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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there, I recently set up a server (ARMA 2) for my university project. I am doing research into behavior on survival games and how our morals change depending on how comfortable we are in it.. Who do you play as? Hero or Villain? When do we decide we have enough gear to either mess with someone or help out the newbies? Are our morals the same on DayZ as if they would be in a real survival situation? Because if you die, you die and start over? Would that change if you all got thrown into a hunger games situation? Maybe either join us or let me know how you play? Are you a troll or a hero? A bandit hunter or a hoarder? So I brought a server and am inviting you all to come play. Hackers will be auto kicked and banned. 20 people server. PVP allowed, looting allowed, start with nothing but basics. In the list of servers when searched, it is: 'Dayz all in one server' [You may need to log into DayZ Launcher and click "Check Server" for it to show up in the list: Search : under 'Check server' it will then pop up and you can then search the IP above to get onto it. I am the admin on the server, named Megan and would appreciate any new members and assistance on the project. It will be up for quite a while since I enjoy DayZ too and have been playing for years.) Feel free to join us surviving! There is only one base set up so far, bonus points for those that find it. You can stay and be a hero or mess me up as a villain if you're brave enough :D There maybe a community hunger games like arena started up at some point in the future too.
  2. Server Name: [AES] DayZ Epoch Taviana Roots|Hardcore|SlowZ|SecB and more.. DayZ Epoch IP: are AES, our great players and staff are what has made us one of the fastest growing communities out there! We always try our best to give the best possible gaming experience to our players. We stand for the gamers, and are built by the gamers. We hope you enjoy your stay and maybe you will even become part of this amazing community!Our Promises To Our Gamers..1. To keep our services on the highest standard possible2. Active and friendly support3. Your gaming experience to be our top priority4. A reliable and stable gaming enviornment5. Fun and fairplay for all membersSearch for AES on DayZ LauncherNOTICE:You need Taviana and Epoch Installed. If you need help connecting or anything else feel free to check by this Ts3: you cant find it click on 'check server' at the bottom left and insert this ip on the website; then restart dayz launcher and search for the server again---------- Plant and Grow Weed!- Suicide!- SECTOR B!- No PlotPole- Walking Dead- Self BB- Lift- One step building - No Overburdend- Snap Build ProHope you enjoy your stay!
  3. Hello there! We'd like to introduce you to Crimson Flood! Crimson Flood was once known for fantastic Mods and a great community player base back in the day. We are back with more Mods and a fantastic Staff waiting to assist you! At the moment our Overpoch server has only been live for about a few weeks now. We are working on getting back the player-base we once had. Our long-term goal is to insure that while you're playing on our server, all of your needs are met at the same time. So, what are you waiting for? Join the FUN! SERVER IP: TeamSpeak 3 IP: pbl.clandns.com We are regularly updating our Overpoch server to insure extreme amounts of fun! Current Mod list: Advanced Traiding System Self Bloodbag Spawn Selection Class Selection Turn off Grass/Environment sounds (Easily Accessible by pressing I) Utilize Ear Plugs (Easily Accessible by pressing U) Set View distance (Easily accessible by right-clicking your Range Finder) Group System (Easily accessible by right-clicking your radio) Single currency coin system Banking System Safezones in traders Custom AI missions and behaviors. (No more easy AI) Vehicle Repair/Refuel from Gas stations Abandoned Safes that reset to 0000 Snapbuild with custom vectors Paint Vehicles There are some heavy military vehicles for your heavy duty missions :) More coming! Our Staff works around the clock to insure our server stays how we intend it to for our players. Just so you're aware, Briefcases are worth $108,000 coins. Come and give us a try as I'm sure you'll all love to stay and play! -PBL Clan Feel free to register on our website at http://PBLClan.com We are recruiting ;)
  4. Hello, We have started a server with the EpochMod. We are actively developing the server with new features regularly. We are customising it to make it a unique experience. We'll be starting on Altis for now. IP: Features are: - Friendly Admins - Optional Starter kit - Custom zombies - Custom Spawn selection - Blackmarket Trader - Taxi's - AI Missions - Loadable cargo on vehicles - Capture points - Our own story line - Supply Drops - Heli crashes - AI Vehicle Patrols Come and join us and try to survive the enviroment and it's inhabitants! Cheers, Redd Link to forum -> Forum RULES: Very simple. It's a Player vs Enviroment server... Player vs Player is allowed as long as it has RolePlay in mind. Just mindlessly killing players (esspecially new spawns) is not tolerated. We like to keep it enjoyable. If you want to play solely mindless PvP you can find yourself a nice Call of Duty or Battlefield server elsewhere. Starting anew When you first join the server you will be introduced to the story of Epoch, why you are here and what you'll find on the island of Altis. When walking around in the clone area, you'll find infostands with a "hand" picture on it. These stands are used to find a suitable point of where you will "spawn" on the map. In order to use this function, look directly at the infostand. When a circular icon becomes visible, press *middle mousebutton* to activate the map menu. Double click on the name of the town you want to spawn at. Freshly spawned on the map First order of business is to find items which will help you to survive... Items like food and water, but also weapons and building materials are scattered everywhere. Usually loot lays around in closets, couches, beds and other furniture. It's a dangerous place out there with roaming bandits, rebels, other players and ofcourse... zombies. Zombies?! Zombies aren't very dangerous when they are alone, but when they start getting higher numbers out there, you might run out of bullets before you know it. Zombies will be difficult to kill when shooting their body, try aiming for the head... It'll greatly help you to conserve your ammunition. When it starts to get dark... that's when you'll have to keep attention. That's when the zombies become dangerous. So if you stay out in the cities at night, be sure to be fully prepared. They'll hunger for your flesh! There is however an upside for staying out at night. There will be more loot to scavenge inside buildings