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Found 24 results

  1. Hey Guys, i updated my Epoch Server on and get the whole time this error message in my client.rpt I know before i updated on we never got this message in our logs. It's new with this update :-/ I checked the file between and This Code is 100% the same. That's why i'm really confused. Error in expression <wn",_serverTime]); _age = _serverTime - _zombied; if ((_age == 0) or (_age > 300> Error position: <_zombied; if ((_age == 0) or (_age > 300> Error Nicht definierte Variable in Ausdruck: _zombied File z\addons\dayz_code\compile\player_spawnCheck.sqf, line 151 Did you have any ideas to fix that unreal issue. Greetings Face
  2. Hi guys, have a problem with the server I help run. The hotkeys (1-2-3 for guns, 4-5-6 meds etc.) don't work. Setting the variable dayz_quickSwitch to true or false doesn't change anything.
  3. Hello! So, I am not experienced with big server setups like that of ArmA's (so don't expect me to be too computer-smart), but I have come a long way with setting up my ArmA 3 server until I got to my BEC setup. I've gone through everything the instructions say and everything should all be connected and working, but... I keep getting and error saying: BePath is not a valid directory Now, i know this should be a simple fix, but no matter what i do the error won't go away! I'm using TADST for my server setup, so I'm using the Battleye directory stored there. the path I put in the config.cfg for BEC is: C:\Users\andre\Desktop\Arma3_server_stuff\server_files\TADST\SirRapplez\BattlEye (yes I made sure I didn't have an accidental space put in anywhere... I'm not that stupid) I also put a BeServer.cfg file in the same directory as the BeServer.dll with the following: RConPassword password RConPort 2309 If anyone knows what my problem is, please help. I hope my question isn't super dumb, but I'm lost so, again, help would be much appreciated! Thanks.
  4. Hello! Anyone got the same problem? : I have hundreds of zombies around the map. Even if theres no player nearby.
  5. SOLVED, I'M STUPID. Had the wrong number after the mission file... :( I'm having this issue with my server not being joinable, 'waiting for host'. LOG: 17:37:35 Dedicated host created. 17:37:37 Host identity created. 17:37:37 Game Port: 2302, Steam Query Port: 2303 17:40:01 noahp78 uses modified data file 17:40:01 Player noahp78 connecting.17:43:32 Player noahp78 disconnected. 17:40:02 Player noahp78 connected (id=76561198065063009). Config.cfg steamport = 2300; steamqueryport = 2301; hostName = "PepsiMLG"; password = ""; passwordAdmin = "nope"; maxPlayers = 50; logFile = "server_log.txt"; voteThreshold = 2; voteMissionPlayers = 3; reportingIP = "arma2oapc.master.gamespy.com"; timeStampFormat = "short"; motd[] = {"http://pepsiml.ga","Good Luck, Have fun!"}; motdInterval = 0; vonCodecQuality = 11; disableVoN = 0; kickduplicate = 1; verifySignatures = 2; persistent = 1; BattlEye = 0; doubleIdDetected = ""; onUserConnected = ""; onUserDisconnected = ""; onUnsignedData = "kick (_this select 0)"; onHackedData = "kick (_this select 0)"; onDifferentData = ""; regularCheck = ""; requiredBuild = 103718; requiredSecureId = 2; class Missions { class Mission1 { template = "DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus"; difficulty="regular"; }; }; I used the tutorial stickied here.
  6. Hey guys Got a bit of a issue and finding it very tricky to find. For some time vehicles do not update their location in the DB. I find that fresh vehicles "spawned on the same restart" will be fine while re-logging. Once the server has been restarted the vehicles will aways stop in that location no matter what you try. I find that you can move a vehicle, get out and relog and it will move back to its origional position. I cant see any errors what so ever to refer off. My main mods list Plot poles for life single curreny system snap building Jaem I have tried working backwards and even disabling all running mods but no luck. I also added the DZE-forcesave but when daving the vehicle it does nothing. I also found the thrad below regading EMS but that also did not fix the issue. I would be very greatfull for any help what so ever. Cheers Lordgeorge
  7. I am starting to build an overpoch server and at the moment I have no scripts, just Epoch and Overwatch, but the trader menus aren't showing. The AI are there but no scroll option. help?
  8. Hello, I have got a Problem. If I join my server I can stay in the lobby perfectly. If i would join my server he is kicking me back in to the Lobby and there is this text: This Server is running an Incorrect version of the server side application. You can not play on this server. If you are the server admin please contact DayZ Epoch stuff. I used the DayZ Epoch Server release.7z Files. Can anyone help me?
