engine, gunshots, etc it cuts the overall volume to 25% https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/fadeSound for instance 5 fadesound 0; would cut sound to 0 over the course of 5 seconds. or as i do in the space interrupt file. i cut the sound to 25% in 1 second. i find it to be mostly useful in choppers, its nice not going deaf. we use something very similar in our weekly co-op tactical missions. decided we needed it in arma 2 dayz epoch aswell
  10. Hi everyone, Made a very basic script for earplugs for A2 Epoch This method requires that you have dayz_spaceInterrupt.sqf in your mission.pbo I use snap pro in my server, so my space interrupt file is located at custom\snap_pro\dayz_spaceinterrupt.sqf look for the line that says // Disable ESC after death if (_dikCode == 0x01 && r_player_dead) then { _handled = true; }; then add this below if (_dikCode == 0x16) then { if (soundVolume == 1) then { 1 fadeSound 0.25; hintSilent "Earplugs Inserted"; } else { 1 fadeSound 1; hintSilent "Earplugs Removed"; }; }; 0x16 is the letter U, you can find a list of all other available keys at https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DIK_KeyCodes You can let your players know about this feature in your servers welcome credits or by adding a system chat message in init.sqf Oh well, enjoy.
  11. The original instructions in the first post were for a much earlier version of epoch. as such, server_monitor.sqf has changed. It's actually really simple to make it work with This is copypaste from my mission. and i have extra buildables, and some of those buildables i dont want simulation disabled. but still want the damage handler removed. these arrays are setup so doors can be destroyed, edit them to however you see fit. after this dayz_hiveVersionNo = getNumber(configFile >> "CfgMods" >> "DayZ" >> "hiveVersion"); but before this _hiveLoaded = false; paste // ### [CPC] Indestructible Buildables Fix _cpcimmune =[ // handle damage false, enablesimulation false "CinderWallHalf_DZ", "CinderWall_DZ", "MetalFloor_DZ", "Fence_corrugated_DZ", "Fort_RazorWire", "FuelPump_DZ", "Hedgehog_DZ", "ForestCamoNet_DZ", "ForestLargeCamoNet_DZ", "Land_CncBlock_Stripes", "Land_Fort_Watchtower_EP1", "Land_pumpa", "LightPole_DZ", "MAP_concrete_block", "MAP_fort_watchtower", "MAP_plot_istan1_rovny", "MAP_plot_zed_drevo1", "MAP_Wall_Stone", "MAP_Wall_TinCom_3", "MAP_Wall_TinCom_9", "MetalFloor_Preview_DZ", "MetalPanel_DZ", "RampConcrete", "WoodFloorHalf_DZ", "WoodFloorQuarter_DZ", "WoodFloor_DZ", "WoodLargeWallWin_DZ", "WoodLargeWall_DZ", "WoodRamp_DZ", "WoodSmallWallThird_DZ", "WoodSmallWall_DZ", "WoodStairsRails_DZ", "WoodStairsSans_DZ", "WoodStairs_DZ", "WorkBench_DZ" ]; _cpcimmuneAnim = [ // handle damage false, enable simulation true "ZavoraAnim", "DeerStand", "WoodLadder_DZ", "WoodShack_DZ", "WoodCrate_DZ", "VaultStorageLocked", "TentStorageDomed2", "TentStorage", "StorageShed_DZ", "SandNest_DZ", "Sandbag1_DZ", "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ", "M240Nest_DZ", "Land_Campfire", "FireBarrel_DZ", "BagFenceRound_DZ", "GunRack_DZ", "OutHouse_DZ" ]; // ### [CPC] Indestructible Buildables Fix search for //Create it underneath this line you should see _object = createvehicle, and _object setVariable a few times. beneath the _object setvariable lines, but before the _lockable = 0; line paste // ### [CPC] Indestructible Buildables Fix if (typeOf(_object) in _cpcimmune) then { _object addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {false}]; _object enableSimulation false; }; if (typeOf(_object) in _cpcimmuneAnim) then { _object addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {false}]; _object enableSimulation true; }; and thats it, done.
  12. What a brilliant idea, will try this out on my dev server tonight Thanks for sharing!
  13. I used something similar to this for a while, Didn't stop people much. And had issues with people using it to bypass the anti-dupe. so then I modified mine to two warnings telling the player they would be killed and then instead of end mission. player setDamage 5; added the battleye filter for it, and all of a sudden the von spam stopped. i also use log this to rpt so i can deal with repeat offenders.
  14. clicked the donate button, and now i've got herpes. 10/10 would donate again.
  15. i had built my first bornholm base in one of the inland lakes north of roenne, had no issues getting in or out. the big lake up north, hammersloe or something? well i kinda got stuck in that one.
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