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  1. Hi! Just making a small thread to tell people of my new server, co-hosted with my friend, Naughty Penguin And Frand (Inside Joke) IP: We're just a fairly new .50 man server with a single admin (Will be looking for more in the future) Running Infistar as an Anti-Hack! Every new player receives one briefcase and some supplies Mods we're running include: Custom Map Additions like Stary Castle, Black Lake castle and some enhanced locations for people to loot/fortify! WAI Reworked DZAI Refuel/Repair/Rearm Epoch Admin Tools Infistar Antihack and Admin tool Enhances Spawn Selection (ESS) Anti bag theft, god mode, no zombies or gun discharge in traders! Custom Action Menu including Suicide and Self Bloodbag! (Buggy, does work but not always, may need help_ Snap Build Pro! AI City (Currently spawns no AI, looking into this) Plot Poles are to be removed! We're also running a Reward system! Bounty system placed on the top 3 server bandits! #1 Bandit - Two Briefcases! #2 Bandit - One Briefcase! #3 Bandit - Free box of supplies (Rewards can vary based on the bandit) Rewards for the top 3 players with the highest Humanity! #1 Player - Free Vehicle #2 Player - Free Briefcase #3 Player - Free box of supplies! (These can also vary) Server Details - Epoch, Overwatch 0.2.5, Day cycle of GMT +1 (UK Time), Server location: Germany, Host: SurvivalServers, Server Restart Echedule - Every 4 hours. Please know, the missions ran on the server are relatively hard! There a LOT of AI and the missions vehicles are locked, keys can be found on the AI, I'm going to be adding a selection of Overwatch weapons to the AI ran on the server as this isn't implemented yet. I'm also going to be adding some Military vehicles to the spawning if I figure out how. Military vehicles are also going to be added to a trader in the future at a cost and a high humanity requirement! (Or a low) More Scripts are to be added as time comes! Intrested? Come join us! Got a script request? Drop it here!
  2. Bump, I'd really like some help on this, please?
  3. Ports - 2300 - 2305 are open on TCP and UDP, all can be reached. External IP / Internet IP - No idea of those terms, but in CMD, ipconfig, IPV4 is "Public" IP from IP Chicken is I get the server to show up ingame with the second. Remote - Yeah, using ingame Remote join the server shows up but only for me, not anyone else :/
  4. Naughty Penguin Overpoch -
  5. Hosted on my own dedicated server, I could get the error reports but I don't see what error it would make as I can still find and join.
  6. In game browser, using remote connection.
  7. Hi! I'm having a small issue with my DayZ Overpoch server... A few days back we were playing on the server just fine when the server crashed due to an unknown error, now only I can find the server whereas my four other players cannot.
  8. Running Overpoch, any ideas at all? XD (I've went to bed now, won't reply till tomorrow)
  9. Hey, I just followed this tut here to make a new server on a dedicated box, no host or anything. The server seems to run fine but I can't find it in DayZ Commander, Launcher or the game its self. Any help please? I opened ports: 2302 2300 2301 If you need any files, please ask!
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