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Missing Objects

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I have added all my custom map objects in from the Eden Editor into my mission.sqm. My problem is maybe 5% of them are not showing up on the server. Most of the missing objects are used elsewhere on the map and are displaying. I can see them all in the editor just some are missing on the server. Would anyone know the cause of the missing objects?

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    • By Grahame
      I'm trying to set up a second server set on the Australia map and I'm attempting to generate the building loot positions for the undefined buildings there with saveLootPositionsVector.sqf. As far as I understand it (and I may not in fact understand it) I need to load the mission into Eden, then copy and paste the contents of this script into the debug console? If I do so I get an error message saying "undefined number in expression". Can anyone explain what I need to do here to get this working. It's the first time I've attempted to do this and I'll also be needing to use the handy script that generates the code for new trader camps (we're setting up new camps and building them out nicely). 
      If I can get this working I will happily donate all the new code (including the addition of trees and other classes needed to get resources) but I do need to know and understand how to use the scripts first. Any help would be most appreciated.
    • By InfamousYT
      Hi there,
      When I'm trying to join my server, I get this error:
      16:24:22 Roles assigned. 16:24:22 Reading mission ... 16:24:22 mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\mission.sqm/Mission/Entities/Item3/Entities/Item0.type: Vehicle class VirtualMan_EPOCH no longer exists 16:24:22 Mission Epoch Mod read from bank. 16:24:22 Roles assigned. 16:24:23 Mission Epoch Mod read from bank. Spammed a LOT.
      Thank you.
    • By arc7r7
      I see in the 0.3.8 changelogs the mission.sqm is now compatible in the new Eden 3d editor.  I have been using the m3editor before and adding my custom building additions to my map in the takistan.h file in the epoch_server_setting.pbo.
      What would the impact on server performance be if I rebuilt my map in the Eden editor and did it that way?
    • By arc7r7
      I've swapped out AllinArmaTerrain pack for CUP Terrains-Core and CUP Terrains-Maps on my server. I am now getting 43 different "Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted." in my server rpt.log . Do I need to add all of these into the addons array in my mission.sqm? Is there another way without adding 43 entries to get these warnings to go away?
    • By arc7r7
      I'm trying to edit my mission.sqm to add in the mods I'm running, I've searched for the depbo.dll to use eliteness but cannot find a valid link. why is this such an elusive file. I've looked at the files on  https://dev.withsix.com/projects/mikero-pbodll/files but don't see anywhere to get depbo.dll. If someone could link a valid source for the Depbo.dll it would help greatly.
      Thank You
      <<RESOLVED>> I found a version that works
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