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    • By Froanta
      Hello all, Wish the new year is/was well to you's.
      How do I change the trader prices for example Buying something worth 20 Krypto and selling something for 10 krypto?
      Is it even possible, is it a file edit or a database edit?
    • By SilverWind252
      Hey, this is going to be a really nooby question but...

      How can I add these two onto the same last line of the description.ext
      #include "admintools\dialog.hpp" #include "custom\snap_pro\snappoints.hpp"
    • By Nola
      So, I have my own dedicated server that is just LAN for the moment (hopefully I explained that right). Whenever I log back on it has rolled back anywhere from 30min-1hour. I log out like this...Disconnect myself through admin menu in game, close out tadst, then I close out start-redis.cmd. I don't see the point in leaving the server running since its private, but then again, I don't know how it all works.
           I am also under the impression that every time I shut everything down I'm restarting the server.. I have added two new vehicles (Ifrit and ghost hawk) and they never show up after I log back on. The ghost hawk showed up once and I logged out and haven't seen it since! 
           So, I guess my questions here are, is there a way to save the db as it is right before logging so I don't have to worry about rollbacks? And is my server being restarted correctly? 
           Thanks for taking the time to help me out, this is super frustrating for me, and the only problems that are keeping me from moving forward.
                                            And yes, I have used the search function for hours and have found nothing that helped me so please save it. 
    • By Nola
      So I'm just starting out. I have a server up and now I have no clue what to do! There's a lot of things I would like to add, such as missions, earplugs, etc.. I really need to start getting the jist of things though, so I'm hoping someone can point me in the direction of somewhat basic things to do that will help me learn about all of this. Sorry if I'm being vague here, but it comes with the noob territory.  :)
    • By Rapid Fire
      I was actually really looking forward to get into Epoch and the base building for arma 3.  But ever server i have found I either cant find a hatchet or hardly any loot, or its just a bunch of people running around killing each other before you even get a chance to get loot.  I was wondering if there are any servers out there yet that actually discourage this or even are on the role play aspect as of yet?
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