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There is a problem with persistence


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FYI.I ran a test server for 70 hours. 3-4 players. In low pop I saw 2 main issues. Cars were sunk into the ground up to the axles. These would kill you when you repaired and entered them. My quick and dirty fix was to spawn them in with all 4 tires. No car repair deaths after that.  After 28 restarts, the 29th resulted in all placed objects disappearing,including everything underground, all barrels, and all base objects were gone. The cars, the car inventories, and all the players gear was not deleted. I keep getting told by people that this hasn't happened to them, that it must be a "server crash" or a "bad restart". It wasn't either of these things. I went over every log. There is nothing there. I should have been able to figure out what happened but I can not. Just a heads up.... not just server crashes and odd restarts for me.    

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My server is not up at the moment but somewhere there is an option to delete and recreate any persistence files that are deemed corrupted. Sounds like some terrible workaround, This could be what happened?

Personally I've never had this problem but I do a persistence wipe with every new update.

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