  9. Hello there, I had been searching for a script to protect my admin's base, so unauthorized players would be killed. After a little bit of research, I had found the following tutorial (which has a syntax mispell I already fixed: rectangle=1). I've followed all the steps, and created a sensor (which is actually a trigger in Arma 2's Map Editor), whose code I added to mission.sqm: class Item5 { position[]={1261.4967,4688.3843,-140.78297}; a=150; b=150; rectangle=1; activationBy="ANY"; repeating=1; interruptable=1; age="UNKNOWN"; name="dome"; expCond="(vehicle player) in thislist;"; expActiv="dome = [] execVM ""dome.sqf"";"; expDesactiv="terminate dome; titleText [""You have left the Admin Dome."", ""PLAIN DOWN"", 3];"; class Effects { titleType="TEXT"; titleEffect="PLAIN DOWN"; title="If you see this, the xxx dome script isn't working right now but the intrusion sensor is!"; }; }; I've verified that class Sensor's items is set to 6 (the fifth sensors are DayZ Epoch's default ones, which make the Trader Cities work), so the custom sensor I added is the sixth and, therefore, the item's number is correct. The dome.sqf file content is the following: // Dome if ((getPlayerUID player) in ["123456789"]) exitWith { titleText ["Welcome to the Admin Dome!", "PLAIN DOWN", 3]; }; // Everyone Else titleText ["This dome is an Admin-only area, please leave immediately.", "PLAIN DOWN", 3]; sleep 5; titleText ["If you do not turn back you will be killed.", "PLAIN DOWN", 3]; sleep 5; titleText ["You have 10 seconds!", "PLAIN DOWN", 3]; sleep 5; titleText ["You must leave now!", "PLAIN DOWN", 3]; sleep 5; titleText ["You were warned!", "PLAIN DOWN", 3]; sleep 3; player setDamage 1; The issue with the script is that it isn't showing me the welcome text nor killing me when any unauthorized user access the base (triggers the sensor). Do you have any solution to fix this issue? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello. I've got a problem with the latest (2.1.3) DZAI after adding Lingor map running Dayz Epoch My server runs both vehicle and heli AI. The problem is: vehicle AIs sometimes get stuck on the road, sometimes are blocked near houses and fences which are located near roads they should be moving by. Sometimes they stop on a deadlocks of the roads and stand there forever. As for helis - they do not have obstacles in the air, so they work fine. Mostly these vehicles are just standing still and waiting for something forever. At Chernarus everything was ok. *One more thing - when vehicle AIs are standing still, it's not always because of obstacles. Mostly it is an empty road wothout anything to stop them. ?!??
  11. Dear friends, We have a server running on a linux device but the files are in a windows emluator and everything works fine. The server is showing up in "Remote" and on DayZ commander... As well on http://arma2.swec.se/server/data/567839 The problem is that the launchers can't seem to find active players. As you see on the site it says that Player time is still 00:00:00 We are out of luck with this problem and I can't seem to find a solution. I tried Dayz Launcher but the server there isn't even recognized... If any of you knows a solution it would be very nice! Thank you, Defay -EDIT- As you can see the Gametracker banner below doesn't work anymore as well. And it as well didn't show active players at the time it worked.
  12. I'm not sure how well tested this is, but on my Panthera servers, some items cannot be sold to traders. For example: Planica traders - vehicle trader: Tried to sell an HMMWV type of unarmed military HMV, but the trader consistently states there is no vehicle of that type within 20 meters. Awol's Airfiled - aircraft trader: Tried to sell MV-22 Osprey, but receive the message there is no vehicle of that type within 20 meters. Map: Players have reported more than what is stated here, but that is the gist of the issue. I have tried, all resulting in no effect: Reapplying database schema over top as 'insert ignore' only to SQL tables: server_traders, trader_items, trader_tids, and traders_data Different mission pbo types Rebuilding mission pbo from scratch Double checked .\mission\server_traders.sqf completely matches default Panthera .\mission\server_traders.sqf at https://github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/blob/master/Server%20Files/MPMissions/DayZ_Epoch_16.Panthera2/server_traders.sqf Adding in all vehicle classnames (similar to an Overpoch set up) to the server side vehicles array at: .\dayz_server\missions\[ALL_directories_including_panthera2]\dynamic_vehical.sqf NOTE: Some items sell to the trader fine... Example: Planica traders - vehicle trader: Bought and sold back a Vodnik Any further suggestions? Thanks, Aaron
  13. I think the Epoch team has the "Make ARMA Not War" contest in the bag. Here's a GIF showing 1st place (Epoch) vs 2nd place: http://gfycat.com/InsistentLividGalapagosdove 3060 v 1031. Good job Epoch team! I'm so looking forward to open alpha/beta!
  14. I am not sure when this started happening, or if it is anything at all really... 2nd UV set needed, but not defined in ReportStack not available Is it normal? What is this trying to tell me? Is it important? Not really sure what UV sets are or the ReportStack... any help appreciated.
  15. Mornin guys, having soem issues getting the new ch53 to work for me. I'm running a dedicated server with Epoch and Overwatch on it. Well,my only problem is (well it isnt really a problem but its a pitty that..) the CH53 doesnt spawn if people try to buy it. Spawning it in with my admin tools isnt working too. The rpt logs say: Thats all i found in the logs searchin for CH53. I had similar problems with the vodnik, but fixed them easily removing it out of the banned vehicles from the overwatch files.. Would be nice if someone knows what to do :-)
  16. Hey guys As the name states i am using the btc mod and upon load in i get "Resource title BTC_Hud not found" This is driving me crazy, i have searched high and low to find a fix to no avail. i even removed the calls for the BTC Hud but it still pops up. Any help would be amazing :) Cheers
  17. On our server we had unlocked the skins so that we can use all arma 2 skins but once unlocked they work properly but me and another player had the unlocked skin set to our players but could not get in a vehicle together but as soon as one player removes the skin I.E dieing we can ride again as long as the player with the unlocked skin gets in last
  18. nicod1996

