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  1. Bump, I'd really like some help on this, please?
  2. Ports - 2300 - 2305 are open on TCP and UDP, all can be reached. External IP / Internet IP - No idea of those terms, but in CMD, ipconfig, IPV4 is "Public" IP from IP Chicken is I get the server to show up ingame with the second. Remote - Yeah, using ingame Remote join the server shows up but only for me, not anyone else :/
  3. Naughty Penguin Overpoch -
  4. Hosted on my own dedicated server, I could get the error reports but I don't see what error it would make as I can still find and join.
  5. In game browser, using remote connection.
  6. Hi! I'm having a small issue with my DayZ Overpoch server... A few days back we were playing on the server just fine when the server crashed due to an unknown error, now only I can find the server whereas my four other players cannot.
  7. Running Overpoch, any ideas at all? XD (I've went to bed now, won't reply till tomorrow)
  8. Hey, I just followed this tut here to make a new server on a dedicated box, no host or anything. The server seems to run fine but I can't find it in DayZ Commander, Launcher or the game its self. Any help please? I opened ports: 2302 2300 2301 If you need any files, please ask!
  9. I require assistance Dx I did all this, I've opened the ports for Steam etc etc but sadly I can't find the server on my DayZ Launcher and DayZ Commander, along with Arma 2 OA... nowhere :c
  10. Where is the trader, or is it build into the normal clothes trader?
  11. My issue with this is it keeps giving me an error? Do I need to add my own trader TIDs?
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