which are more of value. Ok, i got some loot... Now what? What you can do is get yourself some Krypto(currency)... You can do that by going to the traders. There are 3 traders out there that will always have stuff to buy and sell. They are marked with black dots. There are also black market traders which are scattered randomly all over the map. They usually hold the more valuable items. The black dotted traders also have a taxi service in case you want to go elsewhere and dont have a car. Make sure to pay the taxi afterwards though... He gets grumpy if you don't pay him. Money in the pocket! Krypto in the wallet is great, however there is always the danger of dying and losing what you had. To put the Krypto in a safe place, you can go to the various atm's on the map. The black dotted traders have ATM's for sure, but you can also use phonebooths in cities to wire your money out to the bank. Just look at a phonebooth up close and press 'I'. It'll open up an menu where you can deposit, transfer and withdraw your money. Building a base To build a base, you'll need to have a frequncy jammer. You can either buy them at a trader or find them as loot in building area's. Once you built a jammer, you can now place walls, floors, stairs etc. in a 75 meter radius of the jammer. Capturepoints These areas are marked on the map as large green circles. The moment someone starts capturing such a point, the circle will turn purple. After 10 minutes of succesfully occupying a capture point, a reward will be spawned in. This reward can be either a truck, money or a crate full of weapons. Blow-out/Emission/EVR The blow-out or Emission is an effect from a unknown energy source. There are tales of KryoCorp experimenting with technology that surpasses the imagination. It's origin is still being researched, but its effect is certain. When a blow-out is approaching you'll have to find shelter in a building or base. This way you won't pass out from the effect. There are rumours that night-vision goggles also protect your brain against the passing out during a blowout. Server restarts There will be various textual warnings telling you that the server is about to restart. Make sure you log out well before it does, else you might loose your gear due to incomplete database saving. Also the last few minutes will be characterised as what they call a "blow-out" or "EVR". The effect is harmless, but when you see this occur, you'll know its time to logout.
  5. Hosted on a powerful dedicated server located in the EU which gives us steady, above average fps. The server was built from scratch using zero 'script packs' and there is no pay to win feature. PVP is allowed as is base raiding. Fresh new database and constant tweaks are ongoing to try to balance our server as we dont want to make it too easy, nor should it be too hard to survive. [Please note: All server updates are tested on our Dev server before pushing them out. There will be NO down time, or random restarts] Vehicles are plentyfull (200+), and are monitored so that all players have a chance of finding one, while also if you are lucky enough to spawn with a toolbox, or find one, you will have access to your own ATV. Spawn in a location of your choice, or randomly by Halo or Ground deployment. Trader prices are constantly being tweaked for balance as is loot, some weapons/vehicles can only be bought as a Hero or Bandit. If you are new to the Epoch/Overpoch mod of DayZ, or even if you're a long time player, we invite you to come join us on our public server! Our servers are built on community feedback and we are constantly making it better and adding new content! Feature List:- Random low tier gear setups- Deployables- 50+ AI missions of varying difficulty- AI Strongholds- Spawn selection- Custom map content- Zombie free bases- 99% of Overwatch guns & vehicles- Coin currency (Storage)- Advanced Trading- AI Strongholds-Group Management- Snap/Vector Building- Earplugs- 3 hour restarts with warnings-max players =40 - Server box location: EU- and more features you should discover for yourself. We also have random admin events that are extremely humorous and fun! Join us on our servers and experience a style of management and game play like no other! Here at SPECTRE Gaming, we have created a community that wants to play games with each other, and because we all remember this, we play the game and fun too. We are all equal and we all play with each other. There is no separation between the staff and players here. You can play with staff members just like you can any player, and this is where we pride ourselfs, by making it so we all play together and dont think we are better then anyone because we are staff! We all play for fun and not for power lust! There are 2 servers for overpoch, they are both have the same mission on them! We have 2 so we can split the load of players onto 2 servers for better performance for you all! Come and be sociable by joining our teamspeak and having even more fun with us; ts.spectregaming.co.uk required mods Epoch & Overpoch required start parameters [email protected];@DayZ_Epoch visit our new forum to chat or join our group @www.spectregaming.co.uk
  6. Join my epoch server it has loads of custom mods! The ip is or 2303
  7. Overpoch Taviana! Overpoch - Taviana - Coins - Missions - Paychecks! Brand new public Dedicated server looking to be populated. Mods - Overpoch Tavianha Ai Missions Coin System with Banks Loadout choices based on Humanity level! Paychecks! Service Points Tow Indestructable Bases Vote system Spawn Selection + More mods not mentioned but they are for general game play (self bloodbag etc) IP: Need more reasons? Friendly Admins :) Looking to see you in the overpoch. Overpoch - Taviana - Coins - Missions - Paychecks!
  8. I was actually really looking forward to get into Epoch and the base building for arma 3. But ever server i have found I either cant find a hatchet or hardly any loot, or its just a bunch of people running around killing each other before you even get a chance to get loot. I was wondering if there are any servers out there yet that actually discourage this or even are on the role play aspect as of yet?
  9. In my opinion tagging friendly players in Epoch would be even better if at long distances you could easily identify your partner(s). One suggestion would be to extend friendly tags to 750-1000 m only if the player you tagged as friendly and yourself both have a Radio. This would bring the radio to the mod and maybe add more functions down the road to the radio. Then stage 2 if both players have a radio and a GPS both players can see each other tags at 750-1000 m and see where your friend is on the map at any distance. Again, this is just an idea and it's solely my opinion. However I'm interested on what other server admins or players think.
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