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    • By Warburgg
      Hello everyone. I would like to ask for help regarding a problem I have been having on my server.
      Items stored in the vault are not being stored in the SQL database.
      I have tested with the safe and the lockbox and both are not working but with the tent it works and saves the items in the database after the server restart.
      ArmA2OA.RPT: https://pastebin.com/X2cT7BBU
      arma2oaserve.RPT: https://pastebin.com/rqFNGbDy
      server_log.txt: https://pastebin.com/ZVWAzgNP
      Please help me. My players do not want to stay on the server because of this and if I remove the safe and leave only the tent (which is what saves the items) they will cry hahaha
    • By SryImAnooB
      Hey guys, i need some help/answers.
      I have no clue about cleanup the server from loot when no one is around for a specific amount of time.
      I noticed that this was uncommented in server_function.sqf:
      server_systemCleanup = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_cleanup.sqf"; so i removed the // and checked what happend...nothing :D
      Then i checked out the server_cleanup.sqf.
      In line 23 it says:
      if (_age > 20) then { changed to:
      if (_age > 2) then { cause i thought 20 = 20min ?! so 2 = 2min. Was a try nothing happend.
      I googled around and noticed that in the server_cleanup was .fsm and not .sqf. Does this matter?
      And does anyone have a tip how to cleanup loot when for ex. a player is not in range from 500m for 5 mins?!
    • By Birgitte
      Hi Guys,
      I have a working server. When my guys or I place a fuel pump, fire barrel, generator, etc. the server deletes it after a week or so. Is there a setting I'm missing to stop this from happening?
    • By i3lackoutHD
      Anyone got the same problem? :
      I have hundreds of zombies around the map.
      Even if theres no player nearby.
    • By lwbuk
      Sorry for another question!
      So Ive ordered a dedi box from OVH, the MC-32 one just to see if I could get it working as I have no experience with this at all!
      Ive installed Win 2012R2 trial, xampp, got all the server stuff done and its all good..
      When I start the console, and the game loads, it stops as it should until a player joins. The player joins and on thier screen they see the waiting to authenticate screen and its starts to count up.
      The issue is, the console sits there saying game started for a while before the hive starts loading, all the while the authenticate screen is still counting up. It gets ato about 80-90 before you actually load into the game, which isnt normal!
      The database has about 5500k objects, but even so, shouldnt take that long. Ive got the same database on my test server and it loads far faster, and also on my home pc server.
      Ive messed around with my.ini, but no real difference has been made and Im not really sure what Im doing, Ive just copied other examples off the web.
      The database is in c:/xammp on a 240gb ssd in raid0
      The server files are in c:/epochserver....on the same disk. Im aware databases run better on a seperate disk, But I dont have that option right now.
      Im guessing its either an issue with speed connecting to the database or something is stalling it from starting quick enough.
      I read about clean up scripts being run before start up could cause this, and that would make sense, as when loaded into the game, loads of stuff is missing, specifically stuff thats not been mantained or interacted with in the last few days.
      However I cant find these scripts anywhere, Ive looked using navicat in events, Ive looked using phpadmin and also heidy sql. I can find no reference to any events, querys, functions or anything.
      In Hiveext.ini, cleanup is set to -1
      Any help would be greatly appreciated, Im amazed I got this far on my own, but this one little issue I just cant figure out.
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