    High ping

    Hello, since the new 1.3.1 update, Epoch needs a high upload rate (30 kb/s). This seems not so high but with a upload rate at 40 kb/s it is too much. Before the update I could play pretty good without this issue. So I get a pretty high ping and sometimes almost 1000. I hope someone can help me with this issue. greetings Nico
  19. https://raw.github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/master/Server%20Files/mysql/epoch.sql This link is corrupt This is the link from server installation.
  20. XtremeMakak

    Hatchet 1.0.3

    I can't figure out how the hatchet works in 1.0.3 I updated my server today and since its new i can't find out how to do this and i have tried searching the wiki and found this: http://dayzepoch.com/wiki/index.php?title=Tree_Cutting_System But it doesn't seem to work.
  21. I updated my traders with Cinder Blocks, Mortar and Sledgehammer via SQL program and after that was done I can no longer join my server :/ It's online however in dayz commaner I have the "time" icon showing beside it... How can I restore it so the server is back working again? I'm not sure what I did wrong as I used the below SQL query to update the traders:
  22. Hi guys, I need help with my Vilayer server. My announces are not working on my server at all... I have made the steps to get them to work but still no luck, maybe someone will be able to help out with this... I have installed "Battleye Extended Controls" in the Add Ons menu Then I moved on to the file : "servermessages\messages.cfg" and wrote the following inside 00:30:00~ 01:00:00~ 01:30:00~ 02:00:00~ 02:30:00~ Server Restart in 30 minutes 02:45:00~ Server Restart in 15 minutes 02:55:00~ Server Restart in 5 minutes 02:59:00~ Server Restart in 1 minute. RUN!!! 03:00:00~ 03:30:00~ 04:00:00~ 04:30:00~ 05:00:00~ 05:30:00~ Server Restart in 30 minutes 05:45:00~ Server Restart in 15 minutes 05:55:00~ Server Restart in 5 minutes 05:59:00~ Server Restart in 1 minute. RUN!!! 06:00:00~ 06:30:00~ 07:00:00~ 07:30:00~ 08:00:00~ 08:30:00~ Server Restart in 30 minutes 08:45:00~ Server Restart in 15 minutes 08:55:00~ Server Restart in 5 minutes 08:59:00~ Server Restart in 1 minute. RUN!!! 09:00:00~ 09:30:00~ 10:00:00~ 10:30:00~ 11:00:00~ 11:30:00~ Server Restart in 30 minutes 11:45:00~ Server Restart in 15 minutes 11:55:00~ Server Restart in 5 minutes 11:59:00~ Server Restart in 1 minute. RUN!!! 12:00:00~ 12:30:00~ 13:00:00~ 13:30:00~ 14:00:00~ 14:30:00~ Server Restart in 30 minutes 14:45:00~ Server Restart in 15 minutes 14:55:00~ Server Restart in 5 minutes 14:59:00~ Server Restart in 1 minute. RUN!!! 15:00:00~ 15:30:00~ 16:00:00~ 16:30:00~ 17:00:00~ 17:30:00~ Server Restart in 30 minutes 17:45:00~ Server Restart in 15 minutes 17:55:00~ Server Restart in 5 minutes 17:59:00~ Server Restart in 1 minute. RUN!!! 18:00:00~ 18:30:00~ 19:00:00~ 19:30:00~ 20:00:00~ 20:30:00~ Server Restart in 30 minutes 20:45:00~ Server Restart in 15 minutes 20:55:00~ Server Restart in 5 minutes 20:59:00~ Server Restart in 1 minute. RUN!!! 21:00:00~ 21:30:00~ 22:00:00~ 22:30:00~ 23:00:00~ 23:30:00~ Server Restart in 30 minutes 23:45:00~ Server Restart in 15 minutes 23:55:00~ Server Restart in 5 minutes 23:59:00~ Server Restart in 1 minute. RUN!!! So this should be warning players every 3 hours (I want restarts every 3h) Are there any problems here? I have also changed the settings in my Scheduled Tasks: My Time zone is also set to UTC 0 Can you let me know if there is anything wrong with this? Thanks
  23. I keep running into a lot of problems with the new patch... Now when I try to join my server I get that error: Any Ideas?
  24. Hello, I'm the admin of my server and someone told me when they placed the safe / vault down a code didn't appear on their screen, is there anyway I can retrieve this code from the server database? Any help would be greatly appreacited